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Facts about Avengers

Jul 08, 2018



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    What You Already Know: After he was rejectedfor military service in World War II for being too

    physically frail, Steve Rogers volunteered for a topsecret government experiment designed to createan army of supersoldiers! It wor"ed, giving SteveRogers incredible physical strength and agility, buta #a$i spy sabotaged the experiment so that itcould never be repeated! As %aptain America,Rogers battled enemy forces during the War, butwas fro$en in ice until he was thawed out by theother Avengers in the modern day!

  • 8/19/2019 Facts about Avengers


    What You Might Not Know: While %ap hasalways tried to do his best to represent theAmerican dream & to the point of turning down ano'er to run for (resident & it hasn)t always beeneasy! A relatively recent con*ict with Iron +anended up seeing %ap shot by time bullets while hisside"ic" uc"y, who had been presumed dead buthad actually been "ept in cryogenic stasis as acybernetic soviet assassin, -lled in! Also, he hasoccasionally had his faith in the country sha"en,li"e during that big (residential scandal bac" in the

    )./s! 0ou "now, the one where the (resident wasrevealed to be the mastermind of a secret cartel ofhooded villains and then committed suicide in the1val 12ce3

  • 8/19/2019 Facts about Avengers


    It was pretty big news!Also, addition to his love of apple pie, the 45%6ouble 6own, the 6oritos 7ocos 8aco andeverything else that ma"es America 9reat, Steve

    Rogers is also a talented artist! In fact, during the)./s, he got a job in his secret identity at theversion of +arvel %omics that exists within MarvelComics, drawing Captain America! As such, he)sone of the few artists who was able to ma"e a

  • 8/19/2019 Facts about Avengers


    living on what were essentially selfportraits, sosuc" on that an 9ogh; USA! USA! USA!


    What You Already Know: illionaire industrialist 8ony Star" was "idnapped by terrorists and in theprocess, his heart was injured by shrapnel! 8heirplan was to force him to build weapons, but afterbuilding a device called the Repulsor 9enerator to

    "eep his heart beating, he turned the tables on hiscaptors by building a suit of armor "nown as theIron +an! After escaping, he re-ned his armor andused it to continue battling evil at the cutting edgeof technology, although the military and competing

  • 8/19/2019 Facts about Avengers


    industrialists are constantly after his mechanicalsecrets in order to build their own invinciblewarriors!

    What You Might Not Know: 7oo", I reali$e thatyou were all thin"ing I was going to tal" about thedrin"ing here, but let)s be real:

  • 8/19/2019 Facts about Avengers


    to be happening! 8he short =but stillincomprehensible> version is that Regular Iron +anwas brainwashed over the years by a time

    traveling con?ueror from the future into betrayingthe Avengers, who decided that the best course ofaction would be to go -nd a teenage version of Iron+an from an alternate universe! 0ou "now, as onedoes!

  • 8/19/2019 Facts about Avengers


     8he "ey word there was Cslightly ,D but seriously,that)s a good comic!


  • 8/19/2019 Facts about Avengers


    What You Already Know: In order to teach himhumility, 1din exiled 8hor, the #orse 9od of 8hunder, to

  • 8/19/2019 Facts about Avengers


    And seriously3 It was awesome! 8hor, as a frog,taught other frogs the selfreliance and militarythin"ing they needed to beat a bunch of rats in the

    sewers underneath #ew 0or" %ity, and then turnedinto a 8hor5rog! 8his is not a jo"e: I will personallymail EF/ of my money to -lmma"er Goss Whedon ifthat happens on the big screen next 5riday! 8hat)sli"e a dollar for every person who watched Firefy ;

  • 8/19/2019 Facts about Avengers


    Anyway, that was de-nitely one of the strangermachinations that 7o"i has used to get revenge onhis brother, but the 9od of

  • 8/19/2019 Facts about Avengers


    ut it)s o"ay, because they later became 8otal ros

    and now ill has a hammer of his own that he usesto be Space 8hor!Seriously, Whedon: Fity bucks! 8he o'er is on thetable!


  • 8/19/2019 Facts about Avengers


    What You Already Know: When he was caught inthe heart of a 9amma omb explosion, 6r! ruceanner survived, but his body changed! #ow,whenever he is consumed by rage, he transformsinto a creature "nown as the Hul", a gigantic greenmonster whose anger fuels almost limitlessstrength and endurance, acting as a simplemindedengine of destruction directed at his foes!What You Might Not Know: 5or some reason,and I)m going to go ahead and call that reason

    Cseeing it on television when they were -ve,D a lotof people are -xated on the idea of ruce annerwandering the countryside from town to town,staying one step ahead of the law and occasionally*ipping out and trouncing some rednec"s because

  • 8/19/2019 Facts about Avengers


    he gets a *at tire or stubs his toe or something! utfol"s3 8ime for some real tal": !hat sh"" is boringas hell!

    So instead, let)s tal" about the time Hul" was arevengecra$ed space gladiator!

    #ow that#s what)s up! 8his whole thing went downwhen the rest of the the +arvel niverse got tiredof anner occasionally losing his damn mind andwrec"ing the place, so they decided that the bestcourse of action would be to shoot him into space!At this point, you may be pic"ing up on a recurringtheme of the Avengers ma"ing rash decisions that

  • 8/19/2019 Facts about Avengers


    don)t ?uite wor" out! And that)s what happened, asthe Hul" accidentally landed on the planet S"aar,where he became a gladiator, then became the

    emperor, then became super pissed o' when theplanet blew up and "illed his new space wife! So hecame bac" to

  • 8/19/2019 Facts about Avengers


    What You Might Not Know: Haw"eye is, without?uestion, at least  the fourth greatest carnyturnedsuperhero in comics! Second best if you)re limiting

    yourself to +arvel!As upcoming $awkeye writer +att 5raction put it,%lint arton is Cthe Avenger that)s Gust a 6ude,D aformer circus mar"sman who was tric"ed intoin-ltrating the Avengers in order to destroy thembac" in the early days of the team, but insteadpretty much decided to hang out with them for therest of his life after introducing himself with thetimehonored method of butlertying!

    He was temporarily "nown as 9oliath when hedecided that shooting arrows wasn)t doing muchgood against timetraveling con?uerors andgenocidal robots, but went bac" to the arrowseventually, and used to be deaf in both ears as a

  • 8/19/2019 Facts about Avengers


    result of stic"ing a sonic arrow in his mouth=really>, but got -xed up in the same bunch ofnonsense that got rid of 8een 8ony!

    He occasionally *ies around on a *ying motorcycleand one of his best friends is a cowboy who died ./years ago but still occasionally practices law today=it)s complicated>! So really, it)s li"e I said: He)s justa dude!

    !"ACK WIOW

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    What You Already Know: She)sJ a spy who is

    also a pretty lady3 8here are also some gunsinvolved3 8hat)s about it!What You Might Not Know: 8he +arvel movieshaven)t done a whole lot with lac" Widow yet, butto be honest, there)s really not much there forthem to wor" with! It)s a pretty simple story of aRussian ballerina who was trained to be an

    assassin and made immortal by the Soviet nion,and then later defected to America, starting out asa villain and then wor"ing wor"ing with theAvengers and then eventually stri"ing out to apartnership with 6aredevil! 8here was also a brief

  • 8/19/2019 Facts about Avengers


    relocation to 7os Angeles that saw her leading ateam that consisted of two former @+en, the9ree" demigod Hercules, and an actual demon

    rom $ell who rode around on a motorcycletormenting the wic"ed!

    Read More$ Avengers K/K: #eed 8o 4now About

  • 8/19/2019 Facts about Avengers