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FinLit Watch, Learn, Take Action!

Dec 18, 2014



FinLit The only way to actually improve your financial situation is to take action yourself.

  • 1. Watch, Learn, Take Financial Action Holly P Pressman Co-founder FinLitFinancial Literacy [email protected]

2. 80% young adults not adequately prepared to deal with money 1 3. 90 million adults on their personal finance knowledge2 4. Overwhelmed 3 5. A financial education media company that helps young adults take action with shortFinancial Literacy Clips(FLiCs) 4 6. FinLit is a financial education media company focused on short videos for young adults 5 7. 23 1st job$28K student loans $4.5K credit card debt6 8. WSJ 6/25/13Twenty-SomethingsLess Financially Independent Significantly fewer 20-29 year-olds say they feel financially successful compared to 2011. 7 9. Existing resources dont work 8 10. Competitors try to educate but fail to help people take immediate action9 11. 23 1st job$28K student loans $4.5K credit card debt10 12. 11 13. Finds FLiC (Financial Literacy Clip) that answers question12 14. Watch on or YouTube Channel13 15. Takes action with a student loan consolidationFinLit receives affiliate fee 14 16. Common Problems Student loans Credit cards Budgeting InvestingFLiCs on each TopicTake Action Loan consolidation Repayment plan Track spending Open investment account 15 17. Short videos work16 18. Affiliates and advertising revenue model17 19. Monetize when users take action online investment managerAffiliate Fees: $25 to $250 student loan consolidationalumni funded student loans18 20. Compelling market opportunity $16.0$14.8 $13.4 $11.7($ in billions)$12.0$6.7 $9.4$6.4 Financial Provider Digital Adver tising$5.9$8.0 $5.3Online Video Adver tising$4.0 $4.1$5.8$7.0$8.02013emarketer.com201420152016 19 21. Underserved target market 74 million millennialsInitially targeting ~10 million seniors and recent grads 20 22. 1. Short FLiCs2. Campus EventsUser Acquisition 3. Distribution Partners Bloggers and Non-profits4. Online Advertising 21 23. 1. Short FLiCs30% Created / 70% CuratedSEO friendly Current costs < $100 / FLiC22 24. 2. Campus EventsPiloting in northeastTarget clubs with many members Yield 75 to 100 sign ups CAC - $0.40 23 25. 3. Distribution Partners Bloggers and Non-profitsStarved for video content150 bloggers in Year 1to yield 50 to 75 sign ups each Leverage non-profits user-base 24 26. 4. Online AdvertisingTarget sites young adults frequent (Facebook, YouTube,Tumblr, Twitter) CAC - $0.5025 27. 26 28. Watch, Learn, Take Financial Action Contact [email protected] 203.912.9693 29. Selected Sources 2012 Visa Financial Literacy Barometer2013 NFCC Consumer Financial Literacy Survey Bank of America, September 2013OECD Global Policy Research Symposium to Advance Financial Literacy 10/31/13 Consumer Financial Protection BureauNavigating the Market: A Comparison of Spending on Financial Education and Financial Marketing 11/18/13 WSJTwenty-Somethings Less Financially Independent 6/25/13 28

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