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Fall 2013 Student Teacher Information Meeting May 1, 2013 Mrs. Staci Fuqua, Coordinator Field Placements [email protected]

Jan 02, 2016



Fall 2008 Student Teacher Meeting - April 15, 2008 9:00 PM

Fall 2013Student Teacher Information MeetingMay 1, 2013Mrs. Staci Fuqua, CoordinatorField [email protected]

1ESS Web DatesHandbookFormsPRAXIS InformationLicensure2DatesOrientation Seminar: Tuesday, August 20th -Friday, August 23rd 8:30 AM - 3:30 PMDRESS PROFESSIONALLY! There are NO excused absences for these days. Do NOT schedule a trip or surgery or other appointments during this time.3Dates, continuedAugust 23rd - Meet with your first placement principal and cooperating teacher(s). Call before you go and let them know you will be there. Find out when to arrive, how long to be at school each day, the dress code, lunch arrangements, where to park, and anything else the principal and CT want you to know. Share your CT packet for student teaching. Google phone numbers and directions.4Dates, continuedFirst Placement: August 26- October 10Second Placement: October 14 December 6You will have a fall break at some point. You are not allowed to be absent from student teaching for UTMs fall break. For those schools with an inter-session, please attend one week of inter-session, even if your CT is not working.5Dates, continuedMid-Semester Seminar: Required October 11th, 9:00 AM 12:00 PMAdditionally, your supervisor may also schedule a mid-semester seminar. This would be scheduled after school. Your supervisor will notify you of the date/time they may hold this meeting with you. 6Dates, continuedExit Seminar/Reception: December 4, 2013The exit seminar will take place at 4:00 p.m. This is a whole group seminar with the Ed. Studies Dept. Chair. You will also have an individual meeting with your supervisor, who will inform you of the date and time. See exit conference info on calendar.Immediately after the exit seminar, we will start the reception.7Final Exit Conference with University SupervisorFinal exit conference with University Supervisor will be held one of these dates. December 9-11, 2013.

Your supervisor will inform you of date, time, and location.AbsencesFor each absence, you must notify your CT, principal, supervisor, and me. Seminar days scheduled by me, professional development days, conferences scheduled by your school, parent-teacher conferences, and in-service days are not counted as absences. Only contagious illness and death in the immediate family are excused. I will entertain excuses on a case-by-case basis and may require a doctors note.You will make up all unexcused absences and any excused absences over 5, no matter what the cause and no matter who approves the absence.

9Student Teaching Handbookand Student Teaching Forms -Look at this site!!! Print one copy of the handbook and bring to orientation. I recommend you place it in a 3-ring binder. Read and study it. Failure to adhere to student teaching policies could result in removal from student teaching.Print ONE copy of EACH form and bring to orientation. Read and study each form. Prepare questions.DO NOT print this information until after August 10th due to revisions taking place this summer. 10PRAXIS InformationClick on for information and test requirements for Tennessee.Upcoming PRAXIS Dates: Check the website.Notice that registration is typically about a month before the test date.YOU ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEMPT YOUR CONTENT AREA PRAXIS BEFORE YOUR 2nd Placement BEGINS!!!!11Praxis II Content AreaEveryone has a Praxis II content area that is also your exit exam for graduation. Check the ESS website ( , call 7203 (Gooch 205) or talk with your advisor for the test with an asterisk (*) if you are not sure what your content area/exit exam is. Music, Art, Dance, and FCS, check using the above options also. You must TAKE it for graduation. You must PASS it (and any others required by the state) in order to get a teaching license.12Praxis II - PLTEveryone must take one of the PLT tests for licensure. Check in Gooch 205 if you are unsure which one is required for your program. This is also on the website. If you are in a K-12 program, you may choose any of the PLT exams. Go on the Praxis web site and try the practice exams to help you decide which one to take. The library has practice tests.13When to Take Praxis IIYou should have already taken your *content area/exit exam. If not, register NOW for it. The Records Office has to have your score or proof that you have taken it by the end of October.The best time to take the PLT for you is NOW. If you can only take one test soon, take the *content area/exit exam first.14LicensureMrs. Jenny Hahn is our Licensure Coordinator. She will attend mid session seminar in October and help you complete the application for licensure. How many of you have taken the PLT? Your Content Area* test(s)? All Praxis exams? Is there anyone who has passed all of your Praxis II, including PLT?15Student Teaching AssignmentsPreK-KRadiusPlacement processSchools AttendedNotificationUniversity Supervisors

16PreK and K AssignmentsAll K-6 MSIL students must have a K assignment because they do not take K-Prac.I generally request PreK for PreK-3 majors and grades 1-3 for K-6 majors instead of K for the lower grade placement. Especially in the fall, I need all kindergartens that are nearby for K-Prac.Secondary students will have a middle school and a high school placement (except Ag., FCS, and Business).K-12 majors will have placement in two different school levels.17RadiusPlacements are typically assigned within a 60-mile radius. University Supervisors must be able to drive easily to placements.Expect some driving. That way, youll be pleasantly surprised if you dont have to! 18Placement ProcessAll placements have been requested and many have been confirmed. FYIplacement assignments are not negotiable!

Per state and university policy, the Coordinator of Field Placements is the only person who requests placements; placements are made through principals and other administrators, NOT through cooperating teachers. You may NOT request your own placement!

19Policy Info.According to placement policy, student teachers may not be placed in schools which they themselves attended or in schools where relatives currently attend/work.Student teachers may not be placed where they have been employed.20Notification of PlacementsEveryone will be given placement details at orientation. Dont worry, you WILL have a placement!If time permits, my office will email you prior to August to let you know your placement. My office will not begin notifying you until after June 1st. Contact your first placement by week of August 10th (not before) and let them know you will arrive on August 26th. Schedule a visit for August 23rd to meet the principal and CT. NOTE: Wait until after first week of August to schedule this visit!21Meeting with Principal and CTAsk about hours, parking, lunch arrangements, dress code, and policies.Ask to see textbooks. Record publisher, title, and edition information for each subject. The LRC (in the Paul Meek Library) has Tennessee textbooks and resources.Ask the principal and CT for other information they may want you to know.Share your assignments and the cooperating teacher packet, as well as contact information for you, your supervisor, and our office.TREAT THIS MEETING AS AN OFFICIAL INTERVIEW!22Prerequisites/Grades/GPANext week, I will do a 2nd prerequisite/grade/GPA check and I will do a final prerequisite /grade/GPA check after summer school classes end.If I have concerns, I will notify you via email. Any student lacking prerequisites, failing any course(s) required to student teach, or having a cumulative gpa

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