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Fantastic Okeechobee

Feb 09, 2016




Fantastic Okeechobee. Itzel Guereca , Makaya Whitehead, Jayme Scurry. Lake Okeechobee. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Fantastic Okeechobee

Fantastic OkeechobeeItzel Guereca, Makaya Whitehead, Jayme Scurry

Lake OkeechobeeLake Okeechobee was formed about 6,000 years ago before the late 1800.Lake O was considered a myth by European settlers . The original lake was saline ,but rainfall replenished it and made it fresh water. The bottom of the Lake O was once sand.

Okeechobee schoolsCentral Elementry school rocks because they have fabulous teachers , fantastic student, and it is an (A) school.

Okeechobee fair

The county fair is fun ,exciting, and delicous cotton candy.Okeechobee wildlife

The Florida panther is the state animal . The Florida panther is an endangered species , including their range , diet , and habitat. The Florida panther lives in the swamp and forests of southwestern Florida. Scientists estimate that only 80-100 of these critically endangered animal remain on Earth.

Okeechobee butterflies

Okeechobee butterflies are pretty, fragile, unique, and precious.There are different kinds like the zebra long winged.Okeechobee sports

Sheep riding is a hard sport for little kid. Adults cant ride sheep because the adults are very larger then the sheep. Okeechobee fish

Okeechobee bass are large fish that live in lake Okeechobee and the bass capital of the world.

Okeechobee Town Pictures

Okeechobee pictures