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foursquare presentation

May 18, 2015





  • 1. FoursquareCourse Number: COL 270 - 501

2. Table of content Introduction History Who is using it ? How can we use it ? Where could it be installed / Applications How to install it ? JING Advantages and disadvantages Testimonials Statistics How are businesses, agencies, and brands work with foursquare? Quiz Bibliography 3. IntroductionPeople sometimes need help to choose there next place thatthey are going to, or they need the peoples opinion such as theirfriends on places that they have visited! Now foursquareprogram could recommend you the best places to go to, and willhelp you get your friends or other peoples opinion on someplaces that you have visited.Simply, foursquare is acting as a social city guide for us. 4. HistoryFoursquare: it is a website that acts as a social city guide thathave the ability to recommend places for the user if he/she waslooking for ideas where to go next or what to do based onhim/her, his/her friends, and people with his/her taste have been.Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai are the founders offoursquare.They started the first version of foursquare website in fall2008, and finally it was launched at South by SouthwestInteractive in Austin in 2009. 5. Who is using it ?It can be used by all people from all ages, starting from age of 9 andabove.If we want to specialize them we can say for example that it could beused by students, parents, tourists, and business people. 6. Cont.For tourists, it can benefit them in the following way:-For instance, if they had the foursquare program installed intheir phones and they are for example visiting Dubai and they donot know much places there, by using this program it can guidethem or recommend for them some places that they do notknow about so they can visit it. 7. How can we use it?We will be listing the steps of how can we use foursquareprogram:-1- We should install the foursquareprogram in the smart phone.2- We enter the site and we click onsign up.3- We choose the way of signing upeither by facebook or email.4- We put the information that isrequired, then we sign up. 8. Cont5- We click on the search icon to search forpeople, places, restaurants or for anything thatwe are interested to know the location of or theupdates of it.6- We click on explore item icon, by clicking onit, it let us specify the places that we want to bein.7- Finally, we click on the list icon. This iconmakes us explore our country in an efficient waythat shows us everything in Dubai for examplelike Hotels, malls, restaurant, museums, and manyother places. 9. Where could it be installed?In BlackBerryIn iPhone 10. How to install it ? 11. Advantages of foursquare1. People depend on it as a point of their social circles.2. Having the ability to access different places by checking in- and to let others know where they want to be seen.3. It is a free website for advertising, it allows users to -check in- brands or locations of a places they want.4. The ability of using it as a GPS.5. To explore nearby places.6. It allows you to know other peoples opinion on places. 12. Disadvantages of foursquare1. People might stalk you to the place you are going to.2. It wont work without 3G or Wifi connection .3. It requires an account to work.4. People sometimes use this tool as a dating advantage . 13. TestimonialsWe had an interview with group of students in Zayed Universitywho constantly uses foursquare program. - We asked them about their opinion and experience of usingfoursquare and they responded by saying that it is a useful andenjoyable program at the same time. They use it every time theygo out and visit a new place, so they can get the others opinionon the places they visit. They advise the people who did not tryor use foursquare program to quickly install it on their smartphones and use it because its nice, valuable, and useful website. 14. Statistics 15. Cont We can conclude from the graph that as we go toward the year of 2010, the users of foursquare are increasing at a high rate. Foursquare has more than half a million users. 1.4 million venues and 15.5 million check-ins, and it is still growing more. Foursquare recorded a 33% of upstream visits in the previous weeks which is even bigger than Google ( 22% ) and Twitter (8%). 16. How are businesses, agencies, and brands work with four square?Agencies and business people use foursquare website to letother people be aware of their business and attract people bytheir special offers and discounts. Foursquare website allowthose people to advertise their businesses or brands for free, andthat allows million people to check their business. Forexample, when users check into their website there is a verygood chance to find their location and rise their profits.So, for merchants and other venue owners, it offers thewebsite a free set of tools to help you attract customers andkeeps the best ones coming back.For brands, foursquare offers and provide a unique way to stay intouch with your followers no matter where they are in the world. 17. QuizIs the topic gives you a clear idea about the content of thepresentation?Can you give a brief definition of foursquare website ?How many times did you check in foursquare website ?What are the advantages and disadvantages of foursquare?Would foursquare become an internationalsite? 18. Bibliography

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