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Foursquare Marketing

May 09, 2015



  • 1.FOURSQUARE MARKETING by Jason Keath of SOCIALFRESH.COM with Awareness

2. WHAT IS Foursquare? It is not just for stalking. 3. 1. TIPS / LAYERS 2. CHECKINS / SHOUTS 3. BADGES 4. MAYORSHIPS 5. SPECIALS / REWARDS 6. RESPONSE 7. COMMUNITY FOURSQUARE TACTICS 25 4. Foursquare Marketing 5 Sections 36 Slides 1.Why People Use Foursquare 2.Questions You Should Be Asking 3. Your Homework a) Use Foursquare b) Listen c) Experiment and Track 5. 1. Playing The Game 2. Finding Friends 3. Making Announcements 4. Getting Suggestions 5. Getting Rewards 5 REASONS PEOPLE USE FOURSQUARE 4 6. 1. GAMEPLAY BECOME MAYOR, WIN BADGES, SCORE PTS 7. DISCOVER WHERE PEOPLE ARE GATHERING 2. FIND PEOPLE 8. HEY EVERYBODY I LOVE THIS PLACE 3. ANNOUNCING 9. TIPS, CHECKINS, and SPECIALS 4. SUGGESTIONS 10. CHECKIN, SAVE MONEY 5. REWARDS 11. ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS 1. Are My Customers Already Using Foursquare? 10 12. ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS 2. What Do Your Customers Want From You on Foursquare? 13. ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS 3. What Are Your Business Goals For Getting On Foursquare? 14. ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS 4. How Does Your Brand Fit Into the Foursquare Ecosystem? 15. START BY USING FOURSQUARE 1. Create a personal account 2. Checkin to places you care about 3. Become a mayor 4. Follow friends 5. Follow brands 14 16. FOURSQUARE MARKETING WITHOUT A REAL VENUE 17. CHECKINS AS A BUSINESS 18. 1. Use the Foursquare Dashboard 2. Use 3. Use Coupon Codes 4. Suggest Products Through Tips ALWAYS BE LISTENING 17 19. Go to your event page to claim your venue 1. DASHBOARD 20. Within a couple days you should get access 1. DASHBOARD 21. Key Metrics (Overview of activity) Total check-ins Unique visitors % of check-ins shared with Twitter % of check-ins shared with Facebook Gender percentages of check-ins Top Visitors (3 listed) Most Recent Checkins (12 listed) All Checkins (detailed listing of all checkins) Time Breakdown (when users checkin) WHAT DATA IS ON THE DASHBOARD? 1. DASHBOARD 20 22. SEE WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING THIS IS WORD OF MOUTH 2. TWITTER SEARCH 23. TRACK SUCCESS THROUGH COUPON USE 3. COUPON CODES 24. LEAVE TIPS THAT SUGGEST A SPECIFIC PRODUCT. ENCOURAGE CUSTOMERS TO DO THE SAME 4. ENCOURAGE TIPS 25. STEP 3 EXPERIMENT and TRACK Learn the Tactics Understand Why Your Customers Checkin Understand How Your Customers Interact Understand What Your Customers Want Give Them What They Want, Creatively 24 26. 1. TIPS / LAYERS 2. CHECKINS / SHOUTS 3. BADGES 4. MAYORSHIPS 5. SPECIALS / REWARDS 6. RESPONSE 7. COMMUNITY FOURSQUARE TACTICS 25 27. FEATURING PERSONALITIES AND ENTERTAINMENT 28. PROACTIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE 27 29. BUILDING THE CULTURE OF A BRAND 30. BUILDING A LOYALTY PROGRAM 31. BUILDING BRAND EXCITEMENT 30 32. FOCUSING ON WHAT YOU DO BEST 33. INTEGRATING FACEBOOK AND OTHER LOCATION SERVICES 34. A FOCUS ON COMMUNITY 33 35. GET THEM IN THE DOOR WITH BIG REWARDS 10% of Store Traffic from Foursquare 36. ALWAYS KEEP LEARNING Listen to your customers praise Listen to your customers complaints Ask them to help Keep good data Follow the numbers and results Educate and train 35 37. THANK YOU Find me at @jakrose and

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