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Using Plugins to increase functionality and features of your Moodle.

Extending Moodle - Moodlemoot Romania 2013

May 23, 2015



Presentation on Extending Moodle through Add-ons.

Presented at Moodlemoot Romania 2013.

Based on some of the principles from the book -

  • 1. Using Plugins to increase functionality and features of your Moodle.

2. CC BY SA 3. Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment 4. Activity modules Database fields Messaging consumers SCORM reports Admin reports Database presets Plagiarism plugins Themes Admin tools Editors Portfolio plugins User profile fields Assignment 2.2 types Enrolment plugins Question behaviours Webservice protocols Assignment 2.3 submissions Filters Question formats Workshop allocation methods Assignment 2.3 feedbacks Gradebook export Question types Workshop evaluation methods Authentication plugins Gradebook import Quiz access rules Workshop grading strategies Blocks Gradebook reports Quiz reports Course formats Grading methods Reports Course reports Local plugins Repository plugins 5. New Plugins Directory Each individual plugin needs to be registered A version entry must be created for each released version Reviews by authorised users Statistics on downloads 6. installs cleanly; functions as described; does not contain any obviously harmful code; is not spam; is submitted to an appropriate category; and is not a duplicate of an existing plugin. 7. Some are: Experienced developers Students (GSOC) Professors Teachers You? 8. Moodle is like any other open source project: its strength lies in its community. If you want to help out and participate in that community you will get more out of your time with Moodle. 9. Define your own criteria Technical Pedagogical Organisational Implement an oversight process 10. Regular updates Errors Coding guidelines Translatable strings Theming Performance Backup/restore 11. Purpose Alternative strategy Ease of use Ease of support 12. Total cost of ownership Support Upgrades Implementation Training Implications for hosting setup Entry and Exit strategy 13. 1. Start a Moodle oversight committee 2. Standard feature request form 3. Regular assessments meetings 4. Use criteria in request and assessment 5. Rollout strategy 14. Hmm? Basic Checks Request Pedagogy Technical Financial Support Committee Deployment 15. RSS Feeds from plugin directory Twitter (@moodleplugins) 16. Open University Set: Combined Drag and drop into text Drag and drop markers Drag and drop onto image Opaque OU multiple response Pattern match Pattern match with JME editor Question managed by a remote engine Select missing words Variable numeric Variable numeric set Variable numeric set with units 17. Moodle Add-ons Book Available on Kindle iTunes Print -> 18. Gavin Henrick E: T: @ghenrick B: S: L:

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