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Features of-RC-quad-copter

Jan 22, 2018



  1. 1. University Of Azad Jammu & Kashmir Muzaffarabad Department of CS & IT Dawood Faheem Abbasi 05
  2. 2. Remote Control Quad Copter
  3. 3. Content list Product profile Air craft Propellers Remote controller Intelligent battery Drones flight FAQ
  5. 5. Features of RC QUADCOPTER 1. Built-in 6 axis gyroscope for precise hovering in the sky. 2. Simple modular design makes changing parts easy. 3. With 360 3D aversion and throwing flight function. 4. Long range remote control. 5. Wi-Fi enable. 6. GPS enable. 7. 2.4 GHz fastest processor. 8. Long lasting lithium polymer battery. 9. Controllable with your cell phone.
  6. 6. 10. HD camera for capturing photos and videos. 11. 64 GB built in memory for recordings and photos. 12. 3.0 USB port for faster data travelling. 13. Low noise propellers. 14. Stronger wind resistance. 15. LED indicators for battery and low transmission signals. 16. Big screen on controller for better vision of camera. 17. Bluetooth enable for indoor use. 18. Rechargeable battery for both drone and controller
  7. 7. AIR CRAFT
  8. 8. Built-in Flight Control System Instructions The built-in flight control system is used to control the IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) has a built-in inertial sensor and a barometric altimeter that measures both attitude and altitude e entire aircrafts functions in flight.
  9. 9. Using iPad ground station
  10. 10. Using PC ground station
  11. 11. Connecting aircraft with wireless video transmission
  12. 12. LEDs Indicators Rare LED indicator Front LEDs
  13. 13. PROPELLERS
  14. 14. ASSEMBLY 1. Remove the four warning cards from the motors after youve read them 2. Prepare the two grey nut propellers and two black nut propellers. Make sure to match the black nut propellers with the correctly marked black dot motors. Tighten the propellers according to the fastening instructions.
  15. 15. DISASSEMBLY Keep the motor deadlocked in place with the assistant wrench (or one hand) and remove the propeller according to the un-fastening instructions.
  16. 16. Safety Tips For Propeller 1. Propellers are self-tightening during flight . 2. Match the propeller nut colors with the corresponding motors. 3. Wear protective gloves 4. Check that the propellers and motors are installed correctly. 5. Check that all propellers are in good condition before flight. 6. Do not touch the propellers or motors when they are spinning.
  18. 18. REMOTE CONTROLER Multi-functional wireless communication device . The video downlink and aircraft remote control system operate at 2.4 GHz. The remote controller features a number of camera control function. Controlling gamble motion. The remote controller is powered by a 2S recharageable battery. The battery level is displayed via LED indicators.
  19. 19. USING THE REMOTE CONTROLLER 1. When the remote controller is turned off, press the power button once, the battery level LEDs will display the current battery level. 2. Press and hold the power button to turn on the remote controller. 3. The remote controller will beep, when it is turned on. The status LED will rapidly blink green, indicating that remote controller is linking to the aircraft. The status LEDs will glow solid green when linking is complete.
  20. 20. Charging the remote controller
  21. 21. Controlling the camera 1.Camera setting dial Turn the dial to adjust camera setting such as ISO, shutter speed, and aperture without letting go of the remote controller. Move the dial to left or right to scroll through pictures and videos in playback mode. Press down on the dial to toggle between these setting. 2. Playback button Press to view images and videos that have already been captured. 3. Shutter button Press to take a photo, if the burst mode is activated, multiple photos will be taken with a single press. 4. Gimbal dial Use this dial to control the tilt of the gimbal
  23. 23. Remote control battery level indicator status
  26. 26. BATTERY SAFETY INFORMATION Controller requires 4 x 1.5V AA alkaline lithium batteries. Installing/Replacing batteries must be undertaken by a competent adult. Do not mix new and old batteries or types of batteries Promptly remove exhausted batteries. Battery leakage and corrosion can damage the controller. Dispose of used batteries responsibly. Improper operation may cause damage to people and property.
  27. 27. LITHIUM POLYMER BATTERY INFORMATION Never completely exhaust the battery. Never charge battery unattended. Charge battery in an isolated, controlled environment. Keep far away from flammable materials. Do not expose to direct sunlight, there is a risk that the battery may overheat, ignite and/or explode. Do not disassemble, modify, heat, or short circuit the battery. Do not allow the battery to get wet.
  28. 28. BATTERY USAGE Checking the battery level Powering on: Powering off: Checking the battery life
  29. 29. Intelligent Battery function Balance Charging Capacity Display Communicating Overcharging Protection Short Circuit Protection Sleep Protection Charging Temperature Detection
  30. 30. Safety Checks before flying Before operation, check the batteries of the transmitter and DAWN are charged for the flight. Before turning on the transmitter, check that the throttle stick is pulled completely backward (down position). Carefully check rotor blades and rotor holders. Broken parts will pose risk of injury and hazard. Check the battery and power plug are securely fastened. Severe vibration during flight may detach the plug and result in loss of control. When turning on the unit, always turn on the transmitter first, and then turn on the DAWN. To power off, always turn off the DAWN first and then the transmitter. Improper procedure may cause loss of control of the quadcopter .
  31. 31. FLIGHT
  32. 32. Flying tips and tricks Small adjustments made slowly and carefully are the best way to fly well. Be careful when easing off the throttle if the DAWN stalls, it will fall to the ground and even if you jam the throttle back on, it might not be able to recover in time. Use the controllers left and right sticks at different angles and positions to design and execute some graceful, arcing turns. Perform flip by rotating around 360 in the air. When the battery begins to run low, the DAWN will respond slowly or be unable to maintain altitude easily. Youll know its time to recharge the DAWNs battery when the DAWN is unable to take off and its indicator starts blinking.
  34. 34. TROUBLESHOOTING Q: DAWN not responding to stick movements and its status lights are blinking. Answer: Recharge the DAWN. Q: Rotors spin but DAWN cannot lift off. Answer: Check the rotor blades for damage. Bent or broken rotors can be replaced easily with the spare rotors included in your package. Simply pull the damaged rotor blade out of its location on the motor shaft and replace it with one of the new blades. Q: DAWN flies sideways on its own. Answer: 1.Check for trapped dirt around the rotors. Just a little strand of hair can cause the DAWN to fly out of control. 2. Use the trim controls on the controller to correct the drifting. Q: Controller beeps constantly. Answer: Replace the batteries.
  35. 35. Maintaining your Air craft Regularly inspect and clean any dirt trapped around the rotors using a soft brush. Accumulation of dirt puts additional stress on the motor and may cause the rotor to spin unevenly or even stop spinning completely. Wipe the craft clean with a slightly damp cloth. Do not submerge in water. This will damage the electronic components. Always remove the batteries from the controller when not being used for extended
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