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Functional reports may 2014

Nov 01, 2014





  • 1. Functional Monthly Report - April Content: Comm, PR, ER, OD, Fin
  • 2. Comm Monthly Report April 2014
  • 3. Comm General Direction -Marketing focused on ELDs results (especially OGX and TM) -Education of the Network (change of mindset) (3 main projects: GC & GT Campaings and TMP product packaging)
  • 4. Monthly Priorities Achievement EuroXPro GC & GT Peak (Marketing for Conversion) Future Leaders Launch
  • 5. April Results Overall GC Applicants = 314 GT Applicants = 220 TMP = Conversion Rate App -> RA GC 47,1 % Conversion Rate App -> RA GT 46,8 %
  • 6. April Results Overall Facebook Likes: AIESEC in Poland = 4.632 Global Citizen = 4.784 Global Talents = 2.251 AIESEC Uni 5.514
  • 7. Overall Factors (positive or negative factors that influenced the performance) Positive Implementing Marketing for Conversion in local level and pushing conversion. Negative 2 weeks in Xpro made me loose track of some projects and took a while to get everything on track
  • 8. Communications in April 2014 Key Achievements: GC & GT conversion growth of around 20% Internal Launch of Future Leaders and implementation started in few LCs Focus on Results and awereness of the network on the conversion Key Non-Achievements External National Launch of Future Leaders (couldnt make video and prepare properly)
  • 9. Communications in May 2014 Key strategies for next month: Future Leaders in the Market/ Implementation and Analysis CG & GT Summer Peak final Boost Transition with new sub-team in MC Key challenges for next month: MC/MC Transition (time) New MC Team Days (not much time in office in general)
  • 10. OD Monthly Report April 2014
  • 11. Q1 key achievements & non-achievements I K R Driving organiza.onal EFFECTIVENESS PBC coaching development Rewards& Recogni?on LC MoS performance managment Op?miza?on of provided touchpoints with the network Growth strategies clustering based on planning Involvment of network in co- crea?on strategies Challenge for the network to boost Q3 results Coopera?on with focus LCs Increasing ELD REACH NST for expan?ons Booklet for Sus know- how Showcasing the know- how of successful LCs during conferences Webinars Ensuring SUSTAINABILITY and HEALTH of organiza.on GDC with focus in Members in alert SONA health part LC existance criteria improvement Development Fund redeni?on Transi?on Managment Ini?al People Development Cycle Ensuring COHERENCY of organiza.onal direc.on at all levels Downscaling the Na?onal Direc?on by conferences Track Na?onal Direc?on data in SONA LCP Commission Managment Crea?ng C Tracking Developing T D D T C C C C C D D D D C T C C C T C
  • 12. Organizational Development in April 2014 - Iza Key Achievements: Key Non-Achievements Successful realization of CEED in Japan Virtual take over preperations Virtual take over delivery (8 hours) LC Plans consolidation
  • 13. Key strategies for next month: MC2MC Transition sessions preperation Transition OD - progres monitoring & plan consolidation Transition L&D conference cycle management OD wiki creation MSC selection SumCo hosting LC selection Key challenges for next month: Organizational Development in May 2014 - Iza
  • 14. Organizational Development in April 2014 - Rubi Key Achievements: GDC task force with NST New GDC framework creation J LEADco agenda managment and delivery TM NST managment Key Non-Achievements Fully functional sona Support needed: Fillipe AMS ELDs Filling coaching le J
  • 15. Key strategies for next month: GDC delivery Coaching follow-up AMS development MC2MC transition Key challenges for next month: Organizational Development in May 2014 - Rubi Smooth take over.
  • 16. ER Monthly Report April 2014
  • 17. ER General Direction Quality management Career Days changes New products based on ELD $$$ :P
  • 18. Monthly Priorities Achievement EuroXPRO delivery Post delivery servicing of Global Partners Career Days post delivery meetings and feedback Preparation of ambasador recuritment Career Days National Team Meeting Application for EY and LIDL ambasador MCVP2MCVP TO NET2NET part one ;) LeadCo delivery (company day) - canceled
  • 19. April overal results Plan Realization % of realization Revenue before redistibution 97.50% Revenue after redistibution 88.12% % Vindication 12.13 98.16% % Vindication 13.14 53.85%
  • 20. April -Results per product Plan before red. Plan after red. Realization Realization after red. % Realizacji Dni Kariery 103.54% Dni Kariery Parnter 92.15% Youth to Business Forum 91.67% Program Ambasador 96.29% Company Day 100.00% Inne +EuroXPro + OGX 65.70%
  • 21. Overall Factors NEGATIVE: Cancelled company day at LeadCo Overloading EuroXPRO responsibilities Easter break POSITIVE: #hardwork #lewicki #nowicka #net #erprsynergy #lucia #nationalcareerdaysteam
  • 22. External Relations in May Key strategies for next month: Y2B Pozna Delivery Company meetings Vindication (!) NET2NET TO MCVP2MCVP TO Key challenges for next month: May break J Limited time for TO Budget restrictions in companies
  • 23. PR Monthly Report April 2014
  • 24. Monthly Priorities Achievement Delivery of EuroXpro Delivery of Europe Y2B Individual Transition Poland Y2B in Krakow
  • 25. Overall Factors (positive or negative factors that influenced the performance) Trying compromise my personal and work priorities
  • 26. PR in April 2014 Key Achievements: Y2B Poland delivery EuroXpro delivery Europe Y2B delivery Individual Tranistion in progress Key Non-Achievements Poland Y2B report still not done
  • 27. PR in May 2014 Key strategies for next month: Individual Tranistion MC2MC Transition Key challenges for next month: 3 weeks left in Poland and some personal priorities
  • 28. Finance Monthly Report April 2014
  • 29. Monthly Priorities Achievement EuroXpro Financial Exam Financial Model
  • 30. February Results Overall Mateo EuroXpro JD done Financial Model SI done Financial Exam JD done
  • 31. Overall Factors (positive or negative factors that influenced the performance) Posi?ve Nega?ve - Great support from our accountant - Help during EuroXpro from CCVPF
  • 32. Finance in April 2014 Key Achievements: EuroXpro Finance model Taxes matters with association MC-LC redistribution Financial Exam CitiBank closure Career Days Key Non-Achievements
  • 33. Finance in May 2013 Key strategies for next month: Finance TO MC-LC Vindication KRS clearence Legality cases Key challenges for next month: