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ETD 2005 BDTD – The Brazilian National ETD Project

Dec 17, 2015



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  • ETD 2005 BDTD The Brazilian National ETD Project
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  • ETD 2005 Ana Pavani Sueli Maffia PUC-Rio IBICT Rio de Janeiro BrasliaBrazil
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  • BDTD Biblioteca Digital de Teses e Dissertaes
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  • Between 1995 and 2000 PUC-Rio, UFSC and USP started and consolidated ETD projects: They worked independently no coordination and no cooperation They belong to different organizations the first is private, the second belongs to the Federal Govt and the third to the Govt of the State of So Paulo They are located in the SO and SE regions of the country (most developed and responsible for the highest percentage of the GNP)
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  • IBICT Instituto Brasileiro de Informao em Cincia e Tecnologia: Belongs to the Ministry of Science & Technology Is the legal deposit of T&D of Brazilians who go abroad for graduate work funded by federal agencies Hosts the database of referential records of Brazilian T&Ds (over 140 K)
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  • In January 2001 IBICT took the leadership to start a national project funded by the Ministry of Science & Technology: Motivation: increase presence of Brazils scholarly publication on the Internet Goal: build na integrated digital library of ETDs
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  • Objectives: Promote local ETD-DL (universities) Develop and distribute a toolkit and training Develop national ETD metadata standard Maintain compatibility with international standards and practices
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  • Objectives: Develop a system architecture compatible with Open Archives Initiative (OAI) Integrate national and international ETD initiatives
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  • Other founding institutions: The 3 universities with ETD projects BIREME (PAHOs & WHOs library for Latin America and the Caribbean) Federal agencies related to higher education
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  • Activities & results: MTD-Br national metadata standard for ETDs to Allow a union catalog to be created Be compatible with ETD-ms Yield information on ETDs, funding, geography, areas of knowledge, etc. TEDE an open and free SW solution to publish ETDs (based on the VT model of student participation)
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  • Implementation of the OAI-PMH with the 3 original universities Training sessions and support to institutions all over the country to start ETD projects Co-sponsorship (with UNESCO) of an online tutorial to train teams for ETD projects versions in Portuguese and in Spanish TEDE # 2 an open and free SW solution to be used by librairies (difficulties in accepting student participation!!)
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  • Problems, solutions & challenges: General: a national project is a real challenge in a country that has sharp differences in human development (as defined by the UNDP) The solution to this problem is a not in the scope of the BDTD project
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  • Problems, solutions & challenges: Change of culture in some institutions: Some institutions did not believe that ETDs are important Others thought they were for developed countries Solution: intensive training program that started in 2001 co-sponsored by IBICT, UNESCO and universities
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  • Problems, solutions & challenges: Existence of MARC records (for traditional T&Ds) and metadata records (for ETDs) 1 st solution: use one database for both did not work due to the difference in contents of the records 2 nd solution: keep to separate databases and allow federated search
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  • Problems, solutions & challenges: Quality of metadata records when originated in OPACS no titles, keywords and abstracts in foreign languages; no uniform assignment of fields to T&Ds specific info Solution: technical support is given to institutions that want to implement MTD-Br in addition to traditional MARC records; institutions that do comply to MTD-Br will not participate in the project
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  • Problems, solutions & challenges: Some OPACs (local products) do not have OAI-PMH dataprovider functions Solution: technical support is given to institutions that want to implement TEDE /TEDE #2 in addition to their OPACs
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  • Problems, solutions & challenges: Lack of motivation to keep the ETD projects running after a few months Solution: work with the highest institutional level possible to assure that the ETD project is institutional
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  • Problems, solutions & challenges: Lack of motivation of faculty to e-publishing of documents Solution: offer access statistics to show how visible works are this has been very successful in PUC-Rio Solution # 2 (after Steves presentation early in the morning) : refer to citations (will be addressed when I get back to Brazil)
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  • Problems, solutions & challenges: Institutions that do not require ETDs Solution: work with funding agencies to modify contracts to require ETDs as a condition to give scholarships
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  • BDTD Current status
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  • ETDmetadatarepository Other Harvesters Other HarvestersMTD-BrOAI-PMHMTD-BrOAI-PMH Data Providers Etd-msDCEtd-msDC Harvester IBICT
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  • BDTD member institutions & numbers of ETDs Sep 27, 2005
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  • BDTD member institutions & Brazilian geography Sep 27, 2005
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  • Union catalog BDTD records
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  • Thank you! Muito obrigada! Slide 21: Thank you, Slvia Southwick!!
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