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Facts about Water

Aug 31, 2021




Water is one of the most important substances on Earth. It’s in all living things, whether they live at the bottom of the ocean or the driest desert. Life on Earth as we know it and cherish it today couldn’t be possible without water. Water is essential and it bounds together all living things in an unbreakable chain. For us, it’s an energy booster, a valuable detoxifier, our assistant in weight loss, and our makeup artist for healthy hydrated skin. It’s a fact, water keeps us healthy and makes us shine! But is this the only fact? Not by far! Here are interesting facts about water that you’ll surely find filling… 

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Most of us are already aware that the Earth’s surface is 70% water, but did you know, that out of that collection, only around 1% of it is actually drinkable? From ocean water, to icebergs, frozen water at the North and South Pole, there isn’t that much in terms of potable water. Which makes the importance of caring for the water we do have access to all the more apparent. Whether looking for well water treatment for your groundwater source or hard water treatment for that which comes out of the tap, you can make the most of this limited resource.