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Jan 22, 2017



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Under Guidance Of Prof. S. S. Aphale

KJs Trinity Academy Of Engineering , Pune

A Project On DEPLOYMENT OF MANUFACTURING FLEXIBILTY Presented By: 1 Mr. M.B. Kadam (38) 2 Mr. A.B. Mhaske (56) 3 Mr. S.R. Jadhav (31) 4 Mr. R.P. Karpe (41)

Literature ReviewShriram Sane et al [1] have analyzed Assembly line Balancing: A Case Study in Silencer Manufacturing. An assembly line balancing is to know how tasks are to be assigned to workstations, so that the predetermined goal is achieved. S. Santosh kumar et al [2] has studied Cycle time reduction of a truck body assembly in an automobile industry by lean manufacturing. R.B. Breginski et al [3] have analyzed ASSEMBLY LINE BALANCING USING EIGHT HEURISTICS. Lamia A. Shihata [4] studied Two-sided assembly line balancing of refrigeration assembly lines. The application of lean manufacturing on pre-assembly and final assembly activities lines is attempted. S. Sathish et al [5] studied Assembly Line Efficiency Measurement and Line Balancing-A Case Study on Automobile Cluster Assembly Line. Lim Chuan Pei et al [6] have analyzed IMPROVING PRODUCTIVITY THROUGH LINE BALANCING - A CASE STUDY. This paper describes a case study conducted at a manufacturing company aimed at improving productivity using line balancing. Artun Torenli [7] has studied Assembly line design and optimization

INTRODUCTIONAssembly line balancing is the process of distributing the work load in an assembly line across workstation, so that no resources and time is wasted. To Balance the vehicle assembly line, cycle time is the most important element. Hence cycle time reduction is one of the most important elements of successful manufacturing today. To complete the customer demands with deliver perfect quality product on time, the manufacturer has to focus more attention on cycle time.According to demand the takt time and cycle time must be equal.

Our Project Work is focused on assembly line for the reduction of cycle time in the assembly of newly launched TATA Winger (ABS Version).The planned production in one shift is 31 but the actual production is only near about 25-26 vehicles. The total productive time in one shift is 455 min.The total no. of stations are 31. Operating time varies from 1 min. to 40 minute, due to this many stations wait for the other stations to complete the operations. The time taken by each operator is different in the same station and the work load of each operator different .Problem Definition

Bottleneck identification and eliminationTo balance assembly lineTo study the ABS WingerCompare the result with the existing assembly line

2. Objective

STD. TimeFINAL TIMEOpr noOperationsOperatorsVC NO-28451035ABFR STW ABSTRIM STATION 00ST00-1ST00-2ST00-3ST00-4ST00-5ST00-6ST00-7ST00-8ST00-91Audit for Paint Damages2.352.352Fitment of Top Rail channel Beading with Clip2.912.915.823Fitment of Drip rail1.991.994Fitment of moscot and rub rail7.377.3714.745Black and red sticker pasting0.5450.5451.096Dropping Cab On Main Conveyor1.921.927Dropping on conveyer stand118Fitment Of Protective Cover On Cab1.091.099Removal Of Bottom Cups1.631.6310Condensor fitment(Stretch winger)19.5719.5739.14TOTAL2.353.452.912.537.377.375.6419.5719.5770.77TRIM STATION 01ST01-1ST01-2ST01-3ST01-4ST01-5ST01-6ST01-7ST01-81Fitment of Wiring harness Tail door RH, Front Doors LH/RH & Roof cables1.171.172.352Fitment of Stay rod and clamp with sleeve1.631.633Fitment of all Grommets and Insulation3.143.146.294Fitment of magnet and stopper1.631.633.275Fitment of Rear shackle LH/RH0.90.91.816Fitment of Rear Shock Absorber LH/RH with cover2.542.545.097Fitment of Mc Pherson Strut with cover LH/RH, Wheel arch insulation front2.62.65.2TOTAL1.171.174.773.141.631.636.046.0425.64

TRIM STATION 03ST03-1ST03-2ST03-3ST03-4ST03-5ST03-6ST03-71Bar code printing / pasting1.991.992Fitment of windshield washing unit with hose and nozzle2.92.93Fitment of fresh air unit inside dashboard for ac dashboard mounting bracket3.363.366.724Fit of Cabin cable & ECU connection switch insulation0.810.811.635Fitment of Energy absorber LH/RH rear and Front and side4.644.646Fitment of wiper motor3.233.237 Fitment Engine lamp1.311.31TOTAL1.992.93.231.314.174.174.6422.42TRIM STATION 04ST04-1ST04-2ST04-3ST04-4ST04-5ST03-2ST03-31Fitment of auxiliary tank with hoses1.991.992Fitment of fresh air unit in Engine house3.093.093Fitment of side repeater lamps and Tail Lamp8.558.554Fitment of front door check strap5.635.635Fitment of Control Mtg. of Strg.colmn with upper bkt.2.312.314.637Fitment of Parking brake0.90.91.818Fitment of rear center bumper7.277.27TOTAL8.555.634.

TRIM STATION 05ST05-1ST05-2ST03-2ST03-3ST03-41Fitment of horn mounting bracket and horn Fitment1.811.812Air filter assy and suction pipe6.816.813Fitment of PS Bottle with Hose1.941.944Fitment of Fuel Neck and acc.pedal1.631.633.275Fitment of Front mat with Engine hood3.083.086fitment of battery tray12.9212.92TOTAL4.7114.551.816.811.9429.83TRIM STATION 06ST06-1ST06-2ST06-3ST06-4ST06-5ST06-6ST06-7ST06-8ST06-9ST04-31Fitment of roof AC unit1.341.342.682Fitment of booster cable with routing5.45.43Fitment of Brake pipes in engine house1.941.944Insertion of clutch cable with clamps3.493.496.995Fitment of acc. cable2.562.566Fit of rear door cladding LHS/RHS4.644.647Fitment of inner latch control unit , striker and outer handle for LHS/RHS front door5.465.468Fitment of window winding LHS/RHS5.635.639Fitment of rear door latch control unit with links and outer handle2.732.7310Fitment of Roof lamp, Sunvisor roof handles2.382.3811Fitment of dome and triangular plate3.553.55TOTAL1.341.345.436.054.645.465.635.113.555.443.96

TRIM STATION 07STO7-1ST07-2ST07-3ST07-4ST07-5ST07-6ST07-71Fitment of inner seat belt1.991.992Fitment of B pillar AC pipes with connection14.0114.013Fitment of rear door top and bottom strikers body side6.366.364Fitment of all beadings body side Front door8.358.355Fitment of Door switch and connect to Door cable2.192.196Fitment of Heater Connection3.053.057Fitment of dashboard +control unit7.927.9215.848Fitment of of triangular glass with glass guide channel beading4.294.29TOTAL1.9914.016.368.3510.1110.974.2956.08 TRIM STATION 08ST08-1ST08-2ST08-3ST08-41Fitment of all beadings body side Rear door7.697.692Fitment of ignition (main line ) switch1.941.943Fitment of combi switch0.810.811.634Fitment of nacelle0.90.95Door glass assy+ Fitment of front door glass assy1.521.52TOTAL7.691.522.751.7113.68

TRIM STATION 09ST09-1ST09-2ST09-3ST09-41Fitment of foot step4.164.162Fitment of head lamps LH/RH with protective cover1.391.392.793Fitment of intercooler with Mud Liner4.744.749.484Fitment of division bar with velvet channel +H grommet6.286.285Front door glass setting4.744.74TOTAL4.166.136.1311.0227.45TRIM STATION 10ST10-1ST10-21Fitment of plastic membrane front door inner side with all grommets2.292.294.582Fitment of front door Pad magazine For Sardina Red fit speaker Grill 3363Fitment of window winding handle0.420.420.854Fitment of Weather strip0.490.490.99TOTAL6.26.212.42TRIM STATION 11ST11-1ST11-2ST11-3ST11-4ST11-5ST11-6ST11-7ST11-8ST11-91Fitment of headlamp LH/RH0.930.931.862Fitment of leaf screen and wiper blade1.051.052.13Fitment of GPT and Flasher0.90.91.814Fitment of bonnet plastic cover0.720.721.455Fitment of sliding window LH/RH1. of Transfer Labels0.680.687Fitment of cluster and cluster cover4.914.918Fitment of plastic membrane rear door and all plastic grommets1.61.63.29Fitment of rear door pad and Check Strap2.812.815.63TOTAL3.

TRIM STATION 12ST12-1ST12-2ST12-3ST12-4ST12-5ST12-61Fitment of rear door glasses and rear door outer beadings7.647.642Sub-assembly and fitment of Windshield glass0.960.960.962.93Pasting of RFID sticker on Windshield glass0.720.724Fitment of Inner IRVM1.631.635Fitment of front AC7.927.9215.846Fitment of front ac trim with louvers4.244.248.497Fitment of front ac Outlet evaporator end0.270.270.548Fitment of front ac inlet evaporator end0.980.981.97TOTAL7.640.961.682.5913.4113.4139.73TRIM STATION 13ST13-1ST13-2ST13-3ST13-41Fitment of wiper blade and setting2.282.282Tail door gap and flushness2.732.733Front door gap and flushness3.273.274Fitment of all seat belt6.116.11TOTAL2.282.733.276.1114.39

TRIM STATION 14ST14-1ST14-2ST14-3ST14-4ST14-51Connection of clutch cable to pedal with fixture2.92.92Fitment of A pillar handle1.51.53Front door latch & strikar torquing1.451.454Oiling of all hinges and check strap1.921.925Quality inspection Gate for Fitment station 0 to 14 and Rectification5.265.2610.52TOTAL2.93.421.455.265.2618.29TRIM STATION 151Lifting of trim cab33.83UB STATION NO 1UB1-1UB1-2UB1-3UB1-4UB1-5UB1-6UB1-71Fitment of all grommets(fuel tank, release lever, brake pipe, fuel pipe)1.631.632Fitment of Fuel Tank and Hose connection2.492.492.497.473Fitment of brake pipe line routing and clamping on long cross member4.914.914Fitment of AC Pipe1.811.815Fitment of bump stopper to cab2.452.456Fitment of Rear Anti Roll Bar mounting bracket on Cab2.92.97Fitment of Vacuum Tank bracket & Vacuum tank6.826.828Hose assembly liquid pipe joint to main condenser2.082.089Assembly roof AC liquid pipe to receiver outlet pipe2.872.87TOTAL4.532.492.492.494.9113.582.4532.94

UB STATION NO 2UB2-1UB2-2UB2-31Fitment of clutch cable connection2.352.352Fitment of Front Sub Frame with Cab after Engine Stuffing5.095.093Fitment of Rear Sub Frame with Cab after Engine stuffing3.993.994Fitment of Tie member1.171.175Fitment of Front Antiroll Bar (Mounting bracket bolt tightening with sub frame and cab - LH/RH)336Fitment of Gear Box Mounting Block0.990.997front to rear break pipe fitment routing and clamping4.1

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