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[Exposicion] Computer and Internet Crime

Dec 13, 2014



Society is turning digital and so its crimes. Internet is not only a great tool for research, it is also a perfect place for criminal... how to apply law in those cases?

Create another jurisdiction?

  • 1. Computer CrimeAnother Jurisdiction?Germn TernSocial Communication Student Universidad de LimaPer [email protected]

2. Structure Crime history Types of crime Another types of crime Special crime adv. Found on internet. National & International Efforts + Cb.crime Future. Conclusion 3. Crime & Cybercrime Crime Engaging in conduct that has been outlawed by a particular society. Harm to: Individuals, property, government and morality. Cybercrime Differ in the tool: guns are change for computers. 4. Cybercriminals + computer technology = difficulties to apply the law. not only real-world crimes by using computers 5. DDoS attack Distributed Denial of Service. Harm upon property by shutting down a website. The attack doesnt fit in conceptual category the law hasdevised to deal with crime. 6. Emergence of cybercrime 1950- word hack is use to refer to creative college pranks and migrate to computer culture. 1960- first published accounts of computers being used illegally. Crimes committed by insiders. 1969- ARPANET link computers in hundred of universities. 1980- Personal networked computer . Hackers were up to no good. 7. Phone Phreaking Manipulating the telephone system Provide free long-distance service. Prosecuted underexisting law (fraud ortheft) Phone phreaks move onto hacking in the 1980s 8. Meanwhile First civilian bulletin board system on-line in Chicago. Some engaged in darker activities. 1984- Hacker groups appear. Robert Tappan Morris worm Legion Of Doom (LOD), Masters of deception (MOD), etc. War startetd. 1988- Robert Tappan Morris released the first Internet worm. Chris Goggans (LOD)Mark Abene (MOD) 9. Hacking Kevin Poulsen jumped from Phone phreak to hacking. Attacks to Pacific Bell Telephone Company and federal government installations. Apprehended in 1991-Charges: accessed device fraud, conspiracy, wiretapping, computer fraud, mail fraud, money laundering and espionage. Kevin Poulsen Kevin Mitnick was the first hacker included in FBIS MOS WANTED list. 10. Malware Robert Tappan Morris invented the network malware. He demostrate how quickly malware can spread from system to system. 1999- Melissa is the first mass-mailing computer virus. At first malware was not addresss by local criminal law. 11. Theft 1994- Vladimir Levin siphoned millions of dollars from Citibank accounts. Use of computers technology to obtain funds belonging to someone else. Traditional crime in a no traditional way. Vladimir LevinChina: Song Chenglin used a computer at an Internet Caf to hack 158 accounts at the ICBC 12. Fraud Official fraud Internet auction fraud Transfer millions Factory direct products Lottery fraud Identity theft Won the lottery Specific legislation is not needed. 13. Child Pornography Internet provides less risk of being identified. Highly organized, global subculture. Many of them are in countries where child pornography is not a priority for law enforcement. What is child pornography? Definition of child. 14. Extortion Same dynamic as in real-world Threaten to reveal sensitive information of an online business. DDoS Attack to Casinos. Will eventually be directed to bigger organizations. 15. Cyberterrorism Terrorism: Commission of criminal acts for political motives. Has involved the use of methods of physical destruction. USA Patriot ACT Hacking, cracking, extortion, fraud and malware. 16. Warning Korean Warning on the internet 17. Internet Homicide Distribution of Hardcore and Snuff Movies A face to face date with online friend can turn deadly. Consensual homicide. 18. Rotenburg Cannibal Germany .- March 9, 2001. Armin Meiwes (Cannibal) Bernd Jrgen Brandes (Victime) Armin post a message on The Cannibal Caf website. Documentary: 19. Internet Suicide Suicide pact made on internet. Most of cases have ocurred in Japan. Some of them are also inChina, South Korea,Germany, USA, etc. Traditional suicide pacts involved older peole (50-60 years old) Internet suicide pact now involve young people, usually teenagers.Check this link for more information: 20. Online Mercenaries Found by searching material for this presentation. 21. + = PC + Internet = Cybercrime legislation far more imperative 22. National & International Efforts First Wave (privacy) Sweden (1973) ; USA (1974); Federal Republic of German (1977);Austria, Denmark, France and Norway (1978), etc. Second Wave (property) Italy (1978); UK (1981,1990); USA (1980s); Canada and Denmark(1985), etc. Third Wave (intellectual property) Convention on Cybercrime Ensuring that countries adopt procedural laws. International cooperation. Harmonizing national cybercrime law. Domestic law criminalizes: Attacks on PC data or system; Pc tech. tocommit fraud or forgery; Pc tech. to create Child Pornograpy.; infringecopyright. 23. Cybercrime: the future Two main trends: Professionalization of Cybercrime (creation of cybermafias,similar to italian families in early of US history). Increasing the automization of Cybercrime. 24. Clever cybercriminals can enjoy the benefits of criminal organization without its disadvantages. Definitely this is another arena for human activity. But, is it legally another jurisdiction? This seems to be more than a study case because all we studied in Information Society class can turn into a crime activity What can we do?