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Excel Inquire for Auditing and Compliance

Nov 19, 2014



Overview of Excel Inquire for Auditing and Compliance features including SharePoint Audit Control Management Server and Discovery Risk Assessment Server

  • 1. Excel Inquire for Auditing and Compliance Jen Underwood Founder & Principal Consultant Impact Analytix, LLC @idigdata quickly make a positive impact

2. Microsoft Excel users are often disaffected business BI users who are unable to conduct the analysis they want using enterprise, IT-centric tools. Since these users are the typical target users of data discovery tool vendors, Microsoft's aggressive plans to enhance Excel will likely pose an additional competitive threat beyond the mainstreaming and integration of data discovery features as part of the other leading, IT-centric enterprise platforms. With the introduction of Office 2013, these target users will begin to have a compelling reason to use the BI and data discovery capabilities they already have in their beloved Excel. Source: Gartner BI Magic Quadrant 2013 3. Excel 2013 4. Inquire for Excel Auditing and Compliance To address Sarbanes Oxley regulations and others that require spreadsheets controls Microsoft integrated Prodiance functionality New controls for spreadsheet governance, audit and monitoring Database Compare Server based Discovery and Risk Assessment Official Blog announcement find-all-your-data-connections-with- office-discovery-and-risk-assessment/ 5. Inquire for Excel Auditing and Compliance 6. Inquire for Excel Auditing and Compliance Inquire Functionality Workbook analysis Relationship diagrams Spreadsheet compare Formatting aids Diagnoses errors, inconsistencies, hidden information and dependencies Reporting features Additional information on TechNet us/library/jj612850(v=office.15).aspx 7. Workbook Analysis 8. Spreadsheet Compare 9. Relationship diagrams Workbook Worksheet Cell 10. Audit and Control Management Server Automates auditing of Excel spreadsheets (also Access) on corporate file shares and SharePoint document libraries Cell level audit trail Version control Change control Security Data integrity Complemented by Discovery and Risk Assessment Server Another SharePoint Server solution Provides inventory and analysis features 11. Audit and Control Management Server How SharePoint Audit and Control Manager Works Discover and Inventory files to Control Save file as a Controlled file Can work with Controlled file on desktop Audit Trails now saved in SharePoint New Spreadsheet Controls Management White Paper us/library/jj983808(v=office.15).aspx 12. Discovery and Risk Assessment Server