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Findability Day 2016 - SKF case study

Jan 12, 2017


Data & Analytics

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Transparenta ringar.1 SKF Group


Capitalising on Enterprise Search From strategy to analytics by Henrik Sunnefeldt, Programme Manager Enterprise Search

Present in 130 countries46,635 employeesMany languagesVast product assortmentMany IT systemsMany content sourcesMany different roles and background17,000 dealer locationsDemographicsMany time zonesOEM customers

SKF Group

Enable reliable business decisions through tailored, secure and attractive search experiences for customers and SKF

Mission of Enterprise Search programme 2020Support business processesTailored, appreciated experienceRelevant, trusted info searchableDrive proactive dialogue with stakeholders

#Queries#CRs from business#Service subscribers

Find scoreUser Value Index#URGsSupport response time

SKF Group


Find not search

Programme not Project

October 30, 2007 SKF Group Slide 7

Enterprise Search@SKF: Programme OverviewS2SS2UIndexed Content & LinguisticsPersonal contentSearch AnalyticsGlobal contentConsumeContributeS2C

ProcessFinditMediaRepositoryToolbarInternalE-business/ E-commerceSKF.comExternalMobileExternalAppExternal contentService 2 SystemsService 2 UsersService 2 ContributorsIntranetMedia AppInternalCRMCore capabilities:Process a lot of data, quickly and with qualityInternalTeam contentQ4 2006: 80k queriesQ3 2015: 3.6M queries (excl e-business)

16 search-driven solutionsMainly external usageInternally ~40% came from Find it! search application

SKF Group


SKF Group

IndexVSM dataTarget group 2Target group 3Target group 1

SKF Group

Search comes in many flavours and gives value to many customers and colleaguesSitesearch on SKF.comVSM QR support

600.000 monthly queries46% prefer search over navigateDimension search on

>70.000 monthly usersMedia Finder

>125.000 monthly queriesFind it! Enterprise search engine

>11.000 monthly usersSearch top prio for users

>12.000 queries in Q4 2014

SKF Group

SKF Group