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August 2005 Findability & Attracting Audiences Findability & Attracting Audiences Christy Dena ‘The Business of Digital Distribution’ Seminar, AFTRS Melbourne 11 th April, 2006 All comments in this box explain what I spoke about in conjunction with the slides. In this talk I outline, at each stage of production, the creative ways that film & TV producers have made themselves findable & attractive to audiences using new media.

Findability and Attracting Audiences - Christy Dena

Jun 20, 2015



Gary Hayes

Findability and Attracting audiences from a digitial distribution perspective given in Melbourne April 2006
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  • 1. FindabilityAttracting Audiences FindabilityAttractingAudiencesChristy Dena The Business of Digital Distribution Seminar, AFTRS MelbourneAll comments in this box explainwhat I spoke about in 11th April, 2006 conjunction with the slides. Inthis talk I outline, at each stageof production, the creative waysthat filmTV producers havemade themselves findable August 2005 attractive to audiences usingnew media.