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Facts about Parakeets♥♥♥

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Jul 15, 2016



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  • Facts about Parakeets

  • Parakeets are harmless and so cut when they are babies.

  • parakeets are really good pets.s

  • Parakeets are very fragile they get very cold if someone leave a window

    opened they can die.

  • parakeets eat seeds like normal bires and they like to play with brothers and sisters.

  • Facts About Parakeets.Parakeets are the most famous birds in the U.S.A and if they get to cooled they can die and if you keep on trying to pick them up they can also die that way.


  • Parakeets also poof up their fir when they get relay scare.Parakeets also are very colorful some are blue yellow green orange and red.

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