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Film Gold Coast

Mar 18, 2016



Film Gold Coast is an initiative of Gold Coast City Council's Economic Development and Major Projects Directorate. Film Gold Coast provides free advice and local knowledge about filming on the Gold Coast.


    F I L M I N G O N T H E G O L D C O A S T , A U S T R A L I A

  • Film Gold Coast DirectoryContents

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    3 Welcome

    6 Government tax incentives

    7 Investment attraction

    9 Village Roadshow Studios

    11 About the Gold Coast

    14 Guide to filming on the Gold Coast

    15 On location

    22 Major film events

    23 On the weekend

    27 Filmed on the Gold Coast

    31 Exclusive accommodation

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    38 Filming process on the Gold Coast

    Path Airport Distance HoursBrisbane to Dehli* (BNE-DEL) 10,200kms 13hrs 45minBrisbane to London* (BNE-LHR) 16,519kms 21hrs 20minsBrisbane to Los Angeles (BNE-LAX) 11,526kms 12hrs 50minBrisbane to Seoul* (BNE-ICN) 7,724kms 11hrs 50minGold Coast to Tokyo (OOL-NRT) 7,198kms 9hrs 15min

    Please note: The Gold Coast is 1 hr drive from Brisbane International Airport. *Stopover required.

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  • Stunning and diverse locations all conveniently accessible combine with competitive costs, world-class industry facilities, and experienced local production crews to make it a desirable option for film-makers.

    When you add a film friendly city government and supportive community, Gold Coast Citys attractiveness becomes even more compelling. For more than 40 years, Gold Coast City has been one of the fastest growing and most dynamic regions in Australia.

    Its film precinct is home to Village Roadshow Studios and offers the full range of professional services, including state-of-the-art editing suites and lab services, with some of Australias best film and video editors and award-winning sound recordists, mixers and music arrangers.

    Film Gold Coast is a one-stop shop for national and international film production inquiries an initiative of Gold Coast City Council which is the city government for the region. For more information visit

    welcomeGold Coast City is the premier location in Australia for film making.

    Surfers Paradise (POV Nerang River)3 4

  • Queensland GovernmentThe Queensland State Government is committed to the development of the film and television production industry. Its dedicated and industry focussed organisation Screen Queensland provides a range of support, assistance and incentives.

    Productions that demonstrate significant economic benefit to Queensland and provide professional development opportunities for Queensland practitioners will be eligible for the following support:

    1. Locations Scouting a grant up to a certain amount based on the anticipated QPE. Support through the Locations Scouting programme is available for projects prior to commencement of pre production and prior to or during financing.

    2. Production Incentive a grant up to a maximum amount based on the anticipated QPE, the engagement of bona fide Queensland practitioners and/or the creation of infrastructure in Queensland.

    3. State Payroll Tax Rebate Australian and international projects are eligible for the Queensland State Payroll Tax Rebate according to the terms of that rebate. This rebate is administered by Screen Queensland on behalf of the State Governments Office of State Revenue.

    For the Production Incentive, applicants are invited to contact Screen Queensland prior to making an application to discuss the amount of the incentive that could be offered.

    Projects are eligible for a Production Incentive where they spend a significant amount of Queensland Production Expenditure (QPE), generally not less than A$12M or A$8M for animation. Projects that are intended as pilots for a long-running television series, and with a lower QPE for the pilot, may be eligible and producers are encouraged to contact Screen Queensland to discuss the project.

    Projects in receipt of equity investment from Screen Queensland are ineligible to apply for a Production Incentive. Eligible productions may include feature films, feature documentaries, telemovies and television series (including reality, drama, animation and mini series), and similar digital productions. Short films, short documentaries and television commercials are not eligible to apply.

    For more information please refer to the Screen Queensland website:

    Federal GovernmentThe Australian Screen Production Incentive is the Australian Governments primary mechanism of supporting film and television production. It provides generous tax incentives for film, television and other screen production in Australia and is available in three streams:

    n the Location Offset, a 15 per cent rebate which supports the production of large-budget film and television projects shot in Australia. Productions are required to spend at least 70 per cent of the total production budget in Australia in order to qualify for the Location Offset.

    n the PDV Offset, a 15 per cent rebate which supports work on post, digital and visual effects production (PDV) in Australia, regardless of where a project is shot. The minimum qualifying expenditure is $500,000.

    n the Producer Offset is a rebate on the production expenditure incurred in Australia when making Australian film and TV. Not all expenditure qualifies, but the Offset can be worth up to 20% of Australian spend in the case of television and documentary, and up to 40% in the case of film. For information on the Producer offset visit

    For information on the Locations and PDV Offsets please visit

    At any time before or during production, an applicant can apply for a provisional certificate, which provides guidance as to whether a film is likely to qualify. A provisional certificate does not guarantee eligibility, nor does it bind the Minister in considering an application for a final certificate.

    I wholeheartedly recommend Queensland as a film destination. The talented crew, beautiful and accessible locations, Gold Coast Studios, post production expertise and Australian and Queensland Government incentives make Queensland an exceptional all-round place to produce.

    Steve Tao Executive Producer, Monarch Cove

    Government tax incentives

    Gold Coast City


  • BusinessGC CapabilityBusinessGC is the economic development agency for Gold Coast City. BusinessGCs dedicated Creative Industry Development Officer can provide free, confidential and comprehensive advice to help investors locate and expand in one of the worlds hot-spots for business growth.

    BusinessGC understands the Gold Coast City creative industry and has the vital information to connect you with your market quickly and efficiently.

    Investment Attraction ProgramAssessment will be made on the following:

    n Approximate value of the film or production (minimum $5 million to be spent on the Gold Coast).

    n Duration of the production and approximate percentage conducted on the Gold Coast.

    n Approximate number of jobs and economic impact created on the Gold Coast during these periods.

    n Demonstrated competition from other cities.

    Successful applicants will be eligible to receive funding based upon the value of film production undertaken on the Gold Coast.

    All financial assistance will be conditional and subject to contractual obligations, milestones and reporting requirements.

    The program is effective until 30 June 2011.

    investment attraction

    Business Gold Coast

    Bond University7 8

  • 10

    Gold Coast City enjoys comprehensive and high quality facilities including Village Roadshow Studios.

    Located 30 minutes from Gold Coast Airport,Village Roadshow Studios is one of the largest studio lots in the Southern Hemisphere.

    The studios offer world class film production facilities including eight sound stages, three water tanks, ten production offices, editing suites, wardrobe, makeup, construction, paint and carpentry shops.

    Its three water tanks comprise the largest outdoor film water tank in Australia. This tank holds six million litres of water and has state-of-the- art heating and filtration systems.

    The studios also provide a comprehensive support network of experienced film service companies conveniently located on the lot. These companies are available to provide valuable expertise, experience and equipment for your production including production services, casting, camera and lighting, rigging, travel/freight, film processing, visual effects and post-production facilities.

    To find out more about Village Roadshow Studios, visit

    Village RoadshowStudios

    Sound Stage 5 109

  • Gold Coast - Quick FactsPopulation 530,000 (June 2010)

    time zone Australian Eastern Standard time (non daylight saving)

    dialling code The international area code for Australia is +61

    Currency Australian Dollar (AU$)

    Climate Sub-tropical. 287 days of sunshine annually.

    average temperatures

    Summer: 19 to 29 Celsius (66 to 83 Fahrenheit) Winter: 9 to 21 Celsius (48 to 69 Fahrenheit)


    Summer: December - FebruaryAutumn/Fall: March - MayWinter: June - AugustSpring: September - November

    approximate sunrise/sunset

    Summer: 4.50am (rise) 7.00pm (set) Winter: 6.30am (rise) 5.00pm (set)

    average rainfall Summer: 167mm, Winter: 76mm

    About the GOLD COAST

    Renowned for its sun, surf and pristine beaches, Gold Coast City stretches along 55 kilometres of coastline. Beyond the citys urban area is a mountainous hinterland featuri

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