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Over the years People who have Sleep difficulties usually ask :

Facts About Sleep

Apr 13, 2017



Annie Lim
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  • Over the years

    People who have

    Sleep difficulties usually ask :

  • Why I COULDNT sleep ?

  • The FACT is :

    Theres 2 abilities we


  • Since the day we are born

    We know how to

    Eat & SLEEP !

  • * It is impossible that

    You couldnt sleep ! *

  • The next question is:

    What makes it so HARD

    To fall asleep ?

  • The CLUE is :

    Do you remember

  • When was the LAST TIME

    You sleep soundly

    Without trying hard ?

  • * What happens to you

    AFTER that ? *

  • Whatever that happens

    That might POSSIBLY be

    The turning point that

  • You start to COMPROMISE

    Your daily routine !

  • You might possibly


    Something else

  • When you KNOW

    You are suppose to

    Rest & SLEEP !

  • The FACT is :

    In the beginning

    It is not hard to fall asleep !

  • We make it hard

    By interrupting

    Our sleep routine !

  • When we are

    LACK of sleep

  • We might find ourselves

    Getting IMPATIENT or

    Easily TRIGGERED

  • By people & environment

    Around us !

  • Why?

    Our body knows we need to

    Protect our energy level !

  • In life

    Almost EVERYTHING is about

    Giving & Receiving ENERGY !

  • We are unable to give

    If we dont have

    Enough energy !

  • Sleep help us to


    STORE ENERGY in our body !

  • So that we have

    Enough energy to perform

    Every task in daily life !

  • When we are

    Impatient or easily triggered

  • It might simply

    be a REMINDER that

  • We have LOW energy level &

    We are LACK of sleep !

  • If you want to

    RESTORE your sleep routine

  • * Without using sleeping pills *

    * Without relying on stimulants *

    * Without depending on supplements *

  • If you want to

    REGAIN your sleep routine

  • * By using your ability to sleep *

    * By relying on self-practice *

    * By depending on sleep technique *

  • Join the

    DIY Sleep Solution Workshop !

  • Practice the

    Self-help sleep technique

    Whenever & wherever you are !

  • For enquiries on DIY Sleep Solution Workshop :

    Contact Annie Lim 012- 6212 495