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Food from around the world1

Jun 25, 2015


  • 1. FOOD FROM AROUND THE WORLD INTROUCTION In the world there are a lot of kinds of food. Sometimes we dont know where we can find it. A lot of times we are happy with food that could be not good for us. But we eat it, because we think that is the best food in the world. In this article you will find so delicious desserts, that you will not believe that you never tasted it. If you are vegetarian dont worry, because you will find vegetarian food too. And of course you will find exotic drinks. Thats why I wrote this article, so that in this way you can know more about the food that you can find around the world. And in some moments you can prepare it for yourself. est-foods-in-the-world.

2. Delicious Food 3. Best place to eat: Oysters. Strangfor Lough, Northern Ireland There are very few places you can get Strangford Lough oysters now. What makes this dish so good is its origin, the sea. The only thing you need for this dish is this complete black pepper and a little lemon. Never you add Tabasco sauce or vinegar, other ways it could destroy the flavour. BABY ICE-CRAWBERRY This dessert is made of cheese ice-cream. And it has a Cranberry topic. 4. Jelly Berry Sandwich This is a so delicious and simple preparation. Two slices of bread with jelly berryand in the topic strawberrys. Can be served with melted chocolate. SALMON STEAK Its a delicious n atractive salmon with mango adorment. Its a main course that can be served with a garnich of salad. 5. Vegetarian Food 6. Vegetarian Tacos This is the Vegetarian Food. It can be just as rich as the normal food. Its made of tortilla, potatoe, tomato and cucumber. Its fast to preparate and delicious for eat. Tomato Salad The Tomato Salad is a kind of healthy food, because it is made of lettuce and tomato. It can be served with adornment. These are balls of guten but it are not of meat. It can be served with fries potatoes and Salad. 7. Exotic Drinks 8. Pia Colada Its made of Pineapple juice, milk, cinnamon and coconut milk. Paradise The Paradise drink is made of strawberry, orange juice and pineapple juice. The Tipical Juices of the World. Orange juice. Cucumber juice. Strawberry juice. 9. MEXICAN FOOD The Mexican Food is the most known meal of food in the world. Like the tacos, tostadas, fajitas, mole, pozole and of course the enchiladas with chili are recognized worldwide. 10. My Favourite Recipe My favourite recipe I think that is the beans with cheese and epasote. Its simple to preparate and so delicious.