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Nov 19, 2021



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While hundreds of thousands of patrons pass through the Ohio State Fair’s gates just 12 days a year, our dedicated team is working the other 353 days to make our great Fair Ohio’s premier family event. Each and every year, we make concentrated efforts to showcase our great state’s offerings and attract consumers in a variety of ways. Whether it is bringing in big name concerts, offering discount deals, enhancing the free musical entertainment stages, or improving the customer experience, we strive to make our event be every Ohioan’s favorite family tradition.
In 2019, these enhancements will continue. This summer, you’ll notice a brand-new Ohio craft beer pavilion on the south side of the grounds in the former Antiques & Collectibles Pavilion, featuring up to 60 taps of Ohio-brewed beer, Ohio wine and domestic brews. Bigger free concerts will return to the Main Street Stage on select nights, with strategic adjustments made to the size and structure of the audience seating area. New food items will be highlighted on a brand-new print promotional piece, and many more enhancements will take shape.
I know that you care deeply about the Ohio State Fair and its patrons, and I want you to know that I greatly appreciate all of the hard work and devotion that you put in to help enhance our customers’ experiences and make the Fair a favorite family tradition in Ohio. We couldn’t do it without you.
Here’s to a great Fair!
Virgil Strickler, CFE General Manager Ohio Expo Center & State Fair
To professionally operate and maintain for public benefit a year-round, service oriented, event facility and produce the annual Ohio State Fair.
This manual has been prepared as both a guide to plan for a successful operation during the Ohio State Fair and as a substantive rider to your Rental Agreement. The Rental Manual becomes a part of your Rental Contract.
The Ohio Expositions Commission (OEC) or its designee reserves the final and absolute right to interpret these rules and regulations and to settle and determine all matters, questions or differences in regards thereto, or otherwise arising out of, connected with, or incident to the Ohio State Fair. It further reserves the right to determine unforeseen matters not covered by these rules.
It is your responsibility to be knowledgeable of the Rules and Regulations and space rental standards which are a part of your Rental Contract. Depending upon your particular situation, you may need to purchase certain licenses to legally operate your concession or exhibit. Contractors are solely responsible for obtaining all required licenses or permits.
Violation of any of the terms and conditions of a Rental Contract, Rules and Regulations or policies of the Ohio State Fair, federal, state and municipal laws and administrative rules, including but not limited to those relating to licenses and permits, City of Columbus Stormwater, property protected by copyright, work hours, work conditions, safety standards and payment of wages and taxes, forfeits all monies, rights and privileges.
If you have any questions, please contact the Ohio State Fair, Rental Services Department at 614-466-8346.
RESOURCES 24 - Hour Pharmacies: CVS Walgreens 2680 N. High Street 410 W. 10th Avenue (614) 267-5607 (614) 293-3313
Banking: Chase Bank Huntington Bank PNC Bank 1698 N. High Street 1816 N. High Street 1886 N. High Street (614) 248-2620 (614) 480-0026 (614) 297-5420
Emergency: Highway Patrol Headquarters First Aid (614) 466-6666 (614) 644-4466
Laundromats: Clean as a Whistle (coin-operated) Dirty Dungarees 1858 Summit Street 2586 N. High Street (614) 457-8541 (614) 263-6363
Medical: Ohio Health Urgent Care OSU Medical Center Nationwide Children’s Hospital 895 W. 3rd Avenue 410 W. 10th Avenue 700 Children’s Drive (614) 437-0278 (614) 293-8000 (614) 722-2000
Rental Department: (614) 466-8346 717 East 17th Avenue Columbus, Ohio 43211-2698
Shipping: UPS USPS FedEx Print & Ship Center 605 N. High Street 33 E. 4th Avenue 2016 N. High Street (614) 458-1126 (614) 294-4922 (614) 294-7485
Shopping: Walmart Aldi Giant Eagle 3900 Morse Road 2395 Silver Drive 2801 N. High Street (614) 476-2070 (855) 955-2534 (614) 268-0976
Banking ..............................................................20
Prize Drawings & Giveaways ............................19
Recycling .................................................................22
Refunds ......................................................................3
1 2
People with disabilities represent a significant portion of the population and are equally reflected in the number of guests attending the Ohio State Fair. Ensuring equal participation by all guests is important and beneficial to you, your company and the Fair. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates equal treatment of persons with disabilities. The Ohio State Fair holds all its licensees responsible for meeting the requirements of this mandate. ADA became effective for recreation, leisure and entertainment providers in January, 1992. The ADA defines an "individual with a disability" as a person who has physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, who has a record of such impairment, or who is regarded as having such an impairment. Every provider is responsible for accommodating both physically and mentally impaired persons by methods that are "readily achievable." The following are examples of ways to achieve compliance with some basic ADA requirements. For more detailed information, contact the appropriate agency in your area.
1. If counter height does not meet ADA requirements (36" maximum), an effort must be made to serve a customer in a reasonable manner. An effective solution would be to service the customer by meeting him/her outside the concession stand.
2. For visually impaired customers, ask your employees to verbalize the menu or even offer the menu in Braille.
3. For concession operations that offer a dining area, maintain wide aisles and counter space for those in wheel chairs.
4. Counter table heights and aisle widths (for bulk exhibits) should be accessible to wheelchairs.
5. Acknowledge reasonable requests. For example, if a customer is unable to access a booth, service the customer by offering a clipboard for orders and sign-ups.
6. Post rules and safety requirements for riders in a conspicuous place.
7. Accommodate reasonable requests or needs of riders (e.g., grant extra load time to transfer a rider into and out of the attraction).
8. Always maintain the safety of the disabled rider and the safety of others.
Every effort should be made to give guests with disabilities the opportunity to participate in rides and other amusements. When the safety of guests or employees will be placed in jeopardy, then admission may be refused.
Upon arrival and before moving in, you must check-in with the Rental Department to pick up and sign for your packet as they are not mailed. Packets will be available for pick up on July 15, 2019. They contain your original contract, concession card, tickets (if ordered) and other pertinent information. Any Contractor found occupying a space without a packet, may forfeit the opportunity for participation. Contractors who neglect to pick up their packet prior to opening day will be responsible for paying the fair admission and parking fee. Packets will not be issued until all contracts, payments and insurance certificates have been received by the Rental Department. Should any Contractor require early move in or equipment drop off prior to specified date, written permission must be obtained from the Ohio Expositions Commission. Unauthorized equipment/trailers will be impounded or towed at owner’s expense.
Outdoor Contractors must wait to be “located” by a representative of the Rental Department which is done on a first-come, first-serve basis and must be done prior to setting tents to assure the safety and protection of people and underground utilities. Tent erection prior to Monday, July 15, 2019, requires an appointment through the Rental Department. Outside Contractors are responsible for removal of all tents/structures by end of business Tuesday, August 6, 2019.
Inside Contractors must check-in with their Building Superintendent after picking up their packet. They assist with setup and move-out procedures, display guidelines, and are your first contact if a problem should arise. However, contact the Rental Department if you need further assistance or clarification of an issue. Building Superintendents have the authority to enforce the rules and regulations and will make routine rounds throughout the fair to ensure they are followed. The Rental Department is notified of all concerns, problems or violations.
Tickets - Admission and parking tickets are not refundable. The Ohio Expositions Commission will not be responsible for lost or stolen tickets. If you did not purchase $5 admission tickets in advance, you may purchase them in the Administration Building lobby beginning July 15, 2019. You must show your executed contract to receive the special pricing. The ticket window will not accept personal checks. You may pay by cash, certified check, money order, Discover, VISA or MasterCard. Every person who enters the gate will need an admission ticket. This includes you, and any employees that you may have working for you. Twelve day passes are available at a cost of $50. One twelve day pass is provided to each contractor (regardless of the number of contracts). Admission tickets are not valid for parking. Persons forgetting to bring their admission and/or parking ticket will have to pay full price. There will be no refunds. You may re-enter the grounds any number of times each day, provided you have been stamped with the daily code. Handstamps will be provided only at your request as you exit the gate. In addition, no handstamps will be given between the hours of 1 am to 7 am. If you need to re-enter during this time, please ask for a re-entry receipt upon exiting.
Parking permits for contractors are available at a cost of $40. Parking permits do not guarantee the availability of a parking space. This permit allows Contractors to access the grounds from 12 am (midnight) - 10 am daily to restock and then park in the designated vendor parking area in the Reserved North Lot (north of 17th Ave.). Disabled Contractors may request a handicap parking permit which will allow parking in a designated area. A copy of the disability parking placard issued from the State or other governmental agency must be submitted with the request. General Parking and Reserved North Lot passes are available throughout the Fair for $5 each (per entry) from the Finance Office which is located in the Administration Building. You do not need to present your executed contract to purchase a General Parking permit. Tickets issued to Contractors may not be sold or used in any way to circumvent normal Ohio State Fair policies. Any Contractor found selling their tickets, will have all contracts canceled immediately and will be barred from future Fairs. Duplication of Ohio State Fair tickets is strictly prohibited. Anyone duplicating said tickets, will forfeit all rights and privileges derived from any agreement with the Ohio Expositions Commission and will be removed from the grounds.
3 4
Contract, Payment, Product List & Insurance - Contracts are mailed on March 1 and must be remitted with deposit and final product list by April 1 and will be held until available for pickup on July 15, 2019. If you need to cancel a contract, you must submit a letter to the Rental Department requesting a refund. No refunds will be issued for cancellations postmarked after June 1. Contractors will be barred from future fairs for stop payments on canceled contracts. The remaining balance is due on or before June 15, 2019. A late fee of $100.00 may be charged for payments received after April 1 and June 15. Failure to return the signed contract(s) and payment(s) by the required dates are grounds for canceling your contract(s).
A check dishonored by any financial institution will be charged an insufficient fund fee of $30. NEW VENDORS ARE REQUIRED TO PAY BY CASHIER’S CHECK, MONEY ORDER, DISCOVER, VISA OR MASTERCARD AFTER JULY 1.
You provided a preliminary list of products that you would be selling/displaying/promoting as a part of the application process so prior to signing the contract, review it carefully to ensure that all products are listed. Read the manual, online at, before you sign your contract since the manual is a rider to the Agreement. Lost or stolen contracts will be replaced at a cost of $50 per contract. If you need to revise your contract(s), you must first submit a Contract Change Form which is available online to the Rental Department for approval. DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES TO THE ORIGINAL CONTRACT. NO CHANGES WILL BE MADE TO CONTRACTS AFTER JULY 1.
Insurance Requirements - Contractors must submit a certificate of general liability insurance to the Rental Department by July 1. Failure to send an accurate certificate will prevent you from participating in the Fair. You may obtain insurance from an independent agent or from Haas & Wilkerson, the official insurance carrier of the Ohio State Fair. Your insurance agent must include the following information on the insurance certificate:
Insured for one million dollars general aggregate for bodily injury and property damage; The State of Ohio is added as the Additional Insured to include setup and tear down (do not specify dates since dates change each year); Certificate Holder: State of Ohio, 717 E. 17th Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43211; 15 day Cancellation Notice;
The certificate must clearly state the Contractor’s legal business name or legal name of individual. This must match the name on your space rental contract. A sample certificate is available for viewing at www.ohiostatefair. com. Simply select the vendor information tab, 2019 Forms. Certificates can be mailed or emailed by your agent to the following address: Ohio State Fair, Rental Department, 717 E. 17th Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43211,
Payment and Daily Reporting Procedures for Percentage Contracts - All percentage Contractors are required to pay a percentage of gross daily sales to the Ohio Expositions Commission. Throughout the Fair, auditors will conduct spot audits. The rates are as follows:
Outside Concessions MarketPlace Food Court 15% of gross sales, minus applicable sales tax 17.5% of gross sales, minus applicable sales tax
Shoppes at North Commercial Attractions 15% of gross sales, minus applicable sales tax (refer to contract for specific rate info)
The Ohio Expositions Commission requires the use of cash registers for all percentage contracts.It is required that all percentage contractors report gross sales each day for the previous day's sales on the form provided at the check-in office which is located in the south lobby of the Coliseum. Completed forms and cash register receipts must be reported between 8 am and 2 pm daily. A late fee of $50 will be applied to each account for each delinquent day of reporting. Figures will be recorded, and when you have met your space deposit dollar amount, you will then pay the Ohio Expositions Commission the percentage portion of your gross daily sales. If after the conclusion of the Fair you have not made in excess of your deposit amount, the Ohio Expositions Commission may apply the difference to your future contract or issue a refund check.
Ohio Exposition Commission employees will receive $1 coupons redeemable for food and beverages at the concession stand of their choice. Employees must show their valid ID when using the coupons, and change is to be given. This program benefits both the employee and the concessionaire. The coupons (refer to sample) are made from cardboard ticket stock with blue lettering and contain security features to prohibit duplicating. They should be treated as cash and submitted during the normal check-in procedure.
Contractors operating under a percentage contract agree that all books, financial statements, source documents, accounting, financial, supply and any other records relevant to their operations at the Ohio State Fair, shall be open and available for audit upon request of the Ohio Expositions Commission or the State of Ohio. The Ohio Exposition Commission may use any reasonable audit procedure it deems appropriate, monitor sales activities and be permitted access to the concession premises at any time for such purposes.
Final settlement, under the terms of the contract, must be made on August 4 between 9 pm to midnight or on August 5 between 8 am to 11 am. Failure to comply with these procedures will result in immediate cancellation of future contract(s). Select attractions will be required, under the terms of the contract, to have an Ohio State Fair ticket taker collect all tickets and/or admission credentials to the attraction. Percentage Contractors in the Marketplace and Shoppes at North Commercial must pay the difference between the percentage fee collected and booth rental fee with final payment being the higher of the two figures.
$1.00 FOOD COUPON Valid toward the purchase of food
and/or beverage 2019 Ohio State Fair NOT VALID WITH ANY
5 6
Setup & Removal - setup begins July 15, 2019 for outdoor Contractors and indoor setup begins July 20, 2019. Buildings will be open for setup from 8 am to 8 pm Saturday through Monday and 8 am to Midnight on Tuesday. Superintendents, Gate and Security personnel are instructed to prevent any attempt to remove exhibits, attractions and concessions prior to the scheduled time so please make sure the rules listed below are followed by you and your employees. Failure to comply with any of these rules will jeopardize future contracts with the Ohio Expositions Commission.
1. Indoor Contractors must dismantle their booth from 8 pm, Sunday, August 4 through 5 pm, Monday, August 5. Vehicles will not have access to the building until approximately 9 pm, Sunday, August 4 (booth must be dismantled first). 2. Outdoor Contractors may close and begin dismantling at the their own discretion after 10 pm on August 4 and 11 pm for the Midway and game areas (upon closing). There is a maximum 48 hour time limit to remove all outdoor exhibits, tents, trailers, concession trailers, and temporary buildings.
3. On Sunday, August 4, all gates will close from 7 pm-9 pm. No pedestrians or vehicles will be permitted access to the grounds during this time, NO EXCEPTIONS. Vehicles are required to have a 2019 Release Permit which is good for the vehicle, driver and one helper from 9 pm -11 pm. These permits will be included in your packet. Requests for additional Release Permits must be made through the Rental Department;
4 Absolutely no vehicles are allowed on the major thoroughfares of the grounds until after the official closing time of the Ohio State Fair;
5. The Ohio Expositions Commission IS NOT responsible for lost, damaged or stolen goods;
6. Clean the space which you have occupied after the Fair closes. Recycle all paper products, cans bottles and cardboard before vacating the premises;
7. Any exhibits, tents, trailers, etc. not removed from buildings and grounds within said time limit, become the property of the Ohio Expositions Commission.
8. Floor samples that are sold during the Fair must be shipped to the customer. If this isn’t possible, arrangements should be made with customers for pick-up the following day.
Early Opening Permit - EXHIBITORS (outdoor only) requesting to open prior to July 24, must purchase an Early Opening Permit for a fee of $125/day. Due to security reasons, indoor exhibits are unable to open early. CONCESSIONAIRES must request an Early Opening Permit to sell product prior to opening day. Concessionaires pay the normal percentage of gross sales and are to report said sales on the first day of the Fair. All permits must be issued by the Rental Department prior to opening, and must be displayed in your concession/ exhibit at all times prior to opening day.
Display Guidelines - Our objective is to keep the buildings and grounds neat, pleasant and attractive; therefore, the following rules and guidelines apply to all Contractors:
1. Interior signs may not exceed the 8’ backdrop drape. MarketPlace exhibit booths along the perimeter wall can extend signs to 18’ high. No handmade signs are to be displayed. Signs must be professionally made or from a computer printout. Feather signs are not permitted
2. Interior display heights at rear of booth may not exceed 8’ in height. Side partitions and display material may not exceed 3’ in height, for a distance of 5’ from the aisle. You should be able to stand in the front 5’ of your booth, look left to right and clearly see the neighboring exhibitors. Tent framing and/or tops are prohibited.
3. All tables must be skirted;
4. Carpet is not required, but encouraged as it enhances the look of your booth.
5. Stock must be kept out of view.
6. You are encouraged to incorporate flowers and landscaping in your booth whenever possible.
7. All trailers, booths, stands or structures, whether portable or fixed, must be professional looking, in good repair, structurally sound, neat in appearance and meet current Ohio Fire Codes, State building, electrical, safety and sanitation codes. Disability access must also be considered. Contractors not complying with these policies may be asked to dismantle and/or remove their exhibits or stands from the grounds.
8. No A-board type or any other type of freestanding sign may be placed OUTSIDE of a rented space.
9. All hoses are to be provided by the individual contractor. All connections must be tightly sealed to prevent leakage and have back flow preventative devices attached.
10. Drainage pipes and hoses must extend all the way into the drain. If hose(s) interfere or cross through a pedestrian walkway, a wastewater tank must be used instead of a hose. Wastewater must be dumped in green sanitary drains.
11. Contractors will not be given service by electricians or plumbers if equipment is found faulty or hazardous.
12. All outdoor exhibits, concessions and attractions are required to use landscaping materials in and around displays, ie., flowers, plants, astroturf, railroad ties, etc.
7 8
Space Rental Standards - during the Fair, the Rental Department Staff will complete evaluations of all Contractors to ensure that space rental standards are met. In addition, a photograph will be taken of your exhibit, stand or attraction to keep with your file. The criteria for the evaluations are as follows:
1. Adherence to contractual obligations (contracts, payments, insurance) and regulatory agency rules
2. Fresh, clean and unique product or service
3. Unique presentation
5. Compliance with prize giveaway rules
6. Concession cards posted and visible at all times
7. Well maintained, clean, bright and attractive booth
8. Visible, legible, professional signage
9. Stock and equipment out of customer's view
10. Business conducted within the confines of booth
11. Clean and tidy work area
12. Staff is presentable, in clean uniforms; conducting business professionally
13. Booth fully staffed during hours of operation
14. Prompt and friendly service
15. Water, grease and recycling (cardboard, plastic bottles, and cans) being properly removed
16. Percentage Contractors reporting gross sales between specified hours
9 10
Employee Hiring - Employee Tickets to Fair - Employees must be informed by Contractor if admission and/or parking tickets are furnished or if the cost will be deducted from the employees’ wages.
Background Check for Employees- In an effort to maintain a safe environment for our guests, Contractor agrees that all employees shall be subject to appropriate background checks, which must include a national sexual offender search, and that employment with Contractor be based on findings appropriate for position. Without limiting Contractor’s obligation herein, these checks can be done through a reputable private background check business consistent with industry standards, and there are also several sources that allow you to do your own limited checks of employees to ensure proper placement, such as the National Sex Offender Registry:; Franklin County Clerk of Court Checks: line (provides information on charges in Franklin county only).
Employee Records - Contractors must keep accurate records of employee hours worked, breaks, pay schedules, bonus or commission payments and other pertinent information.
Employee Termination - An employee who quits or is fired must be paid in full at time of termination.
Golf Cart Permits -all individually-owned or rented golf carts must be registered in the Administration Building Lobby. You must provide proof of auto liability insurance and a valid driver’s license to obtain a Golf Cart Permit. The 12 day permits are $200 or $20 for a daily. Participants operating carts without the proper permit will be fined for each violation. Any participant violating this rule more than twice, will lose their golf cart privileges and the cart will be confiscated by the State Highway Patrol. Pedestrians have the right away at all times and remember, most are our guests and should be treated as such. Mid Ohio Golf Car provides 2 seaters, 4 seaters and utility carts at a daily rate of $30 per cart for rentals of 5 days or more and $50 per cart, per day for rentals of 4 days or less. Their on-grounds location is just south of the O’Neill Swine Barn. Golf carts are not permitted off the designated golf cart route (marked by a blue line) between the hours of 10 am and Midnight. Golf carts are prohibited on grassy areas of the grounds. Any incident, no matter how minor, must be reported to the State Highway Patrol at (614) 466-6666. To rent a golf cart for use during the Fair, contact: Mid Ohio Golf Car, 2333 Hebron Road, Heath, Ohio 43056; 740-929-4633;; www.
Hospitality - The Hospitality area in the MarketPlace is a place of respite from on-going fair activities and provided as a “thank you” for long hours and hard work. All Contractors are invited to relax in the comfort of air-conditioning daily from 10 am - 9 pm.
License and Tax Requirements - As guests at the facility and the city, you must follow all local regulations, which are designed primarily to ensure public safety. You are required to comply with all federal, state and municipal laws and administrative rules, including but not limited to those relating to licenses and permits, property protected by copyright, work hours, work conditions, safety standards and payment of wages and taxes. Depending upon your particular situation, you may need to purchase certain licenses to legally operate your concession or exhibit. Contractors are solely responsible for knowing which licenses and permits are required for their operation and must obtain them. The following is not intended as an exhaustive list of all permits or licenses required to conduct business in the State of Ohio. Additional information is located on the website, under the vendor information tab, scroll to Local Laws, Rules and Regulations. It is your responsibility to review all information provided.
Concession License (means an activity that is required to be licensed under the authority of section 1711.11 of the Revised Code) - A concession license is required for those who operate shows, amusements other than rides, games or novelty stands. Novelties are defined as inexpensive souvenirs for sale that list the fair's name and/or logo and are approved for souvenir sale by the county or independent agricultural society or by the Ohio Expositions Commission. The only straight sales licensed under Section 1711.11 of the Revised Code and this rule are those selling novelties. Cost of the concession license is $70. It is issued for the calendar year and expires on December 31. Separate licenses are required for each game, show or novelty stand. They are good at any fair in the State of Ohio. Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) inspectors will frequently tour the midway and commercial buildings during the Fair. Contractors must display the license when open to the public. Contractors who do not have a copy of the ODA regulations pertaining to games, shows and novelty sales are encouraged to request a copy, contact: Ohio Department of Agriculture Amusement Ride Safety Division 8995 East Main Street Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068-3399 Phone: 614-728-6280 FAX: 614-728-6416 Email: After hours incident report line: 800-282-1955
Sales Tax - If you intend to make sales or accept orders at the Ohio State Fair, you must contact the Ohio Department of Taxation by July 1. The sales tax rate is 7.5%. The Ohio Department of Taxation must confirm that you are properly licensed to collect sales tax and that you have resolved all outstanding liabilities. To be properly licensed to conduct business at the Ohio State Fair, you must either maintain a Franklin County Vendor’s License which begins with 25 or a Transient Vendor’s License which begins with 89 or 91. If you maintain either of these licenses or need an application to apply for the license that best suits your needs, contact the Ohio Department of Taxation. Forms and instructions are available from the following website: Ohio Department of Taxation Columbus Service Center 4485 Northland Ridge Boulevard Columbus, Ohio 43229 Phone: 614-387-2176 or 614-387-1801 Fax: 614-387-1993 or 614-387-1849
11 12
License and Tax Requirements
City Income Tax - The City of Columbus has a 2.5% city income tax. Contractors are required to withhold this tax from wages, salaries, commissions and other compensation paid to employees 18 years of age or older for work performed within the City and remit it to the Columbus City Treasurer with the appropriate forms. In addition, any net profits resulting from the operation of a business or activity within the City of Columbus are subject to a city tax of 2.5% . Forms and instructions are available on their website or contact: City of Columbus Income Tax Division 77 N. Front Street, 2nd Fl. Columbus, Ohio 43218-3190 Phone: 614-645-7370
Employer and School District Withholding - The State of Ohio requires that Contractors withhold Ohio individual income tax from wages paid to employees. If the employee resides in a school district which has enacted a local school district income tax, the Contractor must withhold school district income tax, even if the Contractor conducts business in a school district that does not have a local school district income tax. To register with a withholding Agent, call toll free: 1-888-405-4039 or Inter/E-mail:\tax. For further info, contact:
Ohio Department of Taxation Employee Withholding and Withholding School District Attn: Business Compliance Division P.O. Box 1090 Columbus, Ohio 43216-1090
Individual and Corporate Income Tax - The State of Ohio imposes an individual income tax and a corporate income tax/net worth tax. All non-corporate operators must make estimated income tax payments and file yearly individual income tax returns. All corporate operators are subject to the Ohio corporate franchise tax. For further info contact:
Individual Income Tax Corporate Franchise Tax Ohio Department of Taxation Ohio Department of Taxation Taxpayer Services Division P.O. Box 27 P.O. Box 182215 Columbus, Ohio 43216-0027 Columbus, Ohio 43218-2215 Call toll free: 1-888-405-4039 Call toll free: 1-800-282-1780 Inter/E-mail:\tax Inter/E-mail:\tax
Mail, Shipping & Directions
US Mail - Outgoing US Mail letters only may be left in the Administration Building lobby and incoming letters that don’t require a signature will be held until claimed by the recipient. Upon the conclusion of the Fair, unclaimed mail will be returned to sender. When receiving mail or freight at the Fair, include the following information along with a cell phone number:
Freight Shipping & Drayage - No shipments will be accepted by the Ohio Expositions Commission prior to or during the Fair. However, if you need to send or receive a package there are several options:
Advance freight shipping and drayage can be handled through the official decorator of the Ohio State Fair. This is a billable service. For additional info contact: Expo Services, (740) 454-1201. FREIGHT TRUCK DELIVERIES must enter Gate 7 (11th Avenue) before 10 am. After 10 am, contact the Rental Services Department at (614) 466-8346 to make arrangements.
United Parcel Service (UPS) and Federal Express (FEDEX) are stationed inside Gate 10, west of the Sheep Barn, during the approximate times: UPS from 10:45am - Noon, Monday through Friday; FedEx Express at 10am and FedEx Ground between 9 am - 9:30 am, Monday through Friday, but does not stay so you must be at this location to accept delivery.
Once the Fair begins, deliveries will not be made to Contractors. You must meet the service truck to receive or drop off package(s). DO NOT USE THE OHIO STATE FAIR AS A BILLING ADDRESS, ONLY AS A SHIPPING ADDRESS.
Directions: From the north, take I-71 South to 17th Avenue - (Exit 111) or 11th Avenue (Exit 110) From the south, take I-71 North to 11th Avenue - (Exit 110) or 17th Avenue (Exit 111) From the west, take I-70 East to I-71 North. Take - I-71 North to 11th Avenue (Exit 110) or 17th
Avenue (Exit 111) From the east, take I-70 West to I-71 North. Take - I-71 North to 11th Avenue (Exit 110) or 17th
Avenue (Exit 111) Travelers from within Columbus may also reach the facility by taking Fourth street (from the south) or Summit Street (from the north) to 17th or 11th Avenues.
Name Business name; Location on the grounds; Booth # if in a building;
In care of (c/o): Ohio State Fair 717 E. 17th Ave. Columbus, Ohio 43211-2698
13 14
GATE 1 -Cardinal Gate (north of Lausche Building) pedestrian entrance from 7 am - 10 pm; pedestrian exit for 24 hours
GATE 2 - Velma Avenue (via parking entrance on 17th Ave.) pedestrian and vehicle access from 7 am - 11 pm; gate closed from 11 pm - 7 am
GATE 3 - 17th Avenue (at Velma Avenue) pedestrian entrance/exit from 7 am - 10 pm, vehicle exit from 7 am - 10 pm; pedestrian/vehicle; entrance/exit from 10 pm - 7 am
GATE 7 - 11th Avenue (east of OHIO Gate) pedestrian/ vehicle access from 7 am - 10 pm, pedestrian/vehicle exit from 10 pm - midnight; gate closed from midnight - 7 am
GATE 8 - OHIO Gate (11th Avenue) pedestrian entrance/exit from 7 am - 10 pm; pedestrian exit only from 10 pm - 7 am
GATE 9 - 11th Avenue (west of OHIO Gate) vehicle entrance/exit - 24 hours
GATE 10 - 17th Avenue (west of Brown Sheep Barn) pedestrian/vehicle entrance only from 7 am -10 pm; pedestrian/vehicle entrance/exit from 10 pm - 7 am
GATE 11 - 17th Avenue at Korbel pedestrian/ vehicle exit from 7 am - 11 pm; gate closed for 11 pm - 7 am
GATE 12 - Korbel Avenue (north of 17th Avenue) pedestrian/vehicle exit from 7 am - 11 pm; gate closed from 11 pm - 7 am
Operating Hours, Gate Hours and Locations - All concessions, exhibits, rides and attractions must be opened, operating and adequately staffed during the required hours of operation.
Gates, 7 am to 10 pm daily (except August 4 when gates close at 7pm)
Concession & Outdoor Exhibit Hours, 10 am to 10 pm (minimum)
Midway Rides & Attractions, 10 am to 11 pm (Sunday to Thursday); 10 am to Midnight (Friday & Saturday)
MarketPlace and Shoppes at North Commercial, 10 am to 9 pm daily (except August 4: 8 pm)
Business Hours for Administration Building: Prior to July 20: Mon - Fri, 8 am - 5 pm; July 20: 9 am - 4 pm; July 21: 10 am - 4 pm; July 22: 8 am - 5 pm; July 23: 8 am - 8 pm; July 24 - August 4: 8 am - 9 pm
1. Ethics - It is the policy of the Ohio Expositions Commission (“OEC”) to carry out its mission in accordance with the strictest ethical guidelines. To that end, we seek to ensure that OEC members and employees conduct themselves in a manner that fosters public confidence in the integrity of the OEC, its processes, and its accomplishments. Records of the OEC reflect that your company has conducted, or is planning to conduct, business with the OEC. As an entity doing business with the OEC, please be advised that no person or entity doing business or seeking to do business with, regulated by, or having interests before, the OEC shall:
• Promise or give to any member or employee of the OEC anything of value, by which is meant any item of monetary value, including but not limited to: money, gifts, food, beverages, social event tickets or expenses, travel expenses, golf outings, consulting fees, compensation or employment. Value in this context means worth greater than de minimis, or nominal. Examples of items generally regarded as de minimis value are coffee mugs, pens and lapel pens;
• Promise or give to any member or employee of the OEC any financial benefit;
• Promise or give to any member or employee of the OEC any form of compensation for the performance of his or her OEC duties or responsibilities;
• Promise or give to any member or employee of the OEC any promise of future employment unless in compliance with the Ethics Law;
• Promise or give to any member or employee of the OEC any honoraria prohibited by the Ethics Law.
2. Every person, company or organization participating in the Fair must have a contract signed by Fair Management.
3. All items sold, displayed or given away must be approved and listed on the contract.
4. Third party subleasing of a contracted space is prohibited. Any assignment attempted shall be subject to sanctions, including but not limited to the following, removal from the fair, forfeiture of all fees, deposits, payments or monies, and disbarment from doing business at future Ohio State Fairs.
5. Each business is confined to the specific space that appears on the contract.
Contractors found to have violated the Ohio Expositions Commission’s policies, rules and regulations shall be subject to sanctions, including but not limited to the following, removal from the Fair, forfeiture of all fees, deposits, payments or monies, and disbarment from doing business at future Ohio State Fairs.
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6. No person shall be permitted to make solicitations of any nature on the grounds, except in locations designated on the contract. No person will be permitted to post or display signs, distribute handbills or advertising material or sell or distribute free, any merchandise except persons under contract.
7. Roving vendors/solicitors, acting for either a for-profit or nonprofit organization, or on his or her own behalf, are not permitted on the grounds.
8. Erecting of signs that require excavation to Ohio State Fair/Ohio Expo Center property must have prior approval from the Rental Department.
9. Once assigned a space, a Contractor may not move without the approval of the Rental Department.
10. All exhibits and stands must be staffed during the required hours.
11. Contractors are not to close, dismantle or remove stands before the required Fair closing.
12. The contracted space must be left in the same condition as found. Contractor will be liable for any damage to space beyond normal wear and tear.
13. All erected structures must be dismantled and removed by 5 pm, August 5 (indoor) and 48 hours (outdoor) of the Fair closing.
14. Contractors using blacktop sealer or any other type of construction material for the rented space, must first receive approval from the Rental Department. If approved, a fee will be charged for re-stripping the area. All holes created in the blacktop must be filled with blacktop patch within 48 hours of the Fair closing.
15. Concessionaires/exhibitors must drape or panel their approved stock areas.
16. All exhibits, novelties and food/beverage concessions must have a professionally made sign displaying company name.
17. Handwritten signs are not permitted.
18. No signs, or any part of an exhibit may be attached to any Fair structure; i.e., posts, poles, columns, walls, etc.
19. No gummed or adhesive-backed stickers or signs of any kind are allowed on the grounds. You will be billed for any damages or costs the Fair incurs to remove these items from building, poles, benches, etc.
20. A-boards, easels or any other types of signs are not permitted outside of contracted space.
21. Concession cards MUST be posted in space at all times.
22. Written approval is required to set up a cold air inflatable or to fly a helium balloon above your space.
23. P.A. or sound systems are not permitted for food/beverage locations. All other exhibits/attractions desiring to use P.A. or sound system devices must have approval from the Rental Department. Contractors with approved P.A. or sound systems will have their privilege revoked if the noise level becomes too loud.
24. Selling or dispensing of apparel or other merchandise with offensive wording, lettering, or graphics as deemed by the Ohio State Fair staff will not be tolerated.
25. Use of the official Ohio State Fair or Ohio Expo Center logo on any item being sold or given away is prohibited without the written permission of the Rental Department.
26. No glass cups or bottles are to be sold or given away during the Fair.
27. No novelties, souvenirs, hats, visors, balloons, whistles or any other articles considered to be novelties, may be sold or given away by exhibitors, concessionaires or attractions without permission from the Rental Department.
28. No whips, knives, including pocket knives, hunting knives, etc., guns, martial arts items, handcuffs, grab bags, fireworks or bang caps may be sold at the Fair.
29. No mace, conducted energy weapon (taser, stun guns, etc) or any other self-protection device that has the ability to incapacitate an individual may be sold.
30. No lotteries or raffles shall be permitted at the Fair, other than the lottery conducted by the Ohio Lottery Commission.
31. No exotic smoking paraphernalia commonly used in narcotic and drug related activity is to be displayed or sold at the Ohio State Fair.
32. No auctions are to be held during the Ohio State Fair other than those conducted by Fair officials.
33. Contractors are required to keep their space and adjoining area clean and free of all garbage and litter. Barrels and compactors will be placed in suitable locations on the grounds for the collection of trash. Concessions dispensing foods which create garbage will be required to furnish sufficient garbage cans with covers to keep garbage in until the refuse trucks pick it up.
34. Contractors and their staff must be clean and neatly attired. Proper hygiene and dress is required at all times during operating hours. Persons found working who are not in compliance may be asked to leave their space.
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35. Vendors who wish to solicit orders or deliver merchandise, ie., food, beverage, propane, repair service, etc., on the grounds must first apply for a Purveyor Permit with the Rental Department.
36. Contractors must honor any exclusive contracts.
37. Animals, except for guide or service dogs, are not permitted on the grounds unless they are a crucial part of the exhibit, ie., livestock and 4-H events.
38. Ohio consumer protection law prohibits unfair and deceptive acts or practices in connection with consumer transactions. Any violation of Ohio’s consumer protection law is a violation of the rules and regulations of the Ohio Expositions Commission.
• Businesses at the Ohio State Fair with no Ohio storefronts must provide a three day right to cancel any sale at the Fair over $25.00.
• All vendors must clearly and conspicuously disclose all material terms of any offer. Fine print that is unreadable to the general public is not clear and conspicuous.
• All vendors who solicit consumer phone numbers must abide by all “Do Not Call” law requirements, including issuing appropriate disclosures and obtaining a consumer’s express written consent to be auto-dialed and left pre-recorded messages.
• All vendors must be prepared to substantiate all claims and representations they make about their goods or services. For example, a vendor claiming that its product cures an ailment must be able to prove with scientific data that its product does, in fact, cure the ailment.
39. Weapons and/or dangerous ordinances are not permitted on the grounds for the duration of the Fair with the exception of concealed handgun license holders. Persons licensed to carry concealed handguns must comply with all aspects of ORC 2923.12. This includes, but not limited to, prohibitions of carrying handguns inside enclosed facilities, such as restrooms.
40. Skateboards, hoverboards, roller skates, in-line skates, scooters, two-wheeled motorized vehicles and bicycles are not permitted on the grounds.
41. Any photographs taken of a Contractor, their employees, agents or invitees become the sole property of the Ohio Expositions Commission and may be used at Ohio Expositions Commission’s sole discretion without compensation or prior approval of Contractor, their employees, agents or invitees.
42. No laser beams are to be operated, sold or given away during the Fair.
43. The Rental Department reserves the right to require any Contractor to relocate to another location if it is in the best interest of the Ohio State Fair.
47. All product sampling must be approved by the Rental Department. Samples must be distributed from assigned space only. Samples may not exceed one bite-sized piece of a solid product, and two (2) ounces by volume of a non-alcoholic beverage product.
48. Movement of benches, chairs, tables, picnic tables, trash or recycling containers, flower pots, etc. is prohibited. Damaging of any trees, grass, shrubbery, flowers or other vegetation, signs or decorations on the grounds is prohibited.
49. All Contractors are to be professional and reasonable when dealing with customer complaints and returns. We will make every effort to help Fairgoers contact you and if necessary, at your sole expense, gain admission onto the grounds if there is an issue. It is your obligation and responsibility to resolve the complaint. Customer complaints made in writing that are brought to the attention of Fair Management will be documented and kept in your file.
50. In the event any Contractor fails to occupy a leased space by the scheduled opening time, Ohio State Fair Management may terminate the contract unless prior permisssion has been obtained. No refund will be made in such a case, and the Ohio Expositions Commission will be authorized to reallocate said space to another Contractor.
51. It is mandatory that prices for all products including food, drink and novelties are posted. The designated price charged is to be the same throughout the duration of the Fair.
52. The sale or display of confederate flags and/or confederate flag merchandise shall be prohibited. Any Contractor found selling any items featuring the image of the confederate flag will be asked to promptly remove them.
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Violation Notices - In order to maintain the Policies, Rules and Regulations outlined in this manual, the Rental Department, along with Building Superintendents and/or Liaisons, will issue verbal warnings to Contractors to correct a situation. If the situation has not been resolved in an appropriate amount of time, a Violation Notice will be issued requiring the situation be corrected immediately. In the question of a rule violation, the Rental Department will submit notice to the General Manager. The General Manager will hold a meeting regarding the violation, at which time the Contractor may present evidence or witnesses on his or her behalf. Upon completion of the meeting, the General Manager will make a ruling.
Prize Drawings and Giveaways - All prize drawings and giveaway items must be approved by the Rental Department prior to opening of the Fair. If you offer prizes or give away free items during the Ohio State Fair, you must comply with the following requirements of Ohio Law, including:
A complete description of the product/service along with the rules of the drawing must be submitted to the Rental Department.
Clearly disclose the market value of the prize or free item.
Clearly disclose any conditions that must be met in order to be awarded the prize or free item, such as the requirement to listen to a sales pitch, etc.
There must be no purchase requirement or incidental charges to receive a prize, such as the payment of a service charge, mailing charge or other similar charge.
Provide the Rental Department with a list of winner’s name(s) and address(es) by September 1.
No raffles or selling “chances” for any product or dollar amount.
Promotional Day - Contractors are encouraged to participate in Family Value Day by offering a discount on products or services. This is an advertised discount day. If you complete the form and return it with your contract a brightly-colored display sign announcing your participation and discount information will be included in your contract packet. Additional display signs may be requested when you pick up your packet in the Administration Building. You can download the form from the website,, vendor information, 2019 forms.
Signage for Amusement Rides - Each owner of an amusement ride must display a sign at each ride containing, at a minimum, the following language: “Section 1711.551 of the Revised Code requires that riders must obey all warnings and directions regarding this ride and behave in a manner that will not cause or contribute to injury to themselves or to others. Failure to comply is a misdemeanor.”Additional language shall be posted explaining the operational instructions and/or requirements for each ride, ie., height, size or other physical requirements and other duties and obligations of the rider. Warnings and directions shall be based on current industry standards, manufacturer’s recommendations for a ride, the standards of ASTM, operator rules for the ride based on their knowledge and experience, or other nationally recognized authorities. All signs must be clearly visible to the public entering the ride. Signs should be bold, simple and to the point. All signs must be clearly legible with letters a minimum of 3” high. Additional methods of providing warnings and directions may include pre recorded messages, live P.A. announcements, pictures or video.
Banking - Several Automated Teller Machines (ATM’s) are located throughout the grounds for your convenience:
1. East entrance to the MarketPlace Building 7. Inside Gate 8, OHIO 2. South entrance to the Midway 8. Gilligan Restaurant (exterior) 3. Inside Gate 1 9. East of Taste of Ohio Cafe 4. Northwest of Ag & Hort Building 10. Inside the following buildings:Ag & Hort, Celeste, 5. East of Rhodes Center Coliseum, MarketPlace, Voinovich 6. North of Kiddieland (near carousel)
Banking facilities are not available; however, the State Treasurer’s Office maintains an office in the Highway Patrol Headquarters trailer, located just east of Gate 3, and can make change for your operation. Hours of operation are Monday through Saturday, 8:30 am to Noon and 12:45 pm to 4 pm; Sunday, 10 am to Noon and 12:45 pm to 4 pm.
Decorating & Forklift - The contracted Fair Decorator can provide a number of things to make your stay more comfortable and provide a professional, finished look to your display. Such as furniture, table skirting, carpet, banners, audio visual equipment, forklift and drayage services to name a few. Act quickly to take advantage of special pricing for advance orders. The Ohio State Fair does not provide a forklift for loading/unloading. This must be contracted via the Fair Decorator. Contact Expo Services at (740) 454-1201 for further information. A decorating packet is available on the website,, vendor information, 2019 forms.
Plumbing - All plumbing requests are to be made at the Maintenance Office, east of the Natural Resources Park, and south of the Buckeye Building. They will be open beginning July 15. The hours of operation during setup are 7:30 am to 4:30 pm weekdays, 7 am - 3:30 pm on weekends and 7 am to 9 pm during the Fair. Plumbers are unable to assist with any internal plumbing problems. Contractors must also meet the following requirements:
• Hoses are to be provided by Contractor. All connections must be water tight. Drainage pipes and hoses must extend all the way into the drain. If the hose(s) interfere or cross through a pedestrian walkway, a wastewater tank must be used instead. Wastewater tanks must be dumped in a green sanitary drain. Failure to comply with this regulation will constitute grounds for closing a stand.
• Back flow connectors and devices are required for each water feed hose into every concession stand. Have back flow prevention assembly tested as required by Columbus City Code, Section 1113.01.
Color-Coded Drains - All storm, water and sanitary drains, along with approved water sources, will be color coded as follows: storm water drain - yellow; sanitary drain - green and water taps - blue. All concessions must drain into the Green sanitary drains. If the drain is not color-coded, do not use it. Anyone found in violation, i.e., discharging into a storm drain, is subject to the Ohio Revised Code 6111.04 and may be subject to a fine of $10,000 per day. Refer to City of Columbus Storm Water on the website for additional information (, vendor information - local laws, rules and regulations).
21 22
Electrical - Indoor Contractors get 1 standard 20 amp (2000 watts) service included in booth fee and don’t need to order electric unless additional service is needed. If you are an outside Contractor and have ordered electric, you must check in with the Electrical Service Provider located in the Maintenance Department, east of the Natural Resources Park and south of the Buckeye Building. Service is scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. The hours of operation during setup are 7 am to 3:30 pm and 7 am to 10 pm during the Fair. Requests for early electrical disconnects will be taken until 5 pm on August 4 and will take place between 10 pm- 11:15 pm. All others will be disconnected beginning at 7 am on August 5. Electricians start at both the north and south ends of the grounds and work until completed and because of this neither the electricians or the Maintenance Office can provide a disconnect time.
The electrical service provider will ensure each Contractor receives the ordered service and the actual consumption of each participant will be closely monitored. It is the Contractors responsibility to be aware of power needs and order adequate power to supply those needs. Contractors will be held liable for any damages caused by excessive power consumption and will be subject to fines up to $500 and/or any additional costs for associated repair or replacement of equipment damaged.
Rates are for the connection and consumption of electricity only. Any labor or materials (cords, cables, connectors, plugs, etc.) required for services or maintenance of inside the contracted space is the responsibility of the Contractor. Contractor must supply the following minimum size cord and plug:
20 amp 110 volt #12/3 wire cord 20 amp 110 volt Standard grounding plug 30 amp 208 volt #10/4 wire cord 30 amp 208 volt NEMA 14-30 Arrow Hart #5732AN or equal
50 amp 208 volt # 6/4 wire cord 50 amp 208 volt NEMA 14-30 Arrow Hart #5752AN or equal
100 amp 208 volt # 2/4 wire cord 100 amp 208 volt Will be hooked up direct
For 3-phase or voltages or amperages not listed, check with the Rental Department on availability and cost. Electricians have been instructed not to provide service to any appliance, trailer or panel that is not properly grounded. Electricians will not provide service to non-UL approved equipment or faulty or hazardous equipment. No wiring will be done in individual stands or trailers by the electrical service provider.
The Ohio Expositions Commission expressly denies responsibility for electrical failures, and any damage to equipment or property caused by drops or increases in power supply, low voltage or power surges. Correspondingly, all Contractors expressly agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Ohio Expositions Commission, its members, employees and contractors from such claims. In no case will the Ohio Expositions Commission be held responsible for loss of profits, revenues or loss of equipment.
Exclusive Purveyors - The Ohio Expositions Commission has contracted with exclusive vendors to supply goods and/or services during the Fair. If you intend to purchase ice and/or water for sale or for giveaways, you must use the following vendors:
Ice - Capital City: The vendor will deliver ice until 10 am daily. After 10 am, ice will only be delivered to Contractors with storage capacity of five or more 22 lb. bags. Contractors requiring less than five bags must go to the Truck Supply Compound to pick up ice. Ice is available 8:30 am to 7 pm daily.
Bottled Water - Pepsi: Water delivery is available until 10 am daily. After 10 am, water will only be delivered to Contractors with storage capacity of 5 or more cases of the 20 oz. bottles. Contractors requiring less than 5 cases must go to the Truck Supply Compound to pick up water. Water is available from 7 am to 3 pm daily.
Purveyor Permits - All vendors who sell or deliver goods or services to Contractors on the grounds must purchase a Purveyor Permit. This permit must be displayed on the vehicle window to gain access to the grounds. Permits are available in the Administration Building Lobby at a cost of $250 for the first permit and $125 for each additional permit. This permit allows a truck, driver and one helper onto the grounds before 10 am daily. Deliveries made after 10 am must go to the truck compound (Gate 7).
First Aid - A first aid facility is located on the east side of the Ag & Hort Building. Emergency service is available July 24 through August 4. The first aid facility hours are: Sunday -Thursday, 10 am to 11 pm; Friday & Saturdays, 10 am to Midnight. Physicians will not be on duty. Paramedics will be on staff to offer basic first aid. In case of an emergency, call 9-1-1.
Grease Removal - Under no circumstance is grease or any solid waste material to be poured into rubbish barrels, dumpsters or drains. Anyone found violating this rule will be subject up to a $1,000 fine and may jeopardize future contracts with the Ohio Expositions Commission. Grease removal will be conducted by a designated company, which will provide containers approximately one week prior to the Fair. Grease barrels are placed behind or near concession locations by the designated grease removal company. Pick up will be provided throughout the Fair. If you have any questions, please contact the Rental Services Department at 614-466-8346.
Recycling & Trash Pickup and Removal - The Ohio Expositions Commission has a mandatory recycling program for cardboard, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and clean paper (no food wraps or containers). All cardboard should be broken down and placed in a cardboard compactor or stacked next to the recycling containers.
You are responsible for maintaining your contracted space. During operating hours, trash, including food storage and delivery crates, cannot be stored outside your location and must be kept out of public view. You shall deposit rubbish and debris in your own trash bags and receptacles. You cannot take any Ohio State Fair receptacles and place in your location. Rubbish and debris should be placed outside your location after operating hours in a neat and orderly fashion for pick up.
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Security - Security for the Shoppes at North Commercial and Marketplace will begin July 20 at 8 pm through August 5, until 6 am. Once the building is closed to the public, no one, including Contractors, will be admitted until 8 am each morning. For security reasons, all MarketPlace Contractors are required to use the large overhead door located on the north side of the building prior to opening and after closing and for this reason we must limit usage to the north restrooms only. All special duty security guards hired to protect a particular display or exhibit must be approved by the Rental Department and the State Highway Patrol. No special duty guards shall carry firearms. Traffic, parking and security on the grounds is under the supervision of the State Highway Patrol. The on-grounds State Highway Patrol phone number is 614-466-6666, and headquarters is located east of Gate 3 from July 23 at 6 am until August 5 at 7 am, 24 hours a day. To be of better service to you and our guests, the State Highway Patrol offers lost and found so any articles found should be turned in to the Highway Patrol Headquarters. Any misplaced person should be directed to the nearest trooper or to Highway Patrol Headquarters.
Shuttle Service - Contractor shuttle service will be available from 7:45 am - 10 am and 9 pm - 9:45 pm daily. The shuttle stop locations are in front of the Shower House, MarketPlace (north overhead door), Shoppes at North Commercial (north entrance next to Ag & Hort) and the designated handicap parking area. Public shuttle buses are available throughout the day. For schedules and stops refer to the official map of the grounds which are available from your Building Superintendent, Information Booths or in the Administration Building Lobby.
Storing Inventory during the Fair - Supply and inventory trucks will not be permitted to park next to, or adjacent to, exhibit buildings or stands during the Fair. The truck supply compound is an area located southwest of the Buckeye Building and is designated for storage. It can be easily accessed when you need to restock. Spaces will be assigned in the compound on a first-come, first-serve basis. With a load/unload permit, from Midnight to 10 am each day, you can drive to the Truck Supply Compound and deliver stock to your booth or stand. After 10 am, you must use a hand truck to deliver items. If you are having products delivered by truck during the Fair, you must make sure the deliveries arrive between Midnight and 10 am. If they are delivered later than 10 am, they must be hand trucked from the gate to the Truck Supply Compound or your stand. Contractors will be required to pay for electric service for stock vehicles, if needed. The rates are as follows and prices are subject to change without notice.
20amp @$160 30amp @ $290 50amp @ $325 100 amp @ $385
Telephone and Data Line - All communication services must be purchased from NetSteady Communications Inc. as they are the exclusive provider of telephone dial tone, wiring, circuits, and Internet service to all Contractors. NetSteady Communications has a highly qualified staff with years of industry experience and their employees are very familiar with the facilities. They are very service oriented and will respond to your request 24/7. For assistance or questions, please call, 614-255-5575. NetSteady Communications, Inc., 423 East Town Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215.
Administration Building, 717 East 17th Avenue, Cols, Ohio 43211 614-644-FAIR (3247)
Capital City Ice, 3080 Valleyview Dr., Cols, Ohio 43204 614-272-8404 Coca-Cola, 4500 Groves Rd, Cols, Ohio 43232 614-863-7200
Columbus City Income Tax, 77 N. Front Street, Cols, Ohio 43215 614-645-7370
Columbus Health Department, 240 Parsons Ave, Cols, Ohio 43215 614-645-7417
Expo Services, PO Box 2969, Zanesville, Ohio 43702 740-454-1201
Fire 614-644-4444
Haas & Wilkerson Insurance, 4300 Shawness Mission Pky, Fairway KS 66205 800-821-7703
Magnetic Springs Water Co., 1917 Joyce Ave, Cols, Ohio 43219 614-421-1780 / 800-572-2990
Mid Ohio Golf Car, 2333 Hebron Road, Heath, Ohio 43056 740-929-4633 NetSteady Communications Inc., 423 East Town Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215 614-255-5575
ODA, Ride Safety Division, 8895 East Main St., Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068 614-728-6280
Ohio Department of Taxation (Income Tax) 800-282-1780
Ohio Department of Taxation (Sales Tax) 614-387-2176 Ohio Department of Taxation (Withholding) 888-405-4089
O'Neil Tents & Party Supplies, 895 W. Walnut St., Canal Winchester, Ohio 43110 614-837-6352 / 800-RENTENT
Pepsi Cola Bottling Company, 1241 Gibbard Ave, Cols, Ohio 43219 614-255-6715 Rental Department 614-466-8346
Selby Propane, 5800 Borah Hill Rd. SE, Lancaster, Ohio 43130 800-562-0353
State Fire Marshal's Office, 8895 E. Main St, Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068 614-752-8200
State Highway Patrol 614-466-6666
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