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Feb 19, 2017




  • #FoursquareWorksRestaurant 2.0 Edition

    Any business looking to create a social media presence could employ the strategy and tactics inside to create a personal connection with customers. - Tristan Walker,Director of Business Development,


    By Joe Sorge, Co-Author of #Twitter Works! and owner of AJ Bombers. Forward and illustrations by Scott Baitinger.

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    #FoursquareWorksRestaurant 2.0 Edition

    #FoursquareWorksRestaurant 2.0 Edition

    #TwitterWorksRestaurant 2.0 Edition

    The story of how social media built a restaurant,a pizza truck and thousands of relationships.

    Phil Gerbyshak - Joe Sorge - Scott Baitinger

    I read a lot of business books and I can tell you TwitterWorks has

    all the answers provided by guys who have walked the walk.

    Jack CovertFounder and President


    Read TwitterWorks and save yourself 8 months

    of apologizing for learning on the job.

    Chris BroganNew York Times

    Best Selling Author - Social Media 101

    Operators can learn a lot from the stories of their tenacious peers

    in this book.

    Mark BrandauSenior Desk

    Editor - Nations Restaurant News

  • #FoursquareWorksRestaurant 2.0 Edition


    #FoursquareWorksRestaurant 2.0 Edition

    Phil, Joe, and Scott are the right guys to write this book because they LIVE THIS STUFF. There, thats 140 characters. Well, actually, its a lot less than 140, because you need room to let people retweet. And you really need room to let people comment. And to be honest, if YOU are checking this book out, Im going to say you didnt really know you needed that. And thats the point. Read #Twitter Works and save yourself 8 months of apologizing for learning on the job.

    - Chris Brogan, New York Times Bestselling Author: Social Media 101 and Trust Agents

    Your relationship with your customer doesnt have to be over the minute they leave your establishment or website. Social media services such as Twitter allow you to continue your good service beyond the point of sale, create long-lasting relationships, and reap the kind of unparalleled customer loyalty that only good two-way communication can build. Not sure where to start? I read a lot of business books, and I can tell you #Twitter Works has all the answers provided by guys who have walked the walk.

    - Jack Covert, Founder and President 800-CEO-READ

    Make sure to check #TwitterWorks!, co-written by Joe Sorge.

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    #FoursquareWorksRestaurant 2.0 Edition

    #FoursquareWorksRestaurant 2.0 Edition

    Chapter 1

  • #FoursquareWorksRestaurant 2.0 Edition


    #FoursquareWorksRestaurant 2.0 Edition

    Theyre appearing all over townsigns announcing who the

    mayor is, signs encouraging people to check in here, circles

    with funny pictures inside of them with rewards attached to

    them. Have you wondered whats going on? Wonder no longer,

    because youve found the answer. People everywhere are start-

    ing to check in with a new localized social media platform

    called Foursquare.

    Do you need to pay attention, or is this just a fad? As it happens,, one of the leading social media expert blogs,

    called Foursquare the next Twitter. Twitter, of course, was and

    is phenomenal enough to grow businesses to heights they might

    never have imagined otherwise. Twitter allowed people to enter

    a two-way communication with the businesses they knew, loved,

    and supported most.

    That proved to be pretty awesome for the restaurant business.

    Are You Tuned In To Checking In?

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    #FoursquareWorksRestaurant 2.0 Edition

    #FoursquareWorksRestaurant 2.0 Edition

    Using social media right isnt just an online thing. Its an offline thing too. Heres our

    things to do while waiting for a table signage at AJ Bombers, encouraging our guests to

    get connected while they wait.

    But, of course, there was always one problem with Twitter. You

    could end up with a whole bunch of followers from all over the

    worldbut in general, most of your customers are going to

    come from within your own city or town. Foursquare, however,

    is immanently local. Its also very easy to incorporate into your

    restaurant, bar, club, or other establishment. In fact, if I were to

    say anything about Foursquare, it is that this social media

    platform is made for our industry. Think about some of the

    primary ways people use Foursquare:

    To tell their friends in the city where they are, perhaps to

    arrange impromptu meet-ups. Where is this most likely to

    happen? At a bar, restaurant, coffee shop, or club, of course!

    To help one another explore whats cool, hip, and hot in their

    city. Your establishment could be right at the top of this list.

  • #FoursquareWorksRestaurant 2.0 Edition


    #FoursquareWorksRestaurant 2.0 Edition

    To tell one another whats great on the menu, how their

    service was, and when that great new band is going to be

    playing the venue next.

    Just to enjoy playing the game itselfsome people love

    collecting badges, competing for Mayorships, and crossing

    a net game with a real life application.

    Sure, the people using Foursquare could check in at the local

    library too, but the primary motivation is to identify social

    meet-ups and hot spots, to perhaps meet friends who are

    interested in the same sorts of places they are, and to explore the

    city where they live. A casual tour around Foursquare can help

    suggest 3 or 4 places worth visiting without you even having

    to try hard.

    Its catching on among the highly plugged in mobile phone

    users, the social media savvy, the networkers. That means you

    can make it work for your business. Just imagine this scenario.

    A local social butterfly with about 150 real life friends on her

    Twitter network arrives at your restaurant and checks in.

    The message goes to their other social media networks, and

    the invitation is implicithey, join me there!

    Suddenly, you might have 4-5 more people at your restaurant

    that you wouldnt have gotten before. The customer has acted

    as an advocate on your behalf, and you havent had to do a thing

    to get that kind of word of mouth excellence, except, of course,

    to be the wonderful establishment that you are!

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    #FoursquareWorksRestaurant 2.0 Edition

    #FoursquareWorksRestaurant 2.0 Edition

    This is all before you have plugged into Foursquare at all.

    Our aim with this book is to show you how to take that power

    and increase it to 10, 20, 50, or even 250 more visitorsin a

    single nightthat you might not have gotten before. When you

    engage with Foursquare you meet customers right where they

    are, an opportunity to engage with them at the very point of ex-

    perience. Lets face it, eating out isnt just about getting a quick

    meal you didnt have to cook. Its about having fun!

    In #Twitter Works!my partners and I pointed out that using

    social media does something to your restaurant. It helps your

    restaurant evolve into something that isnt yours, but is theirs

    your customers, your regulars, your most loyal and engaged.

    These customers shape the restaurant by speaking out, you

    listen, you respond, and you reap the benefits.

    Foursquare takes this a step further.

    Im going to show you exactly how to further build your brand

    with Foursquare: how to use it, and how to use it to further en-

    gage your guests to outstanding effect. I encourage you to print

    this book out, take notes for your own use, and follow along.

    This is the kind of advertising power that puts you on par with

    huge chains with multibillion dollar budgets. And its absolutely

    free. Its one of the 21st centurys most powerful amplifiers of

    a very important marketing tool: word of mouth. And thanks

    to this technology, you can finally step in directly and do some

    things to help that word of mouth along.

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  • #FoursquareWorksRestaurant 2.0 Edition


    #FoursquareWorksRestaurant 2.0 Edition

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    #FoursquareWorksRestaurant 2.0 Edition

    #FoursquareWorksRestaurant 2.0 Edition

    Chapter 2

  • #FoursquareWorksRestaurant 2.0 Edition


    #FoursquareWorksRestaurant 2.0 Edition

    To understand Foursquare, you need to understand the new

    wave of mobile phones. Blackberries, iPhones, Androids, and

    other tech-savvy phones are getting used, increasingly, as a way

    for people to connect with the Internet. Usually, theyre con-

    necting with two things: their e-mail, and social networks.

    Many of these phones is equipped with a GPS device. Its handy

    for telling 911 where you are if you call during an emergency.

    Its also handy for geolocation, which is the force behind Four-

    square.Geolocation uses the GPS in your smart phone to figure

    out where you are, and then allows you to tell others on your

    friends list through a social media application. Foursquare isnt

    the only one of these applications out therebut it is the only

    one that has started picking up speed. Why?Because Foursquare

    changed things. Its not just a shout-out of your location.

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