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FIFA World Cup 2014

Jul 15, 2015



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About the FIFA World Cup 201420th FIFA World Cup2nd time that Brazil will host the FIFA World CupFirst World Cup to use goal-line technology12 cities will host a total of 64 matchesSpain are the defending championsOfficial Slogan All in One RhythmWill be played from 12 June to 13 July 2014Total cost 14000 US$Official LogoNamed InspirationDesigned by Brazilian agencyAfricaDesign shows three victorious hands together raising the world's most famous trophyPortrayal of the hands is also symbolic of the yellow and green of Brazil warmly welcoming the world to their countryThe logo was unveiled inJohannesburgon 8 July 2010.Some people have however criticised the design A Brazilian designer Alexandre Wollner says that it resembles a hand covering a face in shame

Official PosterAnnounced on 30 January 2013 in Rio de JanerioDesigned by Brazilian Agency CramaFeatures a map of the country made up from the outlines of football players' legs kicking a football.Also depicts the Brazilian culture and other features of the Brazilian nation such as the fauna and flora.The colourful poster represents the beauty and diversity of Brazil

MascotNamed FulecoRepresents an Armadillo which is an endangered species in Brazil. The name was chosen after an online voting processin which 1.7 million people took partAround 48% people voted for FulecoIt is aportmanteau of the words "Futebol" ("Football") and "Ecologia" ("Ecology")It is hugely popular in Brazil, and scores an average of 7.3 out of 10 on appeal.

Official BallNamed Adidas BrazucaName was selected by a public vote that received responses from more than 1million Brazilian football fansBrazuca received over 70percent of the voteThe other names in competition were Bossa Nova and CarnavalescaAdidas is the official FIFA World Cup match ball supplier since 1970

Qualified teams The 32 teams to qualify for the World Cup are:

EUROPENetherlands, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, England, Russia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Portugal, France

ASIAJapan, Australia, Iran, South Korea

SOUTH AMERICABrazil (hosts), Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay and Ecuador

CONCACAFUnited States, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico

AFRICANigeria, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Ghana, Algeria


Venues and Stadiums1.Rio De JanerioStadium Name: Estadio do MaracanaEstablished: 1950Seating Capacity: 77000Matches to be played: 4 group, 1 round of 16 match,1 Quarterfinal and the Final

2. BrasiliaStadium Name: Estadio Nacional Mane Garrincha Established: 1974Seating Capacity: 71,000Matches to be played: 5 group, 1 round of 16, 1 Quarterfinal and the 3rd-4th playoff match.

3. Sao PauloStadium Name: Arena Corinthians/Arena de ItaqueraEstablished: 2013(new)Seating Capacity: 68,000Matches to be played: 4 group including opening match, 1 round of 16 match, 1 Semifinal

4. FortalezaStadium Name: Arena Castelo/Gigante da Boa VistaEstablished: 1973Seating Capacity: 64,000Matches to be played: 4 group, 1 round of 16 match, 1 Quarterfinal

5. Belo HorizonteStadium Name: Estadio MineiraoEstablished: 1965Seating Capacity: 64,000Matches to be played: 4 group, 1 round of 16 match, 1 Semifinal

6. SalvadorStadium Name: Arena Fonte NovaEstablished: 2013Seating Capacity: 54,000Matches to be played: 4 group, 1 round of 16 match, 1 Quarterfinal

7. Porto AlegreStadium Name: Estadia Beira RioEstablished: 1969Seating Capacity: 52000Matches to be played: 4 group, 1 round of 16 match

8. RecifeStadium Name: Arena PernambucoEstablished: 2013(new)Seating Capacity: 46,000Matches to be played: 4 group, 1 round of 16 match

9. ManausStadium Name: Arena da AmazoniaEstablished: 2013(new)Seating Capacity: 44,000Matches to be played: 4 group

10.CuiabaStadium Name: Arena Pantanal Established: 2013(new)Seating Capacity: 43,000Matches to be played: 4 group

11.NatalStadium Name: Arena das DunasEstablished: 2014(new)Seating Capacity: 43,000Matches to be played: 4 group

12.CuritibaStadium Name: Arena da BaixadaEstablished: 1999Seating Capacity: 41,000Matches to be played: 4 group

Brazil 201412 June 13 July

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