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Jun 14, 2015



Forbidden Fruit Books LLC offers a wide selection of books on thousands of topics at low prices to satisfy any book-lover!

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2. ABOUT US Forbidden Fruit Books LLC began in 2012, under the leadership of Kyle Stokes, to meet the demand for eBooks across America and the world. One year later, we have successfully provided eBooks on all the major eBook platforms including Amazon, Barns & Noble and iTunes. Based in Philadelphia, PA, Forbidden Fruit Books LLC has seen great growth in readership, even as it grown its electronic library with new and exciting writers. As a socially responsible investment, driven by the principle of giving back to the society, Forbidden Fruit Books LLC have adopted a program titled food for thoughts that is aimed at improving the lives of the people we come into contact with ensuring our reach goes beyond books. In the food for thoughts program, we donate two dollars from every eBook that we sell, ensuring that 6 people are fed in Africa through the world food program.Forbidden Fruit Books LLC2 3. ABOUT US We provide eBooks under the open standards and also proprietary standards, ensuring that our eBooks are available across different consumer profiles, hardware manufacturers, publishers and more. The books we provide are available on different platforms including mobile devices and readers. Our collection of books consist of budding writing talents, allowing readers to get acquainted with new writers and a wide variety of genres. At Forbidden Fruit Books LLC, we are promoting reading worldwide because more people now spend time in front of screens rather than printed material. Easily browse through our ever increasing collection for an intriguing read from drama and friction titles to humor and self-help titles. We keep our titles updated regularly so that you can read books with current issues and events. Additionally, our titles are searchable by category or topic. With a portable eBook reader or mobile device, you can enjoy writings from your favorite author and get any new issues in minutes through our efficient checkout process. Joy your titles at Forbidden Fruit Books. Can you add that my Food for thoughts program donates 2.00 to the world food program. and when you purchase any ebooks threw barnes and noble, itunes and Amazon. Ebooks purchased on my website i donate 4.00 to the world food programForbidden Fruit Books LLC3 4. Forbidden Fruit Books LLC4 5. THE AFFIRMATIONS OF CHRIST Learn The Secret Power Of The Law Of Attraction Through GODs Word And The Gospels Of Jesus Christ. (Christian: Faith Spirituality) The Affirmations of Christ is the must have most powerful Self Help / spiritually enlightened book ever written on the market today. The affirmations of Christ should be read by every practicing Christian. The Affirmations of Christ covers topics on how to create good relationships, health, money and spiritual growth. This book is based around the omnipotent creator God and the teachings of Jesus Christ on the Mount of Olive. The Affirmations of Christ dominates the New Age theory of the The Universe only to replace it with God the Creator. The Affirmations of Christ brings forth a spiritual light that the New Age gurus teach. But only threw the lenses of a biblical stand point. Buy This Book in AmazonForbidden Fruit Books LLC5 6. Forbidden Fruit Books LLC6 7. IAFRICA 2.0 : TRUE BLACK DIAMONDS An experienced historian I have recently completed a book on the history of iAfrica titled, Untold Story of Africa. It all started with my coming across some important facts that have been lost in oblivion about the continent and its people. On further exploration startling information came to light not only about the African continent but also about how historians and researchers over the ages have manipulated theories to deliberately degrade the otherwise rich and influential heritage of Africa. The book discusses important yet unknown truths about the ancient Black civilizations and how they spread around the world, how the people and the beliefs of the African people have influenced different religions and how the Africans spread out into the world taking their knowledge, culture, art and architecture where ever they went. African history has helped shape and mold other civilizations over time without any due credit being given for it. Every ebook sold, Forbidden Fruit Books donates $2.00 to the World Food Program USA (WFP USA) in support of the UN World Food Programs (WFP) global operations and that feeds 6 people in Africa. Buy This Book in Amazon Every book sold, Forbidden Fruit Books donates $2.00 to the World Food Program USA (WFP USA) in support of the UN World Food Programs (WFP) global operations and that feeds 6 people in Africa.Forbidden Fruit Books LLC7 8. Forbidden Fruit Books LLC8 9. IAFRICA: ANCIENT HISTORY UNTOLD Richard Schweitzer is an experienced historian. It was really a turning point in his life when the white man from Germany stumbled upon few unknown facts about the so called Dark Continent Africa. Richard Schweitzer went on to enlist interesting facts and history of this cradle of civilization. This is an interesting collection of facts and figures which make us realize that the Dark Continent was so called by this name, not due to any lack of development, but our own perception of the same. This book would shed light on the bright aspects of this continent and how much it has contributed to the growth, development and spread of civilization to all nooks and corners of the globe. This book is an attempt to share this newly discovered knowledge with the world.Forbidden Fruit Books LLC9 10. Forbidden Fruit Books LLC10 11. THE CREDIT CHEAT CODEImprove Your Credit Score In Only 30 Days!!! Your Bad Credit Could Be Killing You! Do you want to be able to buy a nice car? Do you want to be able to buy the house of your dreams with a decent interest rate? Are you interested in getting a better job? Do you want to be able to purchase insurance for your home? All of these things are made more difficult if you have bad credit, or a low credit score. But there is hope. Our new book offers you The Credit Cheat Code: 4 Simple Tricks to Unlock Good Credit In Less Than 30 Days. Did you know that when you apply for a new job, at some point in the hiring process, there is a 90% chance that they will pull your credit report. Is it fair that your potential employer will consider the fact that you missed a payment once when they decide to hire you? Of course not, but its perfectly legal. So, do you want the past to prevent you from getting a better job? NO! You want to be hired on your own merits, not because of your credit report. If that is how you feel, then The Credit Cheat Code is perfect for you!4 simple tricks, and you will be on the road to better credit within only 30 days! With a good credit score, youll be hired on your skills and experience, not your credit. What About Home Owners Insurance? How much of a difference can that make? I didnt even know that they Forbidden Fruit Books LLC 11 cared about my credit score! 12. THE CREDIT CHEAT CODE Well, for a lot of people, this is a pretty big surprise. Insurance companies check your credit before they insure your property. When you buy Property and Casualty insurance, your premiums can increase up to 20% if you have a low credit score, or bad credit! Bad credit or low credit scores are hurting you, not helping you. Get the underground secrets that Banks, Creditors and FICO do not want you to know about. Buy The Credit Cheat Code Right Now! Cell phones? Are you serious? They check my credit for a cell phone? Yes, they do! And if you have bad credit or a low credit score, you may not get access to a good monthly plan. You may end up paying hundreds more for a pre-paid cell phone! But you can fix it. Within 30 days you could be enjoying significantly better credit. Buy The Credit Cheat Code Right Now! Youll never have to worry about a bad cell phone plan again! How about my car loan? How much of a difference could it make to me when buying a car? Well, if you have a low credit score or credit problems, first off, you could be denied the loan in the first place.Forbidden Fruit Books LLC12 13. THE CREDIT CHEAT CODE If you are able to even get a loan, your interest rate will be higher. A higher interest rate means a higher payment. When the bank decides how much to lend you for your car, one of the things they take a look at as how much of a payment you can afford. Since you are paying higher interest, the bank may not be willing to loan you enough to get the car you want. Of course, the best way to avoid this is to improve your credit. Learn our 4 secret techniques for improving your credit, and get the car you want! Buy The Credit Cheat Code Right Now! OMG what about a mortgage? What kind of affect will bad credit have on my mortgage? The effect can be pretty severe. Obviously, if you have credit problems or a low credit score, you could pay A LOT higher interest. And with high dollar amounts like a mortgage, the damage can be pretty severe. On a $150,000 house, an extra 1.5% interest means an extra $2,000 in interest EVERY YEAR! On a 30-year mortgage, you will be paying an extra $60,000. That is over one-third of the purchase price of your house, EXTRA, just because you have to pay a higher interest rate. Luckily, this can all be avoided. You could be enjoying a significantly improved credit rating in less than 1 month. Thats right! Using our insanely simple 4 tricks to unlock good credit, you could improve your credit picture in under 30 days. Stop waiting, and start fixing Buy This Book in Amazon Every book sold, Forbidden Fruit Books donates $2.00 to the World Food Program USA (WFP USA) in support of the UN Forbidden Fruit Books LLC World Food Programs (WFP) global operations and that feeds 6 people 13 in Africa. 14. Forbidden Fruit Books LLC14 15. THE AUDACITY OF HATE: THOUGHTS AND WORDS FROM PESSIMISTIC AMERIC