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FSI - Saudi Arabic Basic Course (Urban Hijazi Dialect ... · FSI - Saudi Arabic Basic Course (Urban Hijazi Dialect) - Student Text Author: Foreign Service Institute Subject: Saudi

Jan 18, 2021



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  • Title PagePrefaceIntroductionUnit 01Unit 02Unit 03Unit 04Unit 05Unit 06Unit 07Unit 08Unit 09Unit 10Unit 11Unit 12Unit 13Unit 14Unit 15Unit 16Unit 17Unit 18Unit 19Unit 20Unit 21Unit 22Unit 23Unit 24Unit 25Unit 26Unit 27Unit 28Unit 29Unit 30Unit 31Unit 32Unit 33Unit 34Unit 35Unit 36Unit 37Unit 38Unit 39Unit 40Unit 41Unit 42Unit 43Unit 44Unit 45Unit 46Unit 47Unit 48Unit 49Unit 50AppendicesAppendix A: Specialized VocabularyAppendix B: Social ExpressionsAppendix C: GesturesAppendix D: Saudi Names

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