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EPQ Presenation

Feb 23, 2017


Art & Photos


  • To present a range of politically relevant figures in the form of illustrated caricatures, to be

    published in The Week magazine.Alice Kell!

    EPQ Presentation

  • My objectives for this project were to;!develop my technical understanding of caricature!improve my drawing and visual analytical ability!have a better understanding of the social history of caricature!have a more professional attitude to producing my own work!

  • Caricature is a drawing of a real person which distorts or exaggerates certain features, but still retains a likeness: in other words an exaggerated piece of

    portrait art.

  • using softwares

    stretch and squash

    Online sources

  • choosing a story

    !references and initial studies

    !layout !thumbnails !ink drawings

    !using software

  • Evaluation Time management self and peer Reviews Improvements