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ESY Teacher Training FBISD Special Education Department Summer 2013

ESY Teacher Training

Jan 02, 2016



ESY Teacher Training. FBISD Special Education Department Summer 2013. Introductions (Name of School). ESY Principal- ESY Lead Teacher- ESY Campus Facilitators- ESY Coordinator- ESY Front Office- ESY Lead Teacher/Principal Office Room-. Today’s Schedule. Presentation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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ESY Teacher Training

ESY Teacher TrainingFBISD Special Education DepartmentSummer 2013Introductions(Name of School)ESY Principal-ESY Lead Teacher-ESY Campus Facilitators-ESY Coordinator-ESY Front Office- ESY Lead Teacher/Principal Office Room-

Todays SchedulePresentationPick up student folders, supplies and student materialsKeep boxes to return materialsClassroom Prep-Prepare Teacher/Para/Student schedules, Lesson plans, Safety plan, Welcome letterLunch: 1 hour Sign out 4 p.m.3What is ESY?Extended School YearIndividualized Instructional Programs beyond the regular school year for eligible students with disabilities.Addresses substantial regression that cannot be recouped within a reasonable period of time.Unable to maintain one or more acquired critical skills in the absence of ESY services.ESY is not to teach new skills.ESY is to work on skills students have already mastered.

Introduction Packet and Student FoldersTo be handed out at the end of this presentation

Introduction PacketTeacher Resource BookletSample schedules, safety planSample student welcome letterApproved substitute listYour classroom number

Student foldersIEP Goals and ObjectivesStudent Contact InformationStudent ARDs ESY timeTransportation InformationContact hours sheet for each student

ESY School Days June 13 Training/Work Day 8 a.m. to 4p.m.June 17-20 (M-Th) Session I Week OneJune 24-27 (M-Th) Session I Week TwoJuly 15-18 (M-Th) Session II Week OneJuly 22-25 (M-Th) Session II Week TwoJuly 29-August 1 (M-Th) Session II Week Three ESY HoursESY student hours are 8:30 until 12:30 PPCD 8:30-11:30 daily. Report to campus each day at 8:00 a.m. Sign out is 1:00 p.m. PPCD teachers are dismissed at 12:00.

Sign In/Out ProceduresSign in sheets will be in a centralized location. If you are late, you cant make up that time. Fort Bend pays in increments of no less than 15 minutes. (If you arrive at 8:05, you must write 8:15).You are responsible for signing yourself in/out each day. Please do not sign in/out for others. The forms are not left out unattended for security reasons. Make sure your ID is listed correctly. If it is not listed, contact the Lead teacher ASAP. You must have your People Soft ID in order to get paid.

Absences and SubstitutesIn the event you are absent* you are responsible for getting a substitute. There is a list of approved subs in your introduction packet. Call the Lead Teacher and advise them of your absence. Notify them which substitute will be taking your assignment. Hurry back!

*Remember you have committed to 100% attendance!

Pay Schedule Additional pay for ESY will appear in your July 15th paycheck. If you have any questions concerning the pay schedule or rate, please contact the Lead Teacher.

Dress CodeRegular FBISD dress code is required. No jeans or shorts Capris are fine if they land at mid-calf. Please be conscious of skin-baring summer tops. They are not appropriate. Consider the program you are teaching and if you can safely move in your shoes. No beach flip-flops. If you are not sure dont wear it. You may want to have a sweater handy as some of the rooms can get quite chilly.

Cell Phones NOT allowed during instruction time. Please turn off or set to vibrate during instructional time.8:30 to 11:30 (PPCD) or 8:30 to 12:30Refrain from texting/talking during instructional times unless it is an absolute emergency. There will be warnings/write ups for unnecessary phone usage. Write ups may affect your future ESY application(s).

Student Attendance & ESY ScheduleThis information is located in your student folders.Verify ESY hours for each student using page 5 of the ARD document. It is possible for each student to have different hours each day. Please be very familiar with the times and days your students attend including bus numbers a.m. and p.m. (may be different). Write this information on your white board in case you have a sub.Please call students home and find out where. they are if no show after 2nd day

Contact SheetsEach student folder has a copy of the students contact sheet. Please complete form daily. Account for absences, tardies, leaving early and speech services. Contact service form will be checked weekly by Lead Teacher. Signed form will be returned to the Lead Teacher on the last day of ESY.

Parent Communication

Send approved Welcome Letter home on Monday, June 17. Please provide communication logs between school and home each day. Any additional information sent home needs to be approved by Lead Teacher and/or ESY Principal, except daily communication logs. Teachers are responsible for completing daily communication logs, no one else.

Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans are required. Email lesson plans to your Lead Teacher each week and make a hard copy for easy access. Movies/videos may not be shown during instructional time. Please remember the intent of ESY is to prevent regression of critical skills. Diligence to our purpose is expected to ensure student success.

Data Collection & Progress ReportsThere are samples of the data collection process in your introduction packet. Please keep data for each ESY objective. There are two progress reports to be sent home during ESY:At the end of Session I-June 27At the end of Session II-August 1Record progress on the original IEP and retain until the last day of ESY. The lead teacher will make a copy to be sent home at the end of each reporting session.

Classroom Observations

There will at least 1 observation by the Lead Teacher each week. Please make sure classroom schedule is posted and lesson plans are accessible. Others (facilitators, coordinators, other SPED staff) may also be observing your classroom. Remember to abide by cell phone and eating classroom policies.


Sign out for classroom supplies will be in the afternoon of June 13; Location to be determined by the Lead Teacher. Turn in unused supplies at the end of ESY on 8/1/13. If you are in need of additional supplies, contact your Lead Teacher.

The ESY Lead Teacher

Fort Bend provides one person at each ESY campus to serve as Lead Teacher. This person works under the direction of the Special Education Department and the Summer School Principal to support ESY staff members. In particular:Observe classroom instruction and provide guidance and support. Assist teachers in obtaining instructional materials. Collect required paperwork from all ESY staff. Provide staff training. Serve as contact person for parents.

Classroom Support and Monitoring Instruction that is provided during ESY is to be well planned highly engaging, and aligned with the students IEP goals. Types of materials that Lead Teachers may be looking for in your classrooms are:Adapted technology devices used by the student during the school year. Textbooks and supplemental materials needed to teach IEP concepts. Visual schedules. Communication systems (augmentative devices, communication boards, etc).Consumables that are routinely used effectively with the student (reinforcers, workbooks, etc). Any other materials that will be necessary for the ESY teacher to teach the IEP that you have developed.

What to do with co-worker issues? Remain professional at all times. Our main focus is educating our students. If you are unable to resolve the issue, contact your Lead Teacher to set up a private meeting.

What to do with student behavior issues? Use your experience to remedy the situation. If you need assistance contact the Lead Teacher.All restraints must be documented promptly. Parents will be contacted as a last resort by Lead Teacher.

Safety and Hygiene ProceduresA safety plan must be developed for each room. This plan should include what safety procedures are in place during transitions, bathroom, etc. No sprays may be used in the classroom. This includes anything brought from home, Lysol, etc.Only Wex-Cide may be used as a disinfectant. This will be provided by SERS. You must use a floor covering if you are cooking or preparing food on a carpeted area. There should be no eating in the classrooms, unless you are doing a specific cooking activity. Wash hands often during the day.

Safety and Hygiene ProceduresDiapering/Adaptive EquipmentALWAYS wear gloves when changing diapers!!!Additionally, gloves should be worn when there is any contact with blood or other potentially infectious body fluid is anticipated. Gloves can be worn only once. Use the Chux (blue pads) when changing students. Change the pad after each use. Put diapers in a trash bag and dispose of into a closed receptacle. Breaks in skin must be covered with a bandage. Disinfect all adaptive equipment and toys at the end of each day.

First Day Procedures Report for bus duty as assigned by the Lead TeacherRecord bus number for each student before they leave the bus. Double check that they will be riding the same bus in the afternoon. Verify the students identity.Inform the lead teacher immediately if there is a student in your class who is not on your roster. Send welcome letter homeOrient students to building as neededReview classroom rules and proceduresReport to the assigned area for departure. As you put students on the bus, double check bus numbers. Note if there is a different bus number in the afternoon.Have a great day!

More specific First Day Items on this page pertaining to campus/program???????????????????????????????Last Week ProceduresBy Thursday, have all boxes labeled. Bring all clearly marked and securely taped boxes to the designated area.Complete all contact hour forms and turn in to the lead teacher on August 1. Do not leave until contact hours have been checked.Check in all returnable materials with your Lead Teacher. Return all folders to the lead teacher on August 1.Make final updates to IEP goals and send home with student on the last day of school.Clean and straighten your classroom. Be sure to let the Lead Teacher know if anything has been damaged in your room.

Plan for Rest of DayCollect student boxes and other itemsKeep the boxesPrep schedules-Teacher/Para/StudentPrep lesson plan, safety plan, Goal DocumentPick up suppliesGet People Soft ID, if none listedTake sub list homeSign up for Snack TimeReview 1st day assignment and procedureComplete staff info cardComplete Welcome letters