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Food for Your Chartreux

Apr 14, 2018



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  • 7/30/2019 Food for Your Chartreux


    Food for your ChartreuxNutritional recommendations for active Chanson Bleu Chartreux: Royal Canin, Evo,Innova .18% + Taurine and 32+ % protein. The Chartreux are a muscular breed. Proper

    nutrition is critical for their heart development and overall health. Any cat food thatdoes not list the magnesium (causes stones) probably has too much. Please check your

    labels. Organic/Price/premium cat food does not necessarily protect you! Fiber, oftenadded in the form of beet pulp, flax seed or pea fiber binds with calcium and alsoprevents a different type of stone. IAM's Hairball (orange bag) is a reasonable food and

    can be found in most supermarkets if you are ever in a bind. This brand is about theleast expensive I would buy if $ ever becomes an issue. Free feed and then use portion

    control as needed due to concerns over weight. As cats age, wet food should beconsidered. A water fountain will hydrate your cat and help prevent kidney/bladder

    stone formation.The ultimate: Evo(grain free)btw EVO tracts magnesium at less than .1%), the SouthBeach diet of the cat world. If your Chartreux develops any kind of allergy(see black

    heads on face/chin/hair loss/phelgm/audible breathing/fungus in ears) it is probably due

    to corn and/or wheat gluten. Evo will solve the problem. Supplement option with oldercats (wet) food to prevent renal failure. AS a supplement Gerber baby food( meat) ispure and very safe... add water to increase water intake. Cat foods brands: Innova,Wysong that are high quality without grain fillers. Best kibble will be coarse to helpclean the teeth. Plenty of fresh water and a clean litter box helps prevent urinary tractinfections, too. Ordinary cat food produced in the Orient is probably not wise. They

    also put corn and wheat gluten in many cat foods - also not a good idea over the longrun. Buyer beware. Read labels!

    A good diet, good hygiene, and food are much less expensive than vet bills! Spayedfemales can develop stones & infections, too!


    Did you know? Dogs can be asymptomatic carriers of bordetella which they cantransfer to your kitten/cat. If you own a dog, ask your vet to vaccinate your Chartreuxwith the feline bordetella vaccine. If your kitten starts sneezing, take him to the vet assoon as possible for treatment(antibiotics). ASK for liquid form to give by drops or mixin food. Pilling is next to impossible in many cases. Kittens can die from felinebordetella.Did you know? We recommend only Ft. Dodge KILLED rabies vaccine. Be sure toask your vet what kind he uses and be your pet's best friend and advocate! Other brandshave been reported to us as having killed their Chartreux kittens/cats in 5 days. Whytake a chance with other vaccines? Use Ft. Dodge or use another vet. Do not take thechance. I know of three deaths in 5 day intervals after vaccination with other rabiesvaccines... two were from different bloodlines, different Chartreux catteries in the US. Iknow of another Chartreux kitten that was hospitalized in the 5 day interval and livedto tell the story. Why take a chance? KILLED rabies vaccine.... KILLED is theoperative word. Use only KILLED rabies vaccine.Did you know? Re: Anesthesia. Some Chartreux are allergic to ketamine. Onlyallow your vet to use human type iso/sevo type gas anesthesia. Make sure this info ison the papers you sign at the vet's office before any surgical procedures. Chartreux willgo into a coma and not awaken. (Persians can have this response, too, by the way)

  • 7/30/2019 Food for Your Chartreux


    Did You know? Chartreux will love you best right after a shower.... a scent free you iswhat the love! Also, with their water repellent coats, many will follow you right intothe shower just for fun.Did you know? Scent free moisturizers are best, too. Chartreux can love more than oneperson, but scents are a big 'turn off.' Playing hard to get will make you more

    interesting if you are female. Check your fragrance if your kitten prefers yourhusband!Did you know? The real difference between a Russian Blue and a Chartreux? Yes, theRussian Blue is a lean cat with green eyes. The real difference is in the feel. When heldin your lap, the mature Chartreux feels more like a pillow.Did you know? Diseases like kennel cough can be passed from your dog to your cat...parasites, too. Many animals develop immunities and are asymptomatic carriers.Did you know? Chartreux love routinesDid you know? Chartreux are gourmets. Our Bo Peep LOVES sweet potato pie withcoconut. Her daughter in PA loves sauerkraut!Did you know? Gerber baby food chicken or turkey, hand fed by the teaspoon, is great

    for bonding with your kitten. It is like ice cream. Your Chartreux will love you for yourthoughtfulness!Did you know? Grain based litter (like World's Best) is too organic - a great breedingground for bacteria. Simple white clay, crystals, or hardwood wood pellets (any brand)is much better! Hardwood pellets which are used for burning will minimize 'tracking.'Softwood pellets like 'feline pine' or 'woody pellet' break down too easily, make a messand may contribute to bladder infections.Did you know? Water fountains will keep your Chartreux hydrated. Monthly cleaningis necessary to avoid blockage of hair and motor burn out. Keeping it somewhere offthe floor is a good idea, if you can.Did you know? Cornell recommends a little wet food as cats age to relieve stress onkidneys and prevent renal failure.Did you know? Revolution Spot Treatment is your Chartreux's best protection. ( Perhaps the safest of spot treatments, it is alsorevolutionary because it kills ear mites, fleas, worms, protects against heart worm, andmay also kill ticks. (not confirmed on pkg but most vets will agree) Remember, humansand other pets as well as doors, windows, etc. allow the outside into your home.Sometimes microscopic organisms can be picked up at any vet's office! Since manyorganism's are microscopic and some animals are asymptomatic carriers... the worldcan be a dangerous place. None of us live in a bubble. If you need help obtaining thisproduct contact me: chansonbleu@comcast.netDid you know? Wrestling with your cat and his biting etc may be a hard habit tobreak! Imagine a 16 pound male or female cat with powerful jaws biting you. Avoidtrouble. Another worthwhile investment....whips and wands will bring joy with no badhabits. Hands are strictly for loving/petting/massaging your Chartreux. Your kitten willthink you are really an exciting person when the wand/whip comes out of the drawer(otherwise they will destroy it on their own).Did you know? Preferred bedding: Towels & facecloths & sherpa. Light colors arebest so that they you can use a little bleach in the mix. The facecloths can be used forbiting and chewing fun. The small pieces can be an imaginery friend that doesn 't bite
  • 7/30/2019 Food for Your Chartreux


    or kick back! They even drag them around around. A towel on your bed might be veryinviting.

    A Working BreedThe Chartreux kitten that is healthy is an active, mischievous kitten like all kittens. Beprepared. Kittens may teeth for up to nine months. Some chew plastic chords, etc. and

    we humans surmise that there is a chemical now in plastics that the some cats enjoy. Ifyou can afford two, it is much better because the Chartreux kitten really likes to play.Two kitten will play with each other and not the objects in your home. They are activeand they have busy minds. Intelligent and very coordinated, a healthy Chartreux kittenwill climb. If bored it might clear the top of your table tossing what it can on the flooras a way of playing. Once known as 'cats of the roof tops of Paris,' do not be surprisedif you find your Chartreux poised on a railing in your home, the higher the better. True

    to their heritage as coveted mousers, they have incredible physical abilities. Asyoungsters they will go through an active phase before they settle down.

    Reservations suggested.We must admit our kittensand cats are CUTE! Theyare American Chartreux

    from the finest lines in theUnited States. Our kitten

    price is determined by thevalue of the kittens. Decades of selective breeding as well as proven scientific methodsof cattery management practices make our American Chartreux healthy and special..We know you will be very satisfied. We hope that this purchase is the beginning of a

    life long correspondence regarding 'the Chartreux.'Notes from A New Owner on the West Coast

    "Gigi and Gason are doing great."Gaston:He is a gorgeous cat and getting really big. He's still coltish with really long legs. He isincredibly loving, but it took him a few weeks to settle in. I think he really attached toyou, and wasnt so sure for the first couple of weeks that I wasnt just a temporary care-taker. Having the two helped as he seemed to be comforted by having Gigi around,especially when he went to sleep at night.Now that he knows this is his true home he is my constant companion. My garden isabout an acre and a half. He tags along where ever I go. Whatever project is going on -indoor or out - he is right there, looking on, wanting to be a part of it. Hes much morevocal than she is and will give the most heart-breaking cry if he thinks hes been leftbehind or lost. He also has an irresistible little trill if hes bored and just wants to play.And boy does he like to play! Birds on a wand, cat dancer, ribbons, balls in a track. Heloves them all. Hes bigger and faster than Gigi so he completely dominates thesegames. He adores her, but the game is the game.GigiShes an absolute beauty. In a lot of ways the more outgoing of the two. She was thefirst to explore a new room of the house. Shell be the first up a tree. Or in the pond.Well, the pond wasnt entirely intentional but she had to keep going farther and farther

  • 7/30/2019 Food for Your Chartreux


    down the rocks at the edge until she finally ended up taking a bath. As a result herlovely whiskers often seem to be sporting a cobweb or two as she now insists onexploring every dark crevice of the barn, greenhouse, under the deck etc.The neighbors have two very old cats that come on my property. They keep tothemselves and run away if I get near. Gaston completely ignores them. He prefers to

    be with me and whoever Im with. Gigi is certain they need her friendship. At first theyran away or hissed when she got near. She continued to think they were just old dearsand would go and greet them whenever she saw one. Well yesterday I found her andthis old cat napping together under a tree behind my gazebo. I expect she is going to beinviting him over for dinner at any day now.She already has a thick undercoat. Shes very quiet. The most I ever hear is a littletweet. And shes absolutely crazy about goat cheese.So glad I have them both. I recommend it highly. At least at this age they still playtogether a lot which helps burn off their boundless kitten energy.I have them clicker trained to come to me whenever I click. They picked it up in acouple of days.

    Both of them love to chase the ball. If they are in the mood theyll bring it back for meto throw again. They will also both try and climb any tree they see. A particular favoriteis an ancient Bay tree. The limbs are huge 3 or 4 feet across - and they love to go up,hide in the leaves and survey their kingdom.Basically, they are very happy cats, having a great time and I adore them both.Deborah

    June 2011: We are now on Facebook where owners can speak directly to you...check usout at "Blue Cat Farm"


    12 week old Chartreux kittens (off spring of Chatton Teal'c)

    More Chartreux kittens at 3


    Note from Newport,Vermont

    I had to tell you of a

    BleuBird breakthrough. Lastnight I was laying down andBleuBird came up and put

    something beside me. I waslike what the heck have you

    brought. It was her littlegreen dog you sent with her.I threw it into the hall and she jumped down fetched it and brought it back and dropped

  • 7/30/2019 Food for Your Chartreux


    it in front of me. This went on for a longggg time.

    LOL I always was hoping she would fetch. She was 6 months old last week.

    Just trying to keep you updated on Princess BleuBird"


    Our Chartreux kittens at 3 weeks

    2007 A.DFive centuries

    later: thetradition of

    the Chartreuxas companion

    lives on.1557 A.D

    Chanson Bleulife time

    commitment:Let me knowabout yourChartreux.

    With the timesand


    of the day, wecan help youre home yourChanson BleuChartreux if

    you are facingdifficulties

    beyond yourcontrol. Just let me know, we want to help!

  • 7/30/2019 Food for Your Chartreux


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  • 7/30/2019 Food for Your Chartreux


    Newborns at Chanson Bleu Chartreux - the journey begins!

  • 7/30/2019 Food for Your Chartreux


    Early History of theChartreux

    Jessie Strike-McClelland

    Historian, Chartreux, USA

    There are a number of legends regarding the

    Chartreux, none of which I address here, as there is

    nothing factual to account for them. Here is the historyof the breed to the extent that I have been able to

    substantiate dates and names.

    One of the first records of a gray cat resembling a

    Chartreux was in 1558, when Joachin de Bellay, a

    French poet, refers to such a cat (which has died) in

    terms which lead one to believe that the cat was a

    Chartreux, although the name was not at that time

    given to the breed:EPITAPHE D'un chat

    Here lies Belaud, my little gray cat,

    Belaud, that was the most handsome perhaps

    That nature ever made in cat's clothing.

    This was Belaud, death to rats.

    Belaud, to be sure his beauty was such

    That he deserves to be immortal.

    In 1723 the "Universal Dictionary of Commerce, Natural

    History and the Arts and Trade of Savvary of Brusion"was published, which contained the following:

    "Finally we find several cats which tend toward bleu,

    these latter are commonly called Chartreux. This name

    was used to distinguish the blue cats. Incidentally, the

    furriers trade in the skin of the cats, especially those

    cats which were called Chartreux."

    In 1727, Franois-Augustin-Paradis de Montcrif (1687-

    1770), French poet, musician, and playwright, wrote abook "The Cats" in which he speaks of a traveler who

    had seen slate-colored cats in North Africa, which came

    from Malta.

    In 1747, artist Jean-Baptiste Perroneau painted a

    beautiful portrait of Magdaleine Pinceloup de la Grange,

    holding on her lap a gray cat which appears to be a

    Chartreux, the cat having a very large body, yellow

  • 7/30/2019 Food for Your Chartreux


    eyes, and head shape of the breed. (This portrait may

    be seen at the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA,

    USA. Click here to open the portrait in another window.)In 1748 Denis Diderot, French philosopher and poet,

    published a book from which the following is taken:

    "Prince, she tells him, embarrssed by his reproaches,without my three beasts (pets) my Canary, my

    Chartreuse (female Chartreux) and Callirhoe, I am


    In 1753 Brande Aldobrande, Italian scholar, describes

    in the 16th century a cat of ash gray color originating in

    Syria and writes: "Of all the variety and number of

    cats, the best is that which is streaked with a diversityof pale dark ash colors; it comes from Syria, the place

    from whence comes the name (?). Its blood is very mild,

    it lets itself be domesticated and is a smart hunter.Moreover, its snout (?) is round, its chest muscular, it

    has strong legs, it is always vigilant and makes a habit

    of watching over the household. It is content with little

    food and supports its hunger; it feeds at times on its

    own capture and never fills its insatiable tummy to thedetriment of its owners."

    In 1753 the "Grand Encyclopedia" describes "Chartreux

    - a sort of cat whose fur is gray ash and tends toward

    bleu. It's one of the skins in which the furriers trade

    and employ in the manufacture of furs."

    In 1778 Josephus Flavius Martinet, from Holland,

    writes "We in Holland have also some blue cats mostly

    at Overijasel where they are brought to Holland to bebought and sold; their fur is gray ash, blackish brown at

    the base, the coat is very dense of the sort which, when

    one sees the gray of the tips and the brown

    underlaying, the mixed colors make the appearance of

    the cat to be blue."

    Carl Linnaeus (also known as Carl von Linne or Carolus

    Linnaeus)(1707-1778), Swedish doctor, biologist, and

    Comte de Georges Louis le Clere Buffon, Frenchnaturalist and mathematician (1707-1778) also refer to

    the Chartreux as the name of the blue cat. Buffon gives

    a clear picture of the breed in that he presents plates

    of the cat and depicts the animal with a straight nose,

    with fur slightly longer than that of a domestic cat and
  • 7/30/2019 Food for Your Chartreux


    the fur wooly in appearance, the tail carried straight up

    and pointed at the end. (Buffon shows the cat as the

    type which was originally found at Belle-Ile-sur Mere;the breed as we see today is both shorter in back and


    In 1780 the "Reasoned and Universal Dictionary ofNatural History", published in Switzerland, and

    containing the history of animals, vegetables, and

    minerals of Vailmont de Bomare contains the following:

    "In Persian one sees these (cats) whose color is that of

    our Chartreux."

    In 1806 Professor (Dr) Beauregard, in his book "Our

    Animals", writes "after death the coat is used indifferent ways. That of the Chartreux is cut and dyed

    and sold as Otter fur."

    In 1817, in the "Dictionary of Natural Sciences" weread "The Chartreux cat, whose fur is very fine and

    generally a beautiful uniform gray, the lips and the

    bottom of the feet are black."

    In his 1867 work "The Book of the Cat", Charles Ross

    writes "Blue is not a common color, these species arestyled Chartreux cats and are esteemed rarities. Merit

    of being extremely gentle, pure blue cats were very

    rare and greatly prized."

    In 1877 Heath's "French-English Dictionary" defines

    the Chartreux cat as a "cat with bluish-gray color."

    In 1880, Cassell's "New French-English Dictionary" lists

    the "Chartreux cat of bluish gray color."

    Cats of Chanson Bleu Chartreux on left,

    endless beauty one generation to another.... For

    more info on reserving your kitten: Email us