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Funambol Cloud API (CAPI) Greg Gamp Sales Engineering Manager

Funambol Cloud API (CAPI)

Jan 26, 2015




From the August 2010 API Meetup, Gregory Camp from Funambol ( gave the presentation entitled Funambol Cloud API (CAPI)
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Page 1: Funambol Cloud API (CAPI)

Funambol  Cloud  API  (CAPI)  

Greg  Gamp  

Sales  Engineering  Manager  

Page 2: Funambol Cloud API (CAPI)

Funambol  Overview  

#1  open  source  mobile  sync  server:  4M  downloads,  50k  developers,  200  countries  

Mobile  cloud  sync  and  device  management  for  billions  of  mobile  phones  and  connected  devices  

Global  presence:  HQ  Silicon  Valley,  R&D  Europe,  worldwide  customers  

GSMA  Best  Mobile  

Service  Platform  2010  

Innovation  Winner:  Mobile  

Cloud  Sync  Nov  2009  

Top  Mobile  Cloud  Sync  2009  

Best  Mobile  Communications  

Solution  2010  

Page 3: Funambol Cloud API (CAPI)

Funambol  Cloud  API  (CAPI)  

Web  Widgets   PC  Gadgets   Mobile  Apps  

Cloud  API  (CAPI)  

Page 4: Funambol Cloud API (CAPI)

Cloud  API  (CAPI)  

•   Integrate  contacts,  calendars  &  pictures  from  variety  of  sources  e.g.        mobile  phones,  social  networks,  email  systems,  PCs/Macs  into  apps  

Examples  •   Sync  calendar  (from  Google,  Outlook,  phone)  to  GPS  device  •   Sync  pictures  (from  phone)  to  internet-­‐connected  device          (e.g.  a  Chumby,  e-­‐picture  frame,  e-­‐book  reader  or  TV)  •   Sync  contacts  (from  almost  anywhere)  to  your  car  •   Include  contacts  and  calendars  in  iGoogle  widgets  

•   Build  in  a  few  hours  using  simple  API  calls  from  Java,  AJAX,  PHP    

Page 5: Funambol Cloud API (CAPI)

CAPI  Apps  Gallery  

•   Funambol  contacts,  calendar  and  pix  on  iGoogle  •   Funambol  pictures  on  Yahoo  TV  

Page 6: Funambol Cloud API (CAPI)

Getting  Started  with  Funambol  CAPI  

•   CAPI  request  format  e.g.          POST<component>            valid  components:  contact,  calendar  and  picture  

•   Authentication  

•   Sample  API  calls  (AJAX,  Java,  PHP)    

Page 7: Funambol Cloud API (CAPI)

Sample  API  Calls:  Retrieve  Contacts  via  Java  

HttpClient client = new HttpClient(); PostMethod post = new PostMethod(""); GetMethod get = new GetMethod(""); try { //login in NameValuePair[] namevalue = new NameValuePair[]{ new NameValuePair("login", "username"), new NameValuePair("password", "password”)}; post.setRequestBody(namevalue); int statusCode = client.executeMethod(post); byte[] responseBody = post.getResponseBody(); System.out.println(" login:"+new String(responseBody));

//counting the contacts on server statusCode = client.executeMethod(get); String responseBodyStr = get.getResponseBodyAsString(); JSONObject obj = JSONObject.fromObject(responseBodyStr); System.out.println("Count " + obj.getString("count")+" Contacts."); } catch (HttpException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } catch (IOException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } finally { post.releaseConnection(); get.releaseConnection(); }

Page 8: Funambol Cloud API (CAPI)

Funambol  CAPI  –  Additional  Resources  

•   CAPI  documentation  •   Discussion  forum