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A PPARC funded project Tony Linde Programme Manager eScience meets eFrameworks 28 th April 2006 NeSC, Edinburgh

eScience meets eFrameworks

Dec 31, 2015



Mark Wood

eScience meets eFrameworks. 28 th April 2006 NeSC, Edinburgh. AstroGrid overview. Virtual Observatory infrastructure - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
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eScience meets eFrameworksVirtual Observatory infrastructure
“The VO vision can be summed up as the desire to make all archives speak the same language − all searchable and analysable by the same tools, all data sources accessible through a common interface, all data held in distributed databases that appear as one.”
Andy Lawrence, 09/2003
Funding: £7.7M (PPARC)
Analysis, R&D, Architecture
Build, test & deliver V1.0
Develop & deploy
Tony Linde
AG is a complete infrastructure
We can access data but how do we know where it can be found?
Knowledge of the location and nature of resources is critical for all this to work
The AstroGrid Infrastructure supplies a Registry (IVOA compliant of course!) which contains this information
Registry is searchable by humans and by machines.
Same reason we need universal access to data
AstroGrid supports the concept of workflow
Essentially, remote execution of special scripts or jobs
Allows data access and processing to be undertaken at source or where the compute power lies
The Grid concept!
If all this happens remotely, where do the results end up?
Distributed data access and processing requires distributed data storage
MySpace is the AstroGrid solution
VOSpace/VOStore under review at IVOA
Distributed, virtual data storage that appears to the user as a homogeneous collection of files
Database tables coming soon!
Common identifiers?
Bottom line
Standards & interoperability