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Flickr for REALTORS

Jul 12, 2015



  • Put your photos to work with. . .

    Daniel Rothamel, REALTOR

    [email protected]

  • You are already taking photos.

  • Storage


    Social Networking

  • Flickr can be your online photo filing cabinet

  • Flickr can help promote your listings and business to the world.

  • Flickr is a great place to meet friends, family, customers, & clients.

  • The Charlottesville, VA Flickr Group currently has 225 members

    and over 2,800 items.

    The NAR 2008 Flickr Group has over 100 items and 34 members.

  • Flickr is a flexible application

    Discover its power, and use it to your advantage.

  • All of the photos used in this presentation came from the Flickr Creative Commons Pool:




  • Daniel Rothamel, REALTOR

    [email protected]

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