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Fredrik Tumegard, NEC

Jun 23, 2015



  • 1. 4G makes the cloud a reality Version .1 October 11th, 2010 Fredrik Tumegrd CEO, NEC Scandinavia NEC Confidential

2. NEC Confidential When James lost the concept Page 2 3. NEC Confidential The world is changing Page 3 4. NEC Confidential And it is changing fast!! Page 4 5. NEC Confidential Why now? Page 5 0 20000 40000 60000 80000 100000 120000 kbit/s kbit/s 6. NEC Confidential What can cloud do for you? Increase efficiency Lower cost Increase revenue Page 6 7. NEC Confidential Efficiency Centralised administration Installation and configuration in one location Automatic and central updates and upgrades Efficient management of devices (smart phones/computers) Large enterprises: HR department becomes IT department SME: small company purchase Office in the BOX- all included Maintenance Centralized, easier with one server rather than millions of computers Full control of antivirus and old and new applications Page 7 8. NEC Confidential Cost Cloud computing lowering cost due to: Scale Replace local IT staff More savings trough: Less sophisticated computers and smart phones or longer life time Old computer with new OS Lower electricity cost due to more energy efficient servers Smart and flexible business model Easier for companies to buy IT, they can buy what they need instead of what might be needed Applications will be bought when needed Page 8 9. NEC Confidential revenue Better tools for the user Any OS at any time on smart phones or PC Why is the user interface on PC as it is, is it the best we can do for a 8 year old boy/girl? Easier to start new project and companies A temporary IT environment created in virtually seconds Low start up cost New technology and new business models gives new business opportunities Application in new ways, example accounting application Light Office in the box The 4G and the cloud technology is good but the business use of business model is probably even better! Page 9 10. NEC Confidential Summary Page 10 This is just the beginning James wife made it! James he has to do a total Cloud make-over

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