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Equipment Financing & Rental

Equipment Financing & Rental

Mar 27, 2016



Barbara Moori

There's a reason that freight, trucking and freight broker factoring companies choose Advance Business Capital as their freight bill factoring company. That reason is because we genuinely know the trucking industry and we know all the details about factoring.
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Page 1: Equipment Financing & Rental

Equipment Financing & Rental

Page 2: Equipment Financing & Rental

We have a number of credit markets that we work with – all of whom value your relationship with Advance Business Capital.

Page 3: Equipment Financing & Rental

We can direct the equipment loan or rental payments directly on your behalf.

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Repossed Equipment Inventory.  Through our exclusive relationship with, you can have direct access to thousands of trucks and trailers - many, of which, can be financed by assuming the payments

Page 5: Equipment Financing & Rental

Your Credit Repair: Now is the right time to get your financial house in order. 

Page 6: Equipment Financing & Rental

There are deals, great deals … and great deals with financing. Welcome to the premier marketplace for used equipment, with postings from the largest lenders and fleets in the country.

Page 7: Equipment Financing & Rental

Challenging economic times have produced high levels of inventory at major banks and finance companies. This produces a unique buying opportunity in which win/win situations are created.

Page 8: Equipment Financing & Rental

As a buyer, you save on equipment prices and receive competitive financing while assisting to reduce the bank’s inventory.

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