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Essential Tips of Invisalign Treatment

Essential tips of Invisalign Treatment - Invisalign London

Feb 14, 2017


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Essential Tips of Invisalign Treatment

Wear aligners for 20 hours a dayYou should wear your aligners for at least 20-22 hours in a day to obtain the desired outcome in the intended time.

Keep your aligners safeYou must take proper care of the fragile and delicate clear aligners as they may get damaged easily. It is advised to keep them in the provided case for safety.

Have a toothbrush handyWearing aligners need proper cleaning of your teeth every time you eat or drink. It prevents plaque or food remains to stick between your teeth and aligners.

Drink only water with the aligners onWhile wearing aligners, you can only drink water a forbidding every other beverages such as tea, coffee, cola or wine.

Keep the aligners away from hot waterIt is important to clean your aligners regularly but do not put them in hot water for the purpose. It can disfigure their shape and make them worthless.

Avoid toothpaste on the alignersDo not clean the aligners with toothpaste, instead, brush them gently with a moderate detergent.

Do not throw away the clear bracesIt is advised not to throw the aligners after the completion of the treatment. You should keep them safe in the case for possible future use.

Be careful while taking out the alignersDo not take them out forcefully. Use light hands at the inner surface and remove them gently.

Wear retainersIt is important to wear retainers after the treatment to restrict your newly positioned teeth from getting back to their original position.

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