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Food For The Thinker

May 21, 2015



A Power Point Presentation of some Lateral and Creative Puzzles to exercise the mind .... for young and old. Done by Bro. Oh Teik Bin, Buddhist Association of Lower Perak, Teluk Intan, Malaysia.

  • 1. Food For The Thinker An ExerciseIn Thinking

2. # 1 What stays hot longest in the refrigerator ? Clue : 3. ANSWER :CHILLI 4. # 2 There were two Americans waiting at the entrance to the British Museum. One of them was the fatherof the others son. How could this be so ? Clue 5. Answer They were Husband and Wife! 6. # 3 What is it that no one wishes to have, but no one wishes to lose ? Clue X 7. AnswerBald Head 8. # 4 A woman had 2 sons who were born in the same hour of the same day in the same year, but yet they were not twins. How could this be so ? Clue 9. ANSWER They were two of a set of triplets ! 10. # 5 THEIRARETHREEMISTEAKSINTHISSENTENCE. Canyouspotthem ? Clue 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 11. ANSWER 1. THEIR should be THERE2. MISTEAKS should be MISTAKES3.There are only 2 and not 3 mistakes ! 12. #6 An American, who had never been to any country other than the U.S. , was standing one day on solid ground when he saw the Great Wall of China with his own eyes.How come ? Clue 13. ANSWER He was on the moon. He could see the Great Wall. 14. # 7 When is the cheapest time to phone a friend in his house ? Clue 15. ANSWER When there is nobody in the house! 16. # 8 A normal baby once fell out of a 20-storey and landed on the ground without any cushioning. The baby lived !Explain. Clue ONE 1 ONE 1 17. ANSWER The baby fell out of a first-floor window ! 18. # 9 What goes up and does not come down ? Clue 19. ANSWERYour age ! 20. # 10 A man died a nasty death and another man many miles away was at last happy even though they had never met and no grudges were borne. Explain. Clue 21. ANSWER A drug pusher was executed. Another man could receive his kidneys in a transplant. 22. THEEND

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  • With Metta, Bro. Oh Teik Bin
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