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FRO Modernization

Jan 06, 2016




An Introduction to the FRO Case Management System (FCMS) and the FRO Web Tool May 2012. FRO Modernization. Contents. FRO Modernization Strategy The FRO Case Management System (FCMS) Case Management Client Service Model at FRO Introduction of a New Service Channel - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • FRO Modernization

    An Introduction to the FRO Case Management System (FCMS) and the FRO Web Tool

    May 2012

  • ContentsFRO Modernization Strategy The FRO Case Management System (FCMS) Case Management Client Service Model at FROIntroduction of a New Service ChannelBenefits of the New Service ChannelTechnical RequirementsCommunications and Training PlanWhat Happens NextQuestions and Comments

    FRO Modernization and Web Tool

    *FRO Modernization StrategyOver the last 4 years, FRO has made significant progress on its modernization strategy to provide an increased level of service excellence to Ontarians. FRO continues to explore opportunities throughout the organization to streamline its business processes and improve efficiencies.

    *Strategic DriversA Culture of Performance ExcellenceStrong Financial StewardshipExemplary Client Service

    Effective Partnerships

    Business and Technological TransformationVisionTo be a leading organization working with separated families to meet their support obligations.

    FRO Modernization and Web Tool

    *FRO Case Management System (FCMS)The FRO Case Management System is a joint partnership project between FRO and CYSSC to:Acquire and implement a case management technology that is predictable, responsive, reliable and sustainableImplement a new telephony systemProvide a secure public web internet web tool

    On February 29, 2012, the FCMS project completed the build phase of the project. The project is now in the Testing and Training phases. FCMS will be implemented in June 2012.


    FRO Modernization and Web Tool

    *Case Management Client Service Model at FROOn November 21, 2011 the Case Management Client Service Model was successfully implemented at FRO, replacing the traditional call centre environment.

    Moving to a case management client service business model was a key pillar in FROs modernization effort and supports the implementation of FCMS.

    Using the case management client service model, FRO is able to respond more quickly and consistently to client and service partner needs:Municipal, Ministry and First Nations partners are able to contact the case contact directly through the call routing system of the case management client service modelInter jurisdictional callers can contact the ISO unit directly through the call routing system of the case management client service model*

    FRO Modernization and Web Tool

    *Introduction of a New Service ChannelSome ODSP and Ontario Works staff already have limited access to FROs current computer system MECA.

    FRO Modernization and Web Tool

    *Introduction of a New Service ChannelFollowing FCMS go live (June 2012), the introduction of the FRO Case Management web tool will allow access to specific case information through a self-service online option

    FRO Modernization and Web Tool

    The FRO web tool is an Internet based application that FRO clients and service partners can access to review specific case information and make one-way requests to their FRO case contact.

    Introduction of a New Service Channel*Web tool users will be able to: View court order information View active enforcement information View financial information, including a statement of the account which can be printed off Send information/attachments to the FRO Case Contact about a case

    FRO Modernization and Web Tool

    Accessing the FCMS web tool*Register for the web tool in ONe-key (returning users will also log in through ONe-key or through the FRO Internet site)Enter the web tool and select case to view Perform the desired task/s (note that SPs and SRs will not see each others information)Enforceable Court Order

    View court orders existing on the caseView obligation type and amountsView dependants informationActive Case Enforcements

    View active enforcements existing on caseIn progress enforcements may be masked (e.g., FRO in process of serving SP) Statement of Arrears &Financial Info

    Access latest case financial information in real time Print and save information as needed Case Contact Info & Service Request

    View case contact informationRequest changes to case contact informationProvide information about a payor

    FRO Modernization and Web Tool

    Phasing FRO Web Tool Deployment*Go-LiveOn June 25, 2012, FCMS will be implemented and the web tool will be available for use Identified First Nations users will be provided with training materials and access to the FRO web tool before Go-Live. FRO has made a business decision to do a soft launch of the web tool to current MECA/FROnt users in Ministry offices and SADAs, interested First Nations and new Support Recipients and Support Payors. Periodic evaluations of FRO web tool uptake and FCMS adoption will determine the timing of web tool expansion.

    Below are the main high level activities that make up the FRO adoption approach for rolling out the web tool. MonthsDeliver Ministry Staff/SADA/FN Communication Deploy Training to current MECA users and FN usersAccess Letters Sent to Ministry Staff / SADA / FN usersNew FRO ClientsMinistry Staff/SADA/FN DeploymentOn-Contact Approach: Marketing of web tool to existing SRs/SPs (initially by selected geographical areas, expanding to remaining areas in December 2012)FRO web tool Focus Groups with ClientsAdditional Ministry Staff / SADA / First Nations users to be added as required


    FRO Modernization and Web Tool

    *FCMS web tool benefitsMinistry staff and SADAs will continue to have the same access to case information as they do now through MECA/FROnt. First Nations Ontario Works Administrators, Reciprocating Jurisdictions and FRO clients will have access to case information via this channel for the first time. The web tool has a number of benefits:

    FRO Service PartnersFRO Clients The new system is user friendly and uses your internet browser Users can obtain more in-depth case information as required Provides up to date financial information Information can be brought up on a screen or printed out for discussion with clients Access to case information is tracked by FCMS for audit purposes identifying who accessed the case, what was changed or viewed and what actions were taken Users can send information to case contacts and it will be received immediately The web tool has the ability to capture conflict of interest information which then stops the identified user from accessing cases pertaining to that COI Maintains 24hr 365 day access to FRO case information Provides secure and flexible access to case information from any location FRO clients can view their case information and enforcement activities securely from their home Updates to their case can be sent immediately to their case contact Requests for a call back from their case contact or changes to their case will be tracked and responded to in 2 business days Clients will be able to download and print a copy of their statement of account

    FRO Modernization and Web Tool

    *Technical RequirementsAll you need to access the FCMS web tool is a computer with a supported internet browser.

    Supported BrowsersSupported browsers are:Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or higherMozilla Firefox or higherOther browsers may work but are not supported by Service Ontario

    Other Browser RequirementsYour browser must also:Support 128bit encryptionHave JavaScript EnabledHave Cookies Enabled

    FRO Modernization and Web Tool

    *Communications and Training PlanThe communications and training plan for Ministry staff, SADAs and First Nations has been developed in consultation with the following groups:Social Assistance and Municipal Operations (SAMO) Branch, OPS Divison, MCSSODSP Regional Program Managers and Municipal/First Nations Services ManagersOntario Works Directors & Administrators Reference Group FCMS Web Tool Pilot Training:FRO invited a small group of representatives (i.e. 10-15 people) from ODSP, OW and First Nations to participate in a pilot training session on April 19, 2012. Participants provided us with excellent feedback on the web tool training materials that have informed our communications and training plan i.e. addition of webinar sessions before Go-Live.

    Key Activities taking place before the launch of the web tool on June 25 include:Confirmation of First Nations usersDistribution of Training material to current MECA users Webinar Sessions for identified users (3 sessions to be held to provide opportunity for users to attend)Distribution of Access Letter to users providing login information before Go-Live

    FRO Modernization and Web Tool

    *May 30French Translation CompleteApril 19Pilot Training with representatives from ODSP, OW and FNsApril 30Training Materials ApprovedHigh Level Web Tool Communications & Training TimelineThe following timeline provides an outline of the project dates associated with the web tool, along with the described approach for First Nations Ontario Works AdministratorsMay 15 -17Presentation at ONWAAJune 18Access Information LetterOctoberFollow-up Presentation at ONWAAJune 4Distribute MaterialsSeptember Webinar SessionJune 25FCMS implementation and FRO Web Tool Go-Live First Nations OWAs Project DatesMay 30Confirm usersJune 11Webinar Sessions (x3)

    AprilMay JuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctober

    FRO Modernization and Web Tool

    Materials *Once users have been identified, the following materials will be made available to them:Overview of FCMS and web tool presentationInteractive web-based training in Adobe PDF flash file (duration 45 minutes)* Job aid for users i.e. tips and tricks

    *Training materials will be available in English & French

    FRO Modernization and Web Tool

    *What Happens Next?Confirmation of users from interested First Nations Ontario Works Administrators (May 2012)

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