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Fluentu 10 Terrific Chinese Dubbed Disney Movies for Learners of All Ages

Dec 13, 2015




Fluentu 10 Terrific Chinese Dubbed Disney Movies for Learners of All Ages


    10 Terrific Chinese Dubbed Disney Movies for Learners of AllAgesHeres a fun little language learning secret.

    You can actually learn a new language by watching some of your favorite Disney movies.

    Dont think so?

    By the time youre done reading this article, youll know exactly how.


    So, Why Disney Movies?Despite all of the movies on this list being targeted towards younger viewers, theyre still family friendly, meaning thateach has something to offer viewers of all ages. Disney movies are perfect for children, but adults can have funwatching these movies too. More adult humor is often slipped into these films to keep parents entertained.

    And, of course, these movies are especially great for learners who have already seen them before when they wereyounger and want to experience some nostalgic moments.

    Disney movies can be great resources for learning languages because theyre insanely popular worldwide, so manyof them have dubbed versions in dozens of different languages (including Mandarin). Luckily, Chinese dubbed Disneymovies are super easy to find.

    Where does learning Mandarin come in?

    Included in this article are tons of words that viewers will encounter throughout the films. Since each movie on this listis unique and original, youll learn words in Mandarin on a variety of topics ranging from animals to emotions to placesaround the world.

    The best way to enhance your Mandarin vocabulary is to write these words down (or print this article) and keep themclose so, when you watch the movies, youll already have a prepared vocabulary sheet to study from.

    Its also a good idea to watch the movies a few times as repetition is the key to having words stick. If you dont want tocontinuously watch the movies repeatedly from start to finish, then just re-watch your favorite parts or replay some ofthe songs.

    For other helpful tips on how to learn Chinese by watching movies, check out this link.

    If you need help with pronunciation then heres a website that can help you.

    Now lets continue on to the list shall we?

    Without further ado, here are 10 popular Disney movies dubbed in Mandarin that can be enjoyed by Chineselearners of all ages. Will your Disney favorite be on this list?

    10 Terrific Chinese Dubbed Disney Movies

  • 1. (Wn J Zng Dng Yun)English Translation: Toy Mobilization

    English Title: Toy Story

    The Toy Story trilogy is a worldwide box office success and isone of Pixars best-selling movie franchises to date. Theres eventalk that a fourth installment is in the works. There are Chinesedubs for all three Toy Story movies, but only the first film is onthis list. Why? Because the first movie in a series is always thebest, thats why. Of course, if you love the learning experienceyou get with the first movie, keep on rolling through the next two inChinese as well!

    Toy Story is about a little boy, Andy, whoafter finding out from his mother that theyre moving on his birthdayishaving his birthday party a week earlier than planned. However, viewers will quickly find out that Andy isnt the mainfocus of his story. His toys are.

    See, Andy lives in a world where toys can come to life and go on adventures. Most of their escapades are led byWoody, a pull-string cowboy toy and Andys favorite. Life soon changes for Woody after Andy receives a new toy forhis birthday: action figure space cadet Buzz Lightyear.

    Buzz quickly starts to become Andys new favorite, leaving Woody to feel left out and jealous. In a sporadic turn ofevents, both Woody and Buzz Lightyear find themselves in a tough situation that forces them to get along so that theycan return home to Andy in time before moving day.

    Start out by watching the famously heartwarming intro song for the movie (in Mandarin Chinese): You Got A Friend inMe

    Helpful Words to Know While You Watch

    Toy wn j

    Story g sh

    Cowboy ni zi

    Birthday shng r

    Party j hu or hu

    Birthday Party shng r hu

    Action Figure wnu

    (Outer) Space ti kng

    Cadet r w shng or jin x shng

    Favorite zu x i or x i

    Friend png you

    Room fng jin or simply fng

  • Pizza b s

    Planet xng qi

    Pizza Planet b s xng qi

    Moving Day Dng Tin

    2. (Xio Mi Rn Y)English Title: The Little Mermaid

    The Little Mermaid is based on a Danish fairy tale and is verypopular among childrenespecially little girls. It focuses on Ariel,a sixteen-year-old mermaid princess whos tired of life under thesea and wishes to be on land with humans despite all contactbetween humans and merpeople being forbidden.

    After rescuing a young human named Prince Eric from drowning,Ariel falls in love with him and makes a deal with Ursula the SeaWitch to become human for three days and hopefully reunite withEric.

    Unfortunately, receiving the benefits of this spell also means shehas to forfeit her voice to the sea witch. The only way to break thespell? Receiving true loves first kiss before her days as a human are up.

    Try watching this awesome musical number from the movie in Mandarin Chinese: Part of Your World

    Helpful Words to Know While You Watch

    Little xio

    Mermaid mi rn y

    Human; Person; People rn

    Sea hi

    Sea Witch hi w p

    Spell zhu

    True Love zhn zhng de i qng

    Kiss wn

    Land t d

    World sh ji

    Prince wng z

    Marriage/Wedding hn

    3. (Mln)

  • English Title: Mulan

    Based on an ancient Chinese legend of Hua Mulan ( hum ln). Mulan tells the story of the eponymous heroine whowants to make her father proud by secretly taking his place in awar against the Huns disguised as a man. Mulan soon finds outthough that being a man is a lot harder than she thought.

    Mulan appeals to one and all, as its filled with action, adventureand even a little bit of romance at the end. Its a real crowdfavorite. Oh, and there are quite a few excellent musical numbers.For starters, check out this Mandarin Chinese rendition of IllMake a Man Out of You. Then try this Bonus Live Action Video it has Jackie Chan singing!

    Helpful Words to Know While You Watch

    China Zhng Gu

    Dragon lng

    Guardian wi sh

    Warrior zhn sh

    To Train lin

    Ancestor z xin

    Honor rng y

    Man rn

    Heart xn zng or xn

    Luck xng yn or yn

    Because Mulan focuses on Chinese people, most, if not all, of the characters names are in Chinese. Here are theirnames as well as their meanings:

    Mulan Magnolia

    Mu wood

    Lan orchid

    Hua flower

    Ping pot

    Hua Ping flower pot

    Mushu a Chinese dish of stir-fried vegetables, egg, and usually meat or fish all wrapped together in a thin pancake

    Li Shang to soar

  • Li plum (surname) beautiful (first name)

    Yao high, eminent, or lofty

    Ling peace, serenity, tranquility

    Chien-Po gold, metal, wealth, treasure, respectable, honorable

    Chi Fu to bully

    Xiao Di Little Brother

    4. (R M)English Title: Enchanted

    Disneys Enchanted both honors and parodies old Disneyanimated classics with clever references to its previous works. Itsa unique film that combines old school 2D animation, live-actionand CGI to bring out the in kid you. It really lets you ponder thequestion: What if there actually were a portal between the normalworld and a fairy tale world?

    In a fictional world known as Andalasia, Princess Giselle isbanished by an evil queen to Manhattan. Luckily, shes taken inby a divorce lawyer named Robert who realizes that she has noclue how to survive in the real world.

    After getting to know each other, Giselle and Robert start to fall in love, much to the delight of Roberts youngdaughter. Conflict arises after Prince Edward from Andalasia comes to rescue her from the queen who now wants herdead.

    Sample the magic of this movie by watching the Happy Working Song in Mandarin Chinese. Its bound to win yourheart!

    Helpful Words to Know While You Watch

    Enchanted xn zu or r m

    Fairy Tale shn hu or tng hu g sh

    Chipmunk l sh or hu l sh

    Princess gng zh

    Portal mn h or zhng mn

    New York City Ni Yu Sh

    Times Square sh di gung chng

    Henchman ji chn or gn zng zh

    Work gng zu

    Song g q or g

  • Fianc wi hn f

    Fiance wi hn q

    Divorce l hn

    Lawyer l sh

    5. (Mi N h Y Shu)English Title: Beauty and the Beast

    Beauty and the Beast is truly a classic film. It was the first of itskind to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture. Itsa charming love story between a beautiful woman named Belleand a mysterious, cold-hearted Beast.

    The Beast lives alone in his castle with only his servants to keephim company. However, he wasnt always a beast. He becameone after being cursed by an enchantress who he refused to letstay in his castle one nightand, to boot, all of his servants wereturned into kitchen utensils and appliances. Belle is a youngwoman whos a bibliophile and proud nonconformist. She seeksadventure in her life but is shunned by all in her village except forher father, inventor Maurice.

    When Maurice is held prisoner by The Beast for unknowingly trespassing in his castle, Belle goes to The Beastscastle to rescue him and offer herself in her fathers place. The two eventually fall in love once Belle (with theencouragement of The Beasts servants) starts to bring him out of his shell, but their love is thwarted by a cockyegotistical man named Gaston who wants to claim Belle as his bride.

    Take a quick break to warm your heart by watching the Mandarin Chinese version of Tale As Old As Time.

    Helpful Words to Know While You W

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