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Facts about Steinkjer

Jan 17, 2016




Facts about Steinkjer. Population: 21.392 (01.01.13) Area: 1564.2 square kilometers Celebrated 150 years as a city in 2007 Mayor: Bjørn Arild Gram, Sp (the Center Party) Assistant Mayor: Grete Bækken Mollan, Ap (the Labour Party) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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  • Facts about Steinkjer

    Population: 21 650 (pr. 01.01.15) Area: 1564.2 square kilometersCelebrated 150 years as a city in 2007 Mayor: Bjrn Arild Gram, Sp (the Center Party)Assistant Mayor: Ide Bruheim Ders, H (the Conservative Party)The countys main city/location of the public administration officesOne of Norways largest forest and agricultural communitiesTrade center of North Trndelag

  • Steinkjer in the middle of Norway

    Neighboring communities: Snsa, Namdalseid, Indery, Verdal, Verran, Overhalla and NamsosAn active small town with strong growth in the outlying rural areasBoth the E6 and the railway run through the center of townThe Coastal Route (Kystriksveien/Route 17) begins in Steinkjer and ends in Bod to the northDistances: 88 km from the airport 120 km from Trondheim250 km from stersund, Sweden601 km from Bod

  • Steinkjer in the middle of Norway

  • Norways geographical midpoint

    Norways geographic midpoint is located in the municipality of Steinkjer between Vakkerlifjellet and Skjkervatnet. A nice hike starting from the road takes one to the midpoint which is on the way to the Blfjella-Skjkerfjella National Park.

  • Norways second largestagricultural municipality

    580 businessesFirst hand value of 485 millionDevelopment of new products and farming methodsProcessing within the niche and large-scale productionUtilization of uncultivated land resourcesA rich cultural landscape

  • Steinkjer - a growing municipality

    Key businesses:NTE (energy utility company owned by North Trndelag County Council)Nortura (Norway's leading supplier of meat and eggs)Skanska husfabrikk (one of the worlds leading construction groups)Norsk Transformator (manufacturer of transformers)Inntre (one of Norway's largest exporters of building timber)North Trndelag University College (HiNT)The district centre

  • Schools and Institutes of Higher Learning10 public primary schools (grades 1-7)1 private primary school, the Steinkjer Montessori School2 lower secondary schools (grades 8-10)The Steinkjer Center for Adult LearningThe Steinkjer School of Music and Performing ArtsSteinkjer Upper Secondary School North Trndelag University College (HiNT)

  • Administration and Trade

    County Governor the government offices of the municipalityThe County County Government OfficesRegional District CourtThe Norwegian Public Roads AssociationSteinkjers Amfi Center the largest shopping center north of DovreMany small and large commercial companies

  • A Cultural Municipality

    ArtWeidemann's stained glass windows in both the Steinkjer Church and the foyer of City Hall, as well as plans for an art galleryThe municipality provides annual support for the Jakob Weidemann Memorial Scholarship Cultural heritageSteinkjers many different types of cultural heritage range from prehistoric times to the present rebuilt city

  • *Steinkjer Kommune - tema/tittel*

    Steinkjer Kommune - tema/tittel

  • Campus Steinkjer

    Steinkjer is in the process of becoming a regional sports center in part due to excellent collaboration between the public schools, recreational sports and local businesses.The Gymnastics hall is both Norway and the Nordic regions largest athletics center, with multiple handball courts, classrooms, training facilities etc..

  • Steinkjer has arranged and hostedThe MGP (Melodi Grand Prix) semifinalA wide variety of Norwegian winter and summer championship sports competitions Landsskytterstevnet (Norways largest shooting event)Nordlek (a large Scandinavian folkdance and folk music festival)The Steinkjer Music FestivalThe Hilmar Music FestivalThe Viking festival (bi-annual)The Coffee Concert Festival at Madam Brix Coffee House