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Final Portfolio final 5

Jan 09, 2017



John Clifton
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Page 1: Final Portfolio final 5

C l a y M o d e l l e r

Page 2: Final Portfolio final 5

jcdesign portfoliododge charger facelift


curriculum vitae

dodge charger facelift

future truck model

rolls royce range topper

abstract clay

challenger alias

cit-E MINI

2032 ford hot rod

exterior clock

davis 3 wheeler aero model

hobbies & projects

amherst aston martin


curriculum vitae.

contact 07907584786 www.....

education Automotive Design Ba Degree third year / expected graduation 05. 2017 Coventry University

Motorsport Engineering Oxford Bookes 2010 - 2012

Bedford School 2000 - 2010


Morgan Motor Company BMW MINI Oxford

software abilities

Adobe Photoshop / good Adobe InDesign / good Adobe Illustrator / good Alias AutoCAD / basic

skills and knowledge

Clay Modelling Sketching / Rendering Digital Rendering about

Based in Coventry, UK Hobbies Classic car restoration Music Sailing


Summerhouse Cottage,Hazells Hall,Everton Road,Sandy,Bedfordshire,SG19 2DD












Page 3: Final Portfolio final 5

safe future truckjcdesign portfolio






Page 4: Final Portfolio final 5

safe future truck

jcdesign portfolio

intro. In a modern and busy economy, commercial vehciles have a key role to play in a city environment.

Safety in urban vehicles should be a key design element to ensure vulnerable road users are kept out of harms way.

The brief is to explore differnt possible ways of desinging a safe urban truck...

05. 06.

Page 5: Final Portfolio final 5

jcdesign portfolio


safe future truck

This is a clay model that was made to show off the design of my future truck.


Page 6: Final Portfolio final 5

jcdesign portfoliorange topper


Even looking into the future at luxurious cars, the name Rolls Royce still stands the highest. This is my vision for the future of the brand: Looking back to move forwards...

09. 10.

Page 7: Final Portfolio final 5

jcdesign portfolio


range topper


Page 8: Final Portfolio final 5

abstract clayintro. This project was designed to hone my surfacing skills. The brief was to design an abstract sculpture and produce it in automotive clay, based on an animals head.

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Page 9: Final Portfolio final 5


jcdesign portfolioabstract clay


Page 10: Final Portfolio final 5

challenger aliasintro. Having an interest in clay modelling, it seemed logical to attempt virtual modelling.

This is my first Alias model that I attempted, which is my version of a Dodge Challenger.

After trying Alias, it confirmed that I prefered clay modelling...

18. 17.

jcdesign portfolio

Page 11: Final Portfolio final 5

c i t - E m i n i


intro. A new idea for London to alleviate traffic by renting out small cheap cars.

It works within the confines of the city only and runs on electric power.

They can be run on a specific route to help the flow of traffic when tourists visit.

They can be easily rented and dropped off like a “Boris Bike”.

The MINI brand was chosen as it is quintessentially British and works as an icon within the city...


jcdesign portfolio

Page 12: Final Portfolio final 5

jcdesign portfolio2032 Ford Hot Rod

The majority of my design course has been based on sketching and ideation. I had only touched on clay modelling very briefly with the abstract head. I therefore decided to do an automotive model in my own time to gain a deeper understanding of modelling and to seal my decision that clay was what I wanted to do...

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Page 13: Final Portfolio final 5

jcdesign portfolio

24. 23.

Page 14: Final Portfolio final 5

Davis Three Wheeler Aero Model jcdesign portfolio

During a aerodynamic project I was tasked with making the foam model to put into the wind tunnel. It was important to achieve the correct scale and shape to mimic the car I was basing it on (Davis Three Wheeler) as close as possible! The model and the test-ing were a success...


Another project that I did whilst I was at school was to design and build a clock that would hang on the outside of my fathers office. I made the mock up out of wood. Then once a position and size had been decided upon, I made a computer model and had the clock lazer cut from steel and powder coated.

exterior clock


Page 15: Final Portfolio final 5
Page 16: Final Portfolio final 5
Page 17: Final Portfolio final 5
Page 18: Final Portfolio final 5

Hobbies & Projects

Outside of the design world, I have a huge interest in classic cars. I have owned and worked on many and gained a huge amount of hands on experience with them. I have completed large restoration work on some cars and general maintenance on others. As well as cars, I have also started to take an interest in boats...

jcdesign portfolio

28. 27.

Page 19: Final Portfolio final 5

Amherst aston martin

A classic marque that is associated with the original 4.5 litre Bentley Blower which featured as James Bond’s original car in Ian Flemmings books. Taking the brand and the name, myself and a group of my col-leagues were asked by the new owners of the brand to design a new luxurious car based on the Aston Martin DB11. I was the clay modeller as well as penning a few design ideas...

N.B. This is currently an ongoing project and is halfway through construction of the model.

jcdesign portfolio

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Page 20: Final Portfolio final 5

20.20.31. 32.

jcdesign portfolio

Page 21: Final Portfolio final 5

thank you.<>

jcdesign portfolio

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