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Jun 19, 2015


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Apartment Locator Donna Lee specializes in custom amenities, corporate relocation, credit issues and second chance leasing in Dallas Ft worth TX. For every single customer, we will ask the right questions to provide the best end result – allowing us to find a place you can call home. We are providing free apartment locator service at

The Pad Hunter
972-369-3120 – Dallas/Ft. Worth
512-655-9811 – Austin
832-779-0988 – Houston
E-mail: [email protected]
5100 Eldorado Parkway
Suite 102, McKinney, TX 75070

  • 1. How To Find An Apartment?

2. Looking For A NewApartment can be a frustratingtask. That is why you need toconsider using an ApartmentLocator. When you are ready tolook for an Apartment In Dallas,Ft. Worth, Houston or Austinareas consider usingan Apartment Finder Service.We work with communities that offer Second Chance Leasingfor individuals that may have rental debt, evictions, brokenleases or even a tarnished background with limited criminalrecords. Have a large animal or a special rental need such ashandicapped accessible or parking requirements? Then let ushelp you find your next New Apartment. 3. Now that you are ready to start shopping forthat new apartment home, as an apartmentlocator and owner of The Pad Hunter. Asyour Apartment Locators, I will help educateyou regarding the apartment market andwhich units will be the most energy efficientfor you.Here are some additional suggestions made by Josh Peterson of Planet Greento help with your Energy Saving Measures once you make your selection. 4. Low-Flow Shower headRemove your old showerhead and replace it with alow-flow model. When youmove, pack up the low-flowshower head and put theoriginal shower head backon. Displace Water in YourToilet Tank Find a plasticbottle. Fill it with gravel.Place it in your toilettank. You can leave thisfor the next tenant ortake it with you. Insulated Drapes/BlackoutCurtains/Cellular Blinds Coveringyour windows with insulateddressings such as blackout curtainsor cellular blinds will significantlyreduce your heating bills. These canbe moved with you. 5. Foam Insulating Gaskets Putting foam insulating gaskets behind your outletsis a cheap way of reducing heat loss. You probably could remove these whenyou leave your apartment, but they are so cheap it may not be worth it.Draft Stoppers Place delightfully mobile draft stoppers in front of drafty doorsand windows. They cost about ten bucks, or you can make them yourself. Plastic Window Insulation/Bubble Wrap Insulate your windows by coveringthem with plastic. You can remove the plastic when you leave the apartment.Bubble wrap is another great way to insulate your windows. CFL Bulbs They save a lot of energy. Im waiting for the day when they are justcalled light bulbs and old pear-shaped light bulbs are a thing of the past. Also,turn off lights when you are not in the room. 6. Pay Attention to Your Fridge In an apartment building, 25% of your electric bill may go towards the fridge. Keep itscompressor coils clean to ensure your energy bill stays low. Cover Your Food. Check the fridges seal. Fill your fridgewith water jugs to keep it full and colder. 7. Hot Water Bottle/Electric Blanket Instead of turningup the thermostat, you can invest in an electric blanketor a hot water bottle. Each of these uses less energythan a central heating system. Door Sweep Your landlord may have been cuttingcorners when he or she installed your door. If itsdrafty, you can nix that draft by putting a door sweepon your door.

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