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Feeding the Web: Blogs as Makeshift Content Management Systems

Jan 15, 2016




Feeding the Web: Blogs as Makeshift Content Management Systems. Troy Swanson, [email protected] Library 2.0, May 2, 2007. The Meaning of Life: Managing Content. Dewey, LC, ISBN DNA HTML & WWW My Accountant Dictionaries. Tim O’Reilly Web 2.0 is about Control of Data. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Feeding the Web: Blogs as Makeshift Content Management SystemsTroy Swanson, [email protected]

    Library 2.0, May 2, 2007

  • The Meaning of Life: Managing ContentDewey, LC, ISBNDNAHTML & WWWMy AccountantDictionaries

  • Tim OReillyWeb 2.0 is about Control of DataThat goes back to a major theme of web 2.0 that people haven't yet tweaked to. It's really about data and who owns and controls, or gives the best access to, a class of data. Tweney (2007), Wired, 4/13/2007So, how well do you manage your Web content?How easily does content flow to your Web site?

  • Content Management SystemsSuch systems separate the construction and displays of Web pages from their content. CMSs allow for controlling the look and feel of Web pages centrally while distributing responsibility for the content. Powel & Gill (2003) Educause Quarterly #2

  • CMS PartsStreamline & Automate Content Admin.Implement Web-forms-based content admin.Distribute Content Management and ControlSeparate Content from Layout and DesignCreate Reusable Content Repositories Powel & Gill (2003)

  • Managing ContentLibrarians BrainContentContentContentContentBLOGSHomepageMV Library AggregatorWeb Searches Staff ForumBlackboardPersonal Aggregators

  • The Moraine Valley Librarys Blogs(bringing blogs to campus)MLS hosts our blogsSix Different BlogsLibrary NewsInformation ResourcesConstruction News (infrequent updates)Staff ForumBlog Development Blog Frankenstein News (not updating)

  • PurposesMarketing & PromotionKnowledge Base for research questions, news, organizational historyWeb posting available for nontechnical staffSearchable research tool for students (topic shopping)Internal/external communications (staff & news blogs)-- but be careful with names, ids, opinions, etc.

  • Research & Search Tips Blog Headlines

  • News Blog Headlines

  • Frankenstein Blog Headlines

  • RSSReally Simple SyndicationRSS ResourcesPublish and Syndicate Your News to the Web, a workshop/tutorial from RSS in Government: Finders All About RSS It Really Is Really Simple: RSS for Educators

  • Displaying RSS in a web pageComputer code reformats (parses) content for displayYou can do the coding or you can use a remote parsing serviceResourcesA List of RSS parsing programs and services from RSS in Government of the Utah State Library Division is available at: used an older iteration of Feed2JS ( from Alan Levine of Maricopa County Community Colleges.Search terms: parsing rss feeds etc.Aggregator Page:

  • On-Campus PoliticsOur Goal: Decentralize creation of Web content Organize some degreeAdministrations (Justifiable Fear): Publication without oversightNeed for standards, clear purpose of each blog, clarification of responsibilities Clarification of relationship between MLS & MVCC (who owns content)

  • On-campus PoliticsClearly, document Definition of termsMission statementHow related to MVCC Core ValuesStatements of purpose for each blogGuidelines for postersList of posters with their posting privileges SLS agreementFinal Approvalto our surprise(They didnt get it...still dont.)

  • Advantages of Blogs as CMSFairly Easy to Set UpAllows Manipulation of Content Across PlatformsFairly Easy for non-techie people to use

  • Disadvantages of Blogs as CMSNot a true CMS systemNot full manipulation of content (cant turn content on or off, place by date, etc)Limited to placing content via RSSUse of categories sometimes awkward

  • Obstacles & ChallengesBuilding staff commitment takes timeOnce in place, difficult to changeOur use does not build community in ways that other blogs might (They do what they do, and thats what they do.)

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