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Europe Alongthe Danube

May 19, 2015



Europe Alongthe Danube


2. Danube River, with 2.850 km in lengths, is the second in Europe after Volga. At 60km NE of Lake Constance, in the Black Forest (Germany), two tributaries: Brigach and Breg join together in Donaueschingen and formtheDanube River . It flows along the borders of the following countries: Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatzia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldavia and Ucraina. 3. The junction of Brigach (left) with Breg (right) is the origin ofDanube(centre) Donaueschingen(Germany) 4. Danube through Donaueschingen 5. DanubethroughUlm(Germany) 6. CrossingIngolstadt(Germany) 7. Regensburg(Germany) 8. Germany, atPassau 9. Austria, atLinz 10. Crossing throughKrems(Austria) 11. And the capital of Austria,Vienna 12. Crossing silently through another capital, Bratislava - Slovakia. 13. And like a Capitals River, it crossies one more: Budapest, Hungary. 14. In the croatian teritory, atVukovar 15. And now in Serbia atNovi Sad 16. And now it enters another capital,Belgrad , where it joines Sava River. 17. Belgrad , the Capital of Serbia 18. Its entrance in Romania atTurnu Severin 19. A periferic passage near Bulgaria, atVidin 20. ...and atRuse 21. Then Romania, atBraila 22. AtGalati,Romania, the last country visited. 23. AtTulcea , near the end of its journey. 24. From theLetea Forest , it forms the well known Danube Delta. 25. The DanubeDelta - Romania , an environmentally protected area... 26. ...and classified as a UNESCO World Patrimony 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. And finally it meets the Black Sea ... 33. Source : WikipdiaFotos : FlickrMusic : The Blue DanubeAuthor : Komar05.04.2008