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Findability Bliss Through Web Standards

Jan 27, 2015



Aarron Walter

Connecting with your audience is objective number one for any website. Findability—the discipline of helping users discover the content they seek—not only helps businesses get their message out, but it improves the user experience, too. The secret to attaining findability bliss, both with search engines and beyond, lies in the wisdom of web standards.
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  • 1. An Event Apart Boston, MA June 23, 2009

2. 3. @aarron 4. Findability 5. 3 simple goals 6. find your site 7. find stuff in your site 8. rediscover your site 9. Beyond SEO 10. Findability is not ... 11. Findability is ... 12. great content + web standards = 13. great content +web standards = findability bliss 14. The StandardsConnection Semantic Markup: machine readableAccessibility: legible to search enginesProgressively Enhance: remove barriersMicroformats: re-discoverable 15. Semantic Message 16. Aboutness 17. Position Keywords 18. 19. 20. & friends 21. & 22. here 23. title=here 24. alt=here 25. More Keyword Placement Your URLLogo file nameNaturally in your content (