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EWS Final Presentation1

Jan 26, 2017




    Brought to you by:

    Justin B. Bogdanski I

  • Marketing Intern

    Under Sheerah Singer

  • Tasks/ Projects

    Twitter help/guidelines 3rd Floor Layout and Key Thank-you card Picture day help; Editing What does $11b look like? Helped at the Hell Gate Tournament Operation Backpack Set up party Instagram Account EWS Intern/FP Videos

  • Thank You Card

  • Picture Day / Editing

  • What does $11 billion look like?

    3 cups of coffee daily for 1 million people for 4 years

    Every subway ride in NYC for 2 years

    55 seasons of ticket revenue for the NY Knicks

    121 tons of $100 bills

    27x height of Empire State Bldg if stacked in $100 bills

    42x wrapped around the world if laid out in $1 bills

  • Operation Backpack

  • Hell Gate Rugby Tournament

    Solicited contributors to the Raffle Basket

    Kinsale Tavern

    Bad Kids Collective

    Raffle slips

    Live posting to social media



  • Instagram

  • Instagram

  • Instagram

  • Instagram

  • Day In The Life Videos

    Financial Professional Video

    Summer Experience Intern Video

  • Non-tangible contributions

    Forward-looking mindset

    Strategic ideas

    Office Morale

    Leadership by example

  • What I got out of my experience:

    Appreciation of Financial Advising Technical skills

    Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator

    Marketing/Branding knowledge from Sheerah Office environment experience Further development of work ethic, time

    management, and organization Examples of successful leadership / training Friends/future business connections Free Lunch

  • Recommendation:

    Intern requirement - Brand Brief better

    understanding of the business

  • Recommendation

    Raise the temperature on the east

    side of the office

  • How to improve Marketing Dept.

    Hire a full-time employee for Sheerah

    Allocate more money for Advertising/Strategy

    Develop campaign for Twitter, Facebook,

    Instagram, LinkedIn

  • Future Careers at EWS

    Recommend to others, absolutely


    Noble mission

    Potentially very successful profession

    For myself, potentially but uncertain

    Marketing Major

    Start-up in future

  • Thank you!

  • Questions?

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