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Environmental Sciences - Cluster Brochure (2015)

Jul 23, 2016




  • environmental sciences

  • Lethbridge College is leading and transforming education in Alberta.

  • delivery iconsOn-campus This is the traditional setting for college courses, where all of the courses needed to complete your program are taken on

    campus. Note that some programs may require participation

    off-campus including field-trips or practicum experiences.

    Online These programs are fully completed online, without the need to come to campus. Note that some programs may offer practicum

    experiences or labs that require participation on-site. Programs offered online can often be completed in a flexible time frame.

    Blended Programs that can be taken with a blended learning approach offer most courses face-to-face in the classroom but some courses in the program can be completed online.

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    ect Program office:

    403.382.6991Job profiles and salaries:

    Do you have a passion for the outdoors and the environment? Are you looking for a career where you

    can make a difference? Then look to Lethbridge Colleges Environmental Science programs. Weve

    been teaching environmental science for over four decades and offer one of the only conservation programs in

    the country. Our Envi Sci programs are highly respected by employers across Canada, and our instructors know

    exactly what it takes to succeed in industries ranging from reclamation to resource management to resource law

    enforcement. We teach purely environmental programs, not environmental options from other disciplines.

    As a student, youll need warm and waterproof clothes to attend your labs, which take place during field trips into

    forests and fields across the region. When you do come in from nature, youll be applying your skills in the state-

    of-the-art Cousins Science Centre, which is also home to the Hubbard Wildlife Collection, one of Canadas largest

    taxidermy collections of full-bodied mammals. You wont have to limit your passion for nature to your studies, to

    applied research opportunities and to weekend activities, either. You can be part of Canadas first student-run chapter

    of Ducks Unlimited or get involved with Canadas first student chapter of the Wildlife Society.

    The possibilities for a future in Environmental Sciences are endless

    with the solid foundation youll get at Lethbridge College. Get

    started on your exploration of this exciting field today.

    Natural Resource ComplianceConservation Enforcement Bachelor of Applied ScienceEnvironmental Assessment and RestorationEcosystem ManagementRenewable Resource Management


  • Natural Resource Compliance two-year diploma

    September admission

    Canadians value their wonderfully wild country and the diversity of wildlife

    it supports. Our graduates help to protect that land and wildlife and serve as

    stewards for the environment.

    If youre looking for your start in the conservation enforcement field and want an opportunity

    to get a job and gain some experience before taking your education to the next level, our

    Natural Resource Compliance program is the perfect place to start. Youll put in two fast-

    paced years learning about natural resources and how to detect and investigate natural-

    resource violations, focusing on the core of conservation enforcement bears and bad

    guys, as one instructor explains. You can be part of a thriving Conservation Enforcement

    Club on campus that works to preserve natural spaces through clean ups, fundraisers and

    working for causes such as Stream Watch, working to preserve Albertas trout streams.

    Upon completion of this diploma, you can ladder straight into our Conservation Enforcement

    Bachelor of Applied Science program to earn your degree. Or, should you choose to, you

    could seek entry-level employment in the industry before returning for your degree studies

    with us. In either case, youll have the classroom theory and experience in the

    field that youll need to succeed in this very important line of work.

    natural resource compliance

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    ect [email protected]

    Admission requirements *

    High school diploma with: grade 12 math (30-1 or 30-2) and grade 11 biology

    Estimated cost * Tuition Fees Books and suppliesYear I $3,652 $1,405 $2,000Year II $4,501 $1,165 $650

    Transfer agreements

    Lethbridge College transfers into third year of Conservation Enforcement Bachelor of Applied Science

    Career opportunities

    environmental and wildlife inspectors conservation officers park rangers police officers fish and wildlife officers fisheries officers

    Courses include

    Terrestrial ecology Aquatic ecology Zoology Rangeland habitat management

    * Accurate at time of printing. Check for most current details.

    Program at a glance:

    I enjoy hunting and fishing and would like to help preserve the future of these great outdoor activities. Lethbridge College came highly recommended by several natural resource officers.

    Ben Filipchuk (left)Natural Resource Compliance 2011 Conservation Enforcement 2013

  • conservation enforcement

    Conservation Enforcement Bachelor of Applied Science four-year, applied-degree program first two years are completed by taking the Natural Resource

    Compliance diploma or through an accepted transfer program

    September admission

    Our Bachelor of Applied Science in Conservation Enforcement degree takes your

    Natural Resource Compliance diploma to the next level and equips you to take on the

    diverse and demanding challenge of protecting Canadas valuable land, wildlife and

    fisheries resources.

    This made-in-Lethbridge degree was honed through nearly 30 years of experience and was the first

    of its kind to be offered in Canada. Our instructors will share their extensive knowledge to place

    you in the field dealing with problem wildlife, investigating violations, handling park operations and

    enforcing resource laws. On campus, youll pursue a simulated resource enforcement violation

    from report to court, collecting evidence, taking statements, executing search warrants and

    preparing documents for a successful prosecution. Then, well place you in an eight-month directed

    field study unique to your degree.

    Graduates take their knowledge and applied skills in natural-resource law enforcement

    into successful careers with all levels of government and the private sector.

  • Admission requirements * Natural Resource Compliance diploma or equivalent

    Estimated cost * Tuition Fees Books and suppliesYear I $4,677 $1,259 $1,135Year II $4,770 $1,291 $300

    Career opportunities conservation, fishery, wildlife and natural resource officers RCMP or municipal police officers environmental investigators

    Courses include

    Aquatic ecology Forest management Environmental sampling and forensics Evidence and court procedures

    * Accurate at time of printing. Check for most current details.

    Program at a glance:

    The instructors who I worked with at Lethbridge College were awesome. They will go out of their way to help you achieve what youre wanting to accomplish. I dont think I would be here, working in Jasper National Park, if I didnt go through the Conservation Enforcement program. They really helped with setting me up, giving me the right skills and showing what kind of options are out there.

    Joe StormsConservation Enforcement 2004Park Warden, Jasper National Park


    ect [email protected]

  • environmental assessment

    Environmental Assessment and Restoration two-year diploma

    September admission

    Environmental restoration and rehabilitation are more important than ever. Jobs

    are waiting for those who have the knowledge and experience to reclaim disturbed

    lands, improve water quality and restore abandoned industrial sites. With a diploma

    from Lethbridge Colleges Environmental Assessment and Restoration program, youll get

    the theory and practice you need to succeed as part of a dedicated team of committed and

    educated people who can maintain environmental sustainability.

    Our program will prepare you for the challenge with a unique mix of law, technology and

    science, setting you up for a successful career in this growing field. Youll learn how to collect,

    understand, interpret and manage environmental information and be ready to test your new

    skills in our extensive field studies component. Youll get plenty of hands-on lab and field

    experience, too. You can even get involved with Eco-Collective, a band of like-minded students

    who initiate green projects right on campus.

    At the end of your program, youll be able to find work in the field or ladder easily into a degree

    program to continue your education. Whatever you choose, your future in environmental

    assessment and restoration can get off to a great start at Lethbridge College.

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    ect [email protected]

    I took a lot of my skills and knowledge from Lethbridge College, and I think it has served me very well in fulfilling all of my duties as a professional and an environmental steward. I have gained a great deal of confidence with giving public presentations, interfacing with clients and regulators, and operating at a level that alig