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fighting The good fight. I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith: (2 Timothy 4:7)

Mar 28, 2015



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Slide 2 fighting The good fight. Slide 3 I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith: (2 Timothy 4:7) Slide 4 I keep this verse in my mind and my heart with great affection, quoted by my dear father before God made the sky for him as his eternal abode. My heart was saddened by the loss and longing, but in my heart, I was comforted because I know that one day meet in heaven, because he "fought the good fight, finished the race, but kept the faith", and so he moved to heaven, where he was receiving the "incorruptible crown of glory that the Lord, the righteous Judge, has in store for those who love His second coming." From that day on I decided to put this verse in my day to day, and be an example of a soldier of Christ so that I too can finish my day with the feeling of accomplishment, having reached the end of combat and full of faith, as did my dear father in his last days. Slide 5 God makes us want to achieve things better, only a few will struggle mightily to get them, those who continue, despite problems, pain and difficulties, will ultimately win. Slide 6 All of us without exception are soldiers of the Army of God the outside world also has its soldiers, but the fight for such earthly things, always gleaming rewards such as status, congratulations and high patent. But the soldiers of Christ fight hard for things eternal, as we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers. As a good example of a soldier we have Paul, a great man of God that we meditate on this text is in its last moments of life, but declared himself as a good soldier of Christ, Slide 7 Being a Christian is not easy. At any stage of life. I remember as a child thought to remain faithful to God would be difficult in each phase. Today, I am fully convinced that it does not matter. In any event there will be difficulties. At any time our faith will be questioned, and we have to choose whether you really want to follow God. We can even lay aside secular goals, we plan along our path, but nothing is better than Christ has in store for us. Nothing is more gratifying than the dreams he has for each one who fears him and the guard. Slide 8 he knew that his days are ended, was trapped, suffering deprivation, humiliation, he understood that being a soldier was to be ready for the victories, but also for the apparent defeats, every soldier must understand some situations we will face in the Christian life some point, which I would share with you. Slide 9 This shows, that from the first until the last days of the end of the earthly career of the Christian, he should prepare for FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT. Probably during his life, not more than moments or periods of time that can choke out the day-to-day, for some relief in breathing, a recovery of breath, an energy supplies, and then resume the Contest. Fighting forever. Since rises during times of daily toil, and when he goes to rest at night. But even here, in many situations we all known, even while you sleep or dream continues FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT. Slide 10 Our life is like a battlefield, and we know how a battle is not easy! More what's your reaction to a fight? You are one of those valiant soldiers? Or those, fear? That in the first ever hiding in a hole just to not face the battle chest to chest? If you are that brave, Congratulations! That means for you is win-win! It means you're a Brave as Paul was! Slide 11 So choose Jesus. In your life there will be constant trials, you will fall down and cry. But no tears will be more valuable than what we see in the glorious morning. He can help you fight the good fight and be faithful unto eternity. Rest assured, it's worth. Slide 12 Which in the end our journey here, we can say like Paul "FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT, JUST A CAREER, Kept the faith (II Timothy 4:7). Slide 13 Do not retreat, accomplish the mission that God gave you. Slide 14 credits: Formatting and text: Wesley Simes (Brazil) Text: Fighting the good fight Music: White Corciolli - Peace Contact: [email protected] More posts: