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Ethics & Business Sustainability

Jan 10, 2017



  • open up

    Heres to celebrating growth and success:

    New manufacturing and solutions centre - The Engine Room.

    A companys strength lies in its people

    A new journey begins at our new factory

    To accompany OPEN Magazine, Issue #5

    South A


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    Another year has passed and Im still a firm believer that as an organization, balance and success are achieved by firmly placing one leg on the customer and the other on our business. As with every organization, looking after our people and servicing our customers plays an important role in our growth!

    This is evident through our investment in the building on Old Pretoria road, the new home for the manufacturing, mining, sustainable development and education divisions. It boasts the latest Schneider Electric building standards whilst promising excellent business collaboration and proper customer interaction and training.

    It is truly world-class!

    Eric Leger,

    Country President, Southern Africa

    3 Roles Field Services and Human Resources

    on another level

    4 Focus on A changing world: Ethics and business


    6 User guide Things that keep employees motivated

    to stay in an organization

    7 Success stories From good to Great - New Cool Site

    for our Factory Employees

    8 Good news Dream. Believe. Achieve Empowering

    the next generation of leaders


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    Look after your people and theyll look after your customersOver the years, companies have shifted their focus on valuing people and servicing customers. Both customer and people are viewed as being significant to an organisations growth and survival. Human Resources and Field Services roles are huge players in this!

    Phindokuhle Mohlala VP Human Resources - Africa & Caribbean Zone

    Bongani Twala Field Services Director

    Phindo has more than 20 years of solid experience in Human Resources

    and joined Schneider Electric in May. She spent the last 7 years at ABB as Executive Board Member and the Regional Senior Vice President Human Resources, responsible for 12 countries in Africa. Prior to that she held HR leadership roles in including BP and Air Chefs.

    Her role was focused on developing the talent pipeline, implementing graduate programs and developing innovative talent accelerator schemes to attract and maintain skills. Her strong background and passion for people and business will bring us a lot of innovation in the Africa & Caribbean Zone.

    As Director for the Service business, Bongani is tasked with

    providing leadership to the Services business of Schneider Electric in Southern Africa. This encompasses all tasks from Products Installation and Commissioning to end of life services across all Schneider business units servicing Industry, Utilities and Buildings.

    Bongani has held engineering, project management and senior management roles in leading multinational engineering companies, spanning over 15 years serving the Utilities and Industry. In his last role prior to joining Schneider Electric, he was Senior Vice President, Service, at ABB for South Africa and Southern Africa.



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    A Changing World Ethics and Business SustainabilityA companys attitude towards governance in general, its various policies concerning the environment, the way in which it treats its employees and the way in which it treats its partners and the communities in which it operates in, are all part of its overall ethical behavior. This behavior is the principle factor in determining a companys public image which in turn represents the way in which the public views the company and any brand associated with it.

    Unethical behavior may irreparably damage a companys reputation and make it less appealing to stakeholders. Business has come to realize that there is a critical need for companies to act in a way which goes beyond profit-based motivations, towards a more sustainable model which works for all stakeholders. Amongst others, ethical companies with strong public images enjoy the following benefits;

    protection from being acquired by competitors, reduced employee turnover, improved productivity, attractive places to work, attracting talent, improved sales and profits, improved growth and business sustainability, higher share prices, and ultimately happier shareholders.

    Schneider Electric, internationally, certainly acknowledges this and makes its stance on ethics very clear in its Mission Statement;

    Responsibility and People are foremost in Schneider Electrics strategy for growth, profitability and ultimate sustainability. We as employees of Schneider Electric should be proud of the fact that we have a formalised ethic code of conduct, which speaks to our five key stakeholders; employees, shareholders, business partners, the planet and society.

    Our Principles of Responsibility together with a sound Corporate Governance Framework enabled Conlog and Schneider Electric to both be

    Edgar Reynolds Finance Business Controller


    s o


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    awarded anti-corruption compliance certification in March 2014. The certification was awarded by the ETHIC Intelligence Certification Committee. Ethic Intelligence, a French organization has since 2006, been providing third-party assurance of the effectiveness of their companys anti-corruption compliance management systems, processes and procedures. ETHIC Intelligence relies on their sound knowledge of anti-corruption legislation as well as their understanding of day-to-day business realities to help companies strengthen and promote their respective anti-corruption compliance programs through such certification.

    Being certified, we can now use our compliance efforts, not only to effectively mitigate the risks of

    bribery and corruption in our business dealings, but also to differentiate ourselves positively vis--vis partners, employees and other stakeholders. We need to communicate and embrace initiatives such as our Responsibility & Ethics Dynamics Programme, Our Principles of Responsibility and our Governance Framework, using them as tools to support us in strengthening our public image and taking the Schneider Electric brand from strength to strength.

    Schneider Electric has a zero tolerance stance on unethical behaviorw.

    For assistance, challenge your Manager,interrogate the management System orvisit Our Principles of Responsibility onthe intranet

    Familiarise yourself with themain Documents supportingGovernance in Schneider Electric:

    - Our Principles of Responsibility- Corporate Governance Framework- Fraud, Corruption & Business Ethics Policy- Gift & Hospitality Policy- Moonlighting Policy- Competition Compliance Policy- Limits of Authority Instruction- Intellectual Property, Copyright & Data Protection Policy

    Workplace ethics and behavior are a crucial part of employment, as both are aspects that can assist our company in its efforts to be profitable. In fact, ethics and behavior are just as important to most companies as performance as high morale and teamwork are two ingredients for success. Every business in every industry has certain guidelines to which its employees must adhere, and frequently outline such aspects at inductions and townhall meetings.

    Ethics is everyones responsibility

    Tackling the stakes of today and tomorrow to support Responsible & Profitable Growth, keeping People at the Heart of our Strategy.

    Focus o


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    Luthando Makiwane:Im motivated by the passion I have for what I do and also having a good manager that allows me to be creative in my work and is always supportive. My colleagues are very engaging and the

    training opportunities available have contributed to my retention here.

    Nozibele Ntabekwana:I have had a chance to view the organisation from different perspectives while working from a receptionist, to my current position in Business Development. At the end of it all,

    it does boils down to the passion one has and the positive attitude you bring each day to work.

    Carel Scheepers:Schneider Electric has evolved in an explosive way. This is what motivates me, the global commitment to being the best. We are an organisation with diversity on so many levels. The challenges

    presented push one to grow, to exceed your own expectations and the working environment is solid.

    Jenny van Rooyen:I was particularly attracted to working for Schneider because of its strong global presence. There are many opportunities in terms of personal and career development and the work-life balance is

    a plus. Collaboration amongst sales teams and support from other the bFO stewards is a huge motivator.

    Employee motivation: What drives the workforceWhen it comes to job satisfaction, financial rewards are not enough. A motivated employee is a valua

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