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Fishing Merit Badge

Feb 23, 2016




Fishing Merit Badge. Fishing Safety. First Aid - Hook Removal. Know Your Equipment. Fly Rod. Baitcasting Rod. Spinning Rod. Trolling Rod. Bait & Lures. Improved Clinch Knot. Palomar Knot. Double Surgeons Loop Knot. Blood (Barrel) Knot. Dropper Loop Knot. Scout Codes of Ethics. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Fishing Merit Badge

Fishing Merit Badge

Fishing Safety

First Aid - Hook Removal

Know Your Equipment

Fly Rod

Baitcasting Rod

Spinning Rod

Trolling Rod

Bait & Lures

Improved Clinch Knot

Palomar Knot

Double Surgeons Loop Knot

Blood (Barrel) Knot

Dropper Loop Knot

Scout Codes of Ethics

The Outdoor CodeAs an American, I will do my best to -Be clean in my outdoor manners.Be careful with fire.Be considerate in the outdoors.Be conservation minded.Know the Regulations!!

Practice Conservation

Catch & Release what you cant eat!!Cooking the Catch