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Evaluating Social Media Tools That Work for You

Aug 11, 2014


A presentation I gave at the Social Intelligence 2014 Conference in San Francisco.

  • Evaluating Social Media Tools that Work for You By TONY OBREGON #socialintel2014 Twitter: @tonyobregon
  • A social media tool is whatever makes your job easier. An App Software as a Service Website Online Subscription Social Network
  • Many Reasons for Using Social Tools Monitor online perceptions and enhance brand reputation online Engage key audiences such as customers, prospects, media, employees Support business units including sales, customer service, marketing Increase productivity (especially if you have a small team do more with less) Measure and analyze online campaigns and program activities Inform future strategies and set goals for your organization
  • Luckily, there is no shortage of social media tools.
  • Twitter 3rd Party Tools Contributed to the Explosion Over 1 million Twitter apps in 2011 Created by close to 750,000 developers A new app registered every 1.5 seconds Many of them started with TW! Source: Twitter Blog, July 11, 2011
  • 3 Trends Impacting the Social Media Tools Market Today
  • Trend #1: Market Consolidation Tech Giant Entering the Market Smaller Vendors Joining Forces Some Vendors Closing Shop Mergers and acquisitions are shaping a new social media tools market.
  • Trend #2: Social Business is Here SALES & BIZ DEV CUSTOMER SUPPORT HUMAN RESOURCES PR/COMMS/ MARKETING IT DEPARTMENT More business units are depending on social media tools.
  • Trend #3: Multipurpose Tools Cross-functional Team-centric Vendor-agnostic Multi-channel Trend #3 is a byproduct of trends #1 and #2 as vendors merge tools and make them more useful to a wider variety of users.
  • Categories of Social Media Tools Content PublishingSocial Monitoring Channel Measurement Influencer Identification A simplified look at four main areas of social media.
  • Category: Social Monitoring Tools for capturing online conversations and analyzing whats being said. Email Alerts Key Features to Assess: Channels Included Automated Sentiment Geography & Language Metadata Analyzed Authority Analysis
  • Category: Content Publishing Rapid Response Key Features to Assess: Multi-channel Posting Auto Syndication Mobile Device Support Advanced Scheduling Team Workflow Tools for syndicating digital assets to a variety of online channels and networks.
  • Category: Channel Measurement Post Data Details Key Features to Assess: Engagement Metrics Data Collections Keywords/Hashtags Tools for aggregating social metrics across your channels on social networks. Channels Included Tool Integration
  • Category: Influencer Identification Tools for finding and ranking the most authoritative experts in certain subjects. Content Analyzed Key Features to Assess: International Scope List Management Authority Ranking Manual Edits Reporting Options
  • Popular Social Media Tools & Vendors Influencer Identification Channel Measurement Content Publishing Social Monitoring
  • 4 Key Questions to Ask Yourself 1. What are total costs? 2. Will teams find this tool easy to use? 3. What kind of training/support do we get? 4. Do other tools integrate with this?
  • How Much Should I Budget for Social Media Tools Per Year? Source: KissMetrics, 2012 In 2012, survey said: 74% pay less than $1,200 a year 19% pay $6K - $60K a year 4% pay $60K - $120K a year 2% pay more than $120K a year
  • Free Social Media Tools
  • Measurement of Twitter Campaigns Analyzes last 50 mentions of a hashtag or keyword Uses Boolean language Provides estimated reach and exposure/impressions Ranks top contributors Lists each tweets with details You can order a full report of all tweets for only $20
  • Optimize & Manage Twitter Accounts Add multiple accounts up to 10K followers Details on who you follow & those following you Filter your community by a number of variables Create smart lists from searches Get insights into best times to tweet and Import email addresses to boost your network
  • Create Custom Tabs on Facebook Build tabs on Facebook for contests, coupons, polls, fangates, etc. Completely free to connect your other social networks to your Facebook page Easy to use interface Reporting capabilities Premium accounts are based on number of fans so pricing is very reasonable
  • Identify Phony Twitter Accounts Find out if an influencer has bought followers Get percentage breakouts of suspicious vs. inactive vs. good followers It identifies suspicious accounts for you for action Unlimited number of searches Ability to share results with your networks
  • Analyze Social Media Channels Instant metrics that analyze your social network activity Multiple reports for Facebook and Twitter Almost every channel covered including LinkedIn, Pinterest, Vine & Instagram Ability to link Google Analytics to get reports on your website or blog Reports are colorful and extremely insightful
  • For real user reviews of social media tools, check out TrustRadius
  • The Right Tool for Someone Else May Be the Wrong Tool For You Know What You Need Before You Invest
  • THANK YOU @tonyobregon