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Et 5063 week 4 analysis smartboard training

Nov 22, 2014




  • 1. SMART BOARD TRAINING: PART 1 2013 by Katie Scannell. Reprinted with permission.

2. TODAYS OUTLINE What Do I Need to Use the SMART Board? Orienting the SMART Board SMART Board Toolbars Writing on the SMART Board Inserting Images: The Gallery Tab 3. WHAT DO I NEED TO USE A SMART BOARD? SMART Board (connected to a computer) Ready light must be green Computer Projector Notebook Software (Download at 4. ORIENTING THE SMART BOARD 1. Press and hold the Keyboard and Right Mouse buttons on the pen tray simultaneously until the orientation screen appears 5. ORIENTING THE SMART BOARD Press firmly on the center of the target Repeat for each target point on the screen 6. SMART BOARD FLOATING TOOLBAR 7. SMART BOARD TOOLBAR 8. SMART BOARD TOOLBAR 9. SMART BOARD TOOLBAR 10. Practice using the functions of the toolbar! 11. WRITING ON THE SMART BOARD Your finger is the mouse Your finger or the 4 colored pens can be used to write Microsoft Office clipart 12. Practice writing on your canvas! 13. INSERTING IMAGES: THE GALLERY TAB Type to search by keyword Search through individual collections 14. Practice inserting images! 15. REFERENCES SMART Notebook Software Training for SMART Board Users (2008). SMART Technologies ULC. 16. APPENDIX-IMAGES, VIDEO, AND AUDIO Images The images on slides 3,7,8,9,&11 are taken from The images on slides 4&5 are taken from The image on slide 6 is taken from The images on slides 10,12, &14 are taken from The image on slide 11 is taken from the Microsoft Clip Art Gallery The image on slide 13 is taken from Video The presentation did not include any video clips. Audio The presentation did not include any audio clips.